Techniques that as a Professional Makeup Artists I DON’T Use or Promote on My Clients

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Techniques that as a Professional Makeup Artists I DON’T Use or Promote on My Clients

Do you know the difference between a Profesional makeup artist and a Beauty Influencer??


Nowadays with social media taking over, there are numerous ways that people can express themselves and make a good living at it too.

The Beauty industry is a Billionaire dollar industry so it makes sense for people who enjoy makeup to make a career out of that passion.

The problem that I have is that some of the information out there isn’t providing the average makeup user the Right kind of information that they need in order to achieve a beautiful makeup look that they can themselves recreate without feeling or looking ridiculous.

The other problem that I have is that the looks that are being shown dominantly nowadays lack individualism, they are heavy handed with products, and they all seem to want to erase what actually makes their faces unique and beautiful.

The reason for this is because there are a lot of beauty influencers pitching & showing what they perceive to be Important and Relevant by focusing on the popularity of the products or technique.

As opposed to respecting the art of makeup and following the most important rule of appreciating the face for all of its unique qualities that make us all different.

Why would you want to change your face so much that it changes what you actually look like bare-faced??

Professional makeup artist looks to enhance the natural qualities that your face already has, we Never want to completely alter or change what you really look like.

Hair and Makeup is a big niche, HUGE and everyone wants to be the expert but there is a big difference between the Pros and the Influencers.

Let me be clear, I have great respect for any kind of an artist and I do consider Beauty Influencers, You Tubers, Instagrammers, etc as Artists but not professionals.

Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere and there is a distinct difference between a Professional Makeup Artists Vs. a Beauty Influencer.

I absolutely do think that there are some very talented beauty influencers out there that are creating some great videos with informative and helpful information.

But I also think that there are a lot of Shit videos out there that are showing and encouraging unrealistic makeup applications, tips, and tricks to the average person.

What sucks for the beauty influencers is that it’s hard to credit your work as all You–with all the photoshop filters that anyone can buy now, special ring lighting or any other kind of professional lightings that they use, it all deflates the actual art that the artists themselves are creating.

It’s Real HARD to recreate a look when you are Not being told of all the tricks and products being used such as these special lights and makeup filters that are designed to make faces look amazing even with little makeup applied.

I realize that you need lights in order to show videos and pictures, duh, but when you are using the lights to enhance and add to your overall makeup look then you’re not being real.

My point is that they are showing someone how to create a makeup look with specific products and techniques but when they turn off their lights and filters their overall makeup look is left being displayed as Heavy-Handed, Loud, and Unoriginal.

Being a makeup artist is more than just applying makeup to your own or other peoples faces or showing tricks and tips on your YouTube or Instagram accounts.  Professional Makeup Artist pride themselves on the portfolios we have built up, the clientele that we have retained, and the continued education we take whether it be by state law or on our own free will.

Professional makeup artists are educated on their craft and genuinely gives a shit on how they are about to make you look and feel for your event.

Here is how you know if you’re dealing with a professional or not.


The biggest one is that you will be sitting in front of this person as opposed to just watching them on your computer.

We have cosmetology licenses that we maintain with continuing education hours that are required by all states, graduated from a Makeup Academy and or have portfolios with our work that we did on Actual Real clients.

Sorry, but you can’t be considered a Professional if you’re not doing makeup on real clients.

You may know your shit when it comes to makeup products, makeup tools and some application techniques of makeup- I’ll for sure say that.  BUT…

Dealing with a real clientele that is going to pay you for your work, time and knowledge are way different than applying makeup to yourself or a friend in the most perfect lighting and setup.

When you work with the real clientele you are truly working on your craft as a makeup artist and the reason why is because those clients are going to challenge you all the time with different looks, different concerns or problems, and 100% their attitudes if they don’t like what you are doing.

Criticism is part of the game in the beauty industry so to hear it coming from real people only make for a better makeup artist.

Professionals are Not able to turn OFF the comments button to our live clients.


A professional makeup artist will develop a better understanding of what people are looking for with their makeup, we will develop our techniques and skills at a deeper level, and we will ultimately become a better communicator with our craft compared to any influencer because we are working with multiple faces, personalities, and different needs from our models/clients daily..

Professional forms relationships with their clients so that we can better understand the style and personality of our client.

A true professional makeup artist is able to identify anyone’s undertones, overtones, skin quality and any color corrections that are necessary for creating the most beautiful overall look just for you.

Maybe I’m super biased because I am a licensed cosmetologist and I put in the work and hours to build up my portfolio.  In every state and city, I went to I had to build up my clientele by doing the actual physical work and learning more with every new client’s makeup I did.


Do you know how many hours you need to complete in order to become a licensed cosmetologist??

It’s for 1600 hours.

Doesn’t seem too bad???

LOL, Now imagine completing these 1600 hours with a dominant amount of woman that are all dressed in white (which is what I had to wear), everyone competing to be the best at beauty school even though we are all there to learn and none of us know shit, and we are all stuck together for 8-10 hours a day.

Cattiness and PMS is an understatement for beauty schools because eventually, we all end up syncing our periods together and as a unit, we are now a ticking time bomb. lol

Beauty school was awful at times and a lot of work but totally worth it for me.

So, Yeah I guess I can be a little salty when I watch these Non-pro’s show bad techniques and give bad advise and pitch themselves as professionals and then what happens is I’m asked dumb questions all day about unrealistic makeup applications that clients are watching.

Not fun being the bearer of bad news.

In the beauty industry, As Professional Makeup Artists We All become…

Your Alley!

We are here to provide you with the best knowledge and educated information that is prevalent to your wants and needs.

We are here to hide any zits that came out while you were sleeping.

We are here to keep your sister or your best friend off your back during your big day.

We are here tape up your boobs for you with our Duct tape that we have for emergencies.

We are here to educate you on how you can keep your makeup looking fresh all night and we are here to provide you with the best overall makeup look completely geared towards you.

Literally, anything you need when it comes to beauty a Professional has the answer to.

We are your Allies.

I’m fired up People!! 


Techniques that I DO NOT use or Promote as a Professional Makeup Artist 


* Foundation Overload

 * Absurd Contouring—Clown Contouring

* Glitter Overdosing

* Flare highlighting

* Pomade Brow, aka Sharpie Brow

* Baking- Using a Shit ton of powders

* Over puffed and over-lined lips


1. F**cking Foundation Overload:

I’m already exhausted; even thinking of all the reasons it’s so WRONG to put a shit ton of foundation on your face.

Really girls??

It’s gotta feel so gross to wear all of the layers and weight from products on your face and how do you wear collared shirts or make out with anyone??

Seriously, how does wearing an ounce or more of foundation work for you?

How the hell do you afford all the makeup foundation you’re going through?

Its just bad form man, I am not a fan.

All that crap on your face mixed with sweat and (if you’re a girl) tears, dirt, hairspray all Stuck on your face for an extended period of time.

lol, Gross!

As a professional makeup artist, I know first hand that I absolutely do Not want to cover a client’s entire face up with a heavy liquid.

My main goal is to make you feel confident, comfortable in your skin and makeup, and I want to enhance you for who you are and everything that makes you-YOU.

Your face is your canvas, quit weighing it down and covering it up with an overload of heavy foundations.


Foundation is meant to have coverage, Yes, but you only need a minimal amount in order to get good coverage for your skin.  These videos of girls dripping or pouring foundation onto their faces is totally unnecessary and it’s just fu$%ing gross.

Yuck. Stop It!

I’ve Never seen any professional makeup artist dump foundation onto a client’s face, we apply foundation onto the back of our hands or on a palette and distribute it to our clients’ faces where it is needed.

Also, if you are thinking that the more foundation you have on the better the coverage you will have for covering blemishes, discolored skin tones, or whatever but it’s not true.

The more foundation and shit you wear on your face to Cover up and hide, the more those things will stand out on your face.

Another bad thing is that wearing a heavy foundation will clog your pores, you will also be more prone to acne, makes your skin look cakey and heavy, your expenses for foundations and makeup remover is higher and you will have a higher risk of being exposed to bacteria.

If you are looking for more coverage for uneven skin tones, blemishes, or splotchy patches than I’d suggest you add the necessary color correcting concealers to your skin first to help keep the amount of foundation that you use down.

You can then follow it up with a foundation but use small amounts first in the center of your face or mix your foundation with a primer for an even more sheer look. By doing this you will create a more natural and full coverage look for your final makeup.

All Professional Makeup artists want to enhance you and make you feel good, Not cover you up with face spackle.

Smashbox:  Smashbox offers a lot of varieties in the color correcting world, an assortment of primers, mattifier, oils, and a pore minimizer to name a few.

There are 11 of them:

Makeup Forever HD Underpainting Color Correction Palette:  These palettes are your 1 stop shop for all your color correcting needs.  It comes in 5 different skin tones levels to fit everyone’s needs.

Pro Tip:  Apply your foundation in little dabs around the center part of your face and using a foundation brush or your fingertips and begin to blend the foundation out towards your hairline at a downward angle.  This will create the most natural look while still giving you a good amount of coverage.  You can spray a setting spray on your face to easily move a long-wearing foundation around on your face or to just set your skin.

2. Clown Contouring:

This whole contouring thing is getting out of hand and overwhelming.  Can I get an Amen, please!!

Contouring has been around for a Very Loooong Time now but lately, it seems to be on crack with all these crazy ways people are showing how to contour your face.

Have you ever noticed how much makeup is being applied to these heavy contoured looks?

It’s a shit ton!  When you are up close and personal to their faces you will be able to see how Heavy, Thick, and Loud their overall makeup look really is.  It’s uncomfortable to look at because it’s so much makeup.

Time Out…

Why a Poop Emoji on the face??

Lol, Ok not to be a Dick but do you think when she went and explained her makeup to her friends on how she created her look, she was like…

I drew a piece of shit on my face to create this look.

lol, ok-ok

Time In…

I honestly don’t get this.  I must have watched this little clip like a 100 times to see if I can place any of what she is doing as relevant or necessary.

Her shadows and highlights by her cheekbones and jawline, Maybe- a very small maybe, but she doesn’t need to do all of this to pull off her final dramatic makeup look.

There is an art that comes from contouring and highlighting but the only time I ever found myself using it on clients was when I appeared on, The View to do a Celebrity look alike transformation on the average woman.

I had to transform a woman to look like Julia Roberts from the movie Casino so I needed to be able to change my models bone structure entirely.  Also, we were filming- The View outside, poolside in the Vegas hot sun so unfortunately, I needed my model’s makeup to be a bit hefty to hold up.

For me, heavy and face transforming contouring as an everyday thing are too much and I don’t have the time or the patience for it either because it’s ‘nonsense’ in the game of contouring.

These videos of the heavy contouring, baking, and then adding layers of foundations to one’s face are all around and some women or men can look amazing when the final look is complete.


Have you considered the lighting they are using and also what about beauty filtering apps??

Professional lightings can make skin look flawless without any makeup on at all, they make colors pop, and they can smooth out harsh lines.

Pretty cool, but it can be a misrepresentation of what the products that are being showcased can actually look like in everyday natural lights.

Honestly, are you able to see any of these individuals in the natural light without any filters?

Also, where are they going or what are they doing that requires this much makeup on the face?

Damit, are they signing onstage, are they shooting a music video or are they a professional dancer about to do a show on Broadway, What!!!


It makes no sense to spend all this time on your makeup only for it to look like shit in the natural lights.

I bet if you were able to see first hand in natural lighting the final makeup for these heavy-handed contour looks, you would see and feel very differently about their final look, I can promise you that.

When I did makeup for the Billboards Awards we always had to be conscious of the different lighting that was being used for different artists acts.

Lighting is one of the biggest factors when it comes to makeup so remember that before you choose to erase your whole face and load it up with layers.

These designs are creative to look at but they are completely unrealistic to the everyday person that goes to school or work.

The amount of time someone will need in order to blend all of these clown colors that are being used on the face is just stupid.  It’s a lot of work to perfectly blend color correcting tones into your natural skin tone so that it essentially disappears.

It takes practice, lots and lots of practice.

Also, you really should have Good Makeup brushes in order to create a flawless look from these overly excessive contour guides.  The brushes you get from Walgreens, Ulta, CVS, Sally’s won’t work as well as Professional makeup brushes and those brushes can be incredibly expensive.

And I can not express this enough that Lighting is Huge so take that into account when you are questioning your own abilities when recreating any dramatic contouring makeup looks that are such a big deal right now.

Here are a couple of my Favorite Concealers:

Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 HR Concealer:  This is a great concealer that comes in 30 different shades and is long lasting.  It’s easily applied because of the shape of the wand and a little goes a long way so you don’t need a lot.

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme: I’m a big fan of Kat Von D makeup mainly because everything she promises she delivers on.  Her concealers are no exception, they are long lasting and they give a fuller coverage compared to some other concealers.  There are 20 different shades to choose from and they are all cruelty-free which is awesome.


3. Glitter Overdosing:

I genuinely feel sorry for most Men with this.  lol

I have 3 brothers and a husband who absolutely Hate Glitter so I get to see their reactions when the Glitter gets on them.  For me it’s Hilarious but for my brothers, husband and Most Boys-not so much.

Unless it’s New Year’s Eve I don’t know where else you would wear an excessive amount of glitter.

Ok, I can see a Bachelorette party, a festival, and Halloween for the acceptable overload of glitter makeup but that’s about it.

I love Glitter just as much as my 8-year-old daughter does but when you put soooo Much Bling, Shine, and Shimmer on your face it’s hard to see the person underneath all the chaos that Glitter brings.

I’ve never been asked to overload clients face with glitter for any occasion; weddings, proms, special events, bachelorette parties, baby shower, movie videos, photo shoots, any of the TV work I did and I worked in Vegas.

Glitter is beautiful but thinks of it this way, Glitter has all these little different colors to each tiny piece and when the lights hit each tiny piece they all give off different glimmers and shimmers, which can be chaotic to look at.

Beautiful yes but still chaotic.

If you really want to use glitter in your makeup look then use it sparingly or better yet switch your glitter out to an illuminating product.

You can use products such as sheer serum drops and you use these by either adding a few drops in your foundation and apply a small amount onto your lips or around your hairline to brighten up your face but be mildly handed with it.

There are also shimmer primers that can provide a glow to the skin but they are best used when combined with your foundation or on your skin bare-faced with little to no other makeup applied.

Some of my Favorite Glow Products:

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops: Love These!!  You can add these drops to your foundation or on your bare face for beautiful illumination.  They have 7 different colors you can choose from and a little goes a long way with these drops.

Lorac-Light Source 3-in-1 Illuminating Primer:  This primer works by adding illumination to your skin and it also helps with keeping your makeup on longer or if your wear it bare faced than it will provide a natural looking glow.

4. Flare Highlighting/ Excessive Highlighting

Okay, I am a Big fan of makeup Highlighting but I’m Not so much a fan of Flare Highlighting or excessive highlighting. Blah!  It’s just Not realistic or practical for actual Real life.

The Beauty Influencers are taking highlights to such an extreme that they are creating the mentality that Glowing and Neon faces look good.

NO, it doesn’t!

This is why it’s hard to throw an ‘At a Boy’ to Influencers because they are showing just bad form in the beauty industry.

It’s a Big No-no amongst the working professionals to Overload and Overdue highlights on clients and our own faces.

Makeup highlights are kisses from the sun, not deep throat tornado tongue makeout sessions.

A Makeup course I had taken in Chicago, back in 2000, the instructor had said that ” All Makeup highlights are meant to be just kisses from the Sun” and to Keep it simple.

I just don’t see any benefit that I would be providing my clients by illuminating their face partially or entirely.

It’s too much and most people aren’t and don’t want to walk around with a face that glows in the dark, it looks silly.

Don’t get me wrong adding highlights to one’s makeup is perfectly acceptable but what’s not is when you have so many highlights you look like you are the product of a Tin Man baby.

Makeup highlights are meant to create a natural glow not a bright strobe light across one’s face.

Excessive highlights even in the best lighting are too much, too distracting, and it adds nothing to the person’s overall makeup look.

While we are on the subject of highlights another stupid highlight thing (I’m not calling this a technique because it’s Not) is the Rudolph Nose.

In all the years I’ve done makeup professionally it’s always been a golden rule to make the makeup look as flawless as you can, which means you should never see any harsh or distinct lines, such as the highlighted landing strips on clients noses.

It does nothing for you in regards to benefiting your facial features or a finished makeup look.  All of these photos and videos you see with Nose tip highlights are all heavily contoured on the nose which just intensifies the highlights even more.

What’s weird to me is why do you want a glowing strip or dots on the tip of your nose??

No, I don’t like this!  It’s not cute at all, lol it reminds me of glowing zits or an elf’s makeup from any and all Holiday movies.  I don’t get it, genuinely.

If you absolutely need to have shimmer than I’d suggest you opt for a product that offers more luster rather than chrome or a heavy shimmer.  Apply it sparingly first to your neck, collarbones, under your brow line, and around the high points of your cheekbones for special occasions.

For everyday looks, you want to apply highlights very subtle and minimal, you want more of a sheen and smooth finish to your highlights for the most natural look.

Here are some of my Favorite Highlighters:

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish: This powder is easily used by most and it offers more of a velvety finish with a subtle glow of highlights.  It comes in 3 shades to compliment all skin tones, a little goes a long way and it reflects just enough light shimmer to add a soft glow to your makeup.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish: This powder is the same concept as the MAC mineralized skin finish but it comes in 7 different colors and the finish is more of a creamy or a wet look.  This product is actually described by MAC as a liquid-powder so it will be more illuminating because of its wet like texture.

5. Sharpie Brows

So, everyone has their thing about them that they like, love, or enjoy and Mine is my Eyebrows.

I have a real obsession with Eyebrows; their history, their shapes, their colorings, the tools needed to make them beautiful-Everything about Eyebrows, I Love.

I don’t let anyone touch my eyebrows, mainly because I tend to them myself but also because I’m really picky with them and I would genuinely be concerned for someone’s safety if they fucked up my brows.

The eyebrows are for sure a touchy subject and there are a ton of different varieties of eyebrow shapes which is a good thing because it makes it easier for us to create our own Signature brow statements.

That’s exactly what eyebrows can be, Statements of who you are.

Eyebrows are frames to the face and they are one of the first things that people will see on you.

Eyebrows should be shaped, filled appropriately (light to dark), and look as natural as possible on your face.

Effortless is a good word to use here.

I can’t handle some of these eyebrows that I see in some of these tutorials and there are so many bad ones that show people how to make their brows look not real, fake, harsh, and weirdly dominant for the face.

These stencil looks that have super hard edges and high ass arches stress me out.  lol, I can’t handle it because it does nothing for the persons face aside from making you stand out but Not in a good way.

Yes, shape your brows but do it so it makes sense for your face.

Eyebrows should be soft, filled but natural, with clean lines, and use subtle differences in depths for daytime and nighttime looks.

My suggestion for amazing brows is first the right eyebrow brush, then the right brow filler and finally, find your shape that creates an effortless look to compliment your own face.

The best way to find your brow shape is to first find your natural arch and align the start and end points of your brows.  It sounds more complicated than it actually is or you can also dye your eyebrows so you won’t have to fill in that much, just enough to shape the brow a bit.

Pro Tip: It’s important to remember the more you tweeze, wax, or thread your brows the more you will retard the growth of your brows.  Other words don’t go crazy with your brow maintenance, make sure you let your hair grow back in some before you take it off again.

My Favorite Eyebrow Products:

Kat Von D Brow Struck Dimensions Powder:  This brow brush has amazing high-quality synthetic bristles that are cut at an angle.  This brush has cutouts (a comb-like design) that make it so that the brush deposits product in a realistic stroke for beautifully filled brows but genuinely gives you a natural look.  The bristles, how its cut and shape is what makes this brow brush so unique and different from any other I’ve ever used.

Kat Von D #75 Powder Brow Brush:  All of these powders feature a 2-in-1 Primer and Powder formula to enhance the grip that it has on your brows which extends the wear time.  These dimension powders are all meant to be worn for up to 12 hours, to be smudge-resistant and waterproof.  There are 7 natural shades to choose from and if you need help then there is a brow finder quiz on her site that can help you with choosing the right color.

Swiss O Par:  This kit is another good alternative to maintaining a more natural looking brow.  This kit is easy to use and stays put for a decent amount of time considering how much we wash our faces.


6. Baking

So, back in the day, a form of “Baking” was just a small amount of loose powder that was used on a client’s face to catch any loose eyeshadows or mascara that would fall down during application and it was then easily brushed off.

Granted this loose powder was also used for highlighting but it was done way different back in the day.

What I mean by different is that it was used minimally under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and a tiny bit under the bottom of the lip.  I mean a little bit and it was always applied subtly to enhance our clients’ innate features.

The biggest problem I have with Baking is that there is no reason to use it every day or even to go out with your girlfriends to go Party.

Especially if you’re wanting to hook up that’s a lot of makeup to have to explain the next morning as to why there is an entire face stain on the pillow and why you look completely different.  It looks awful.

Baking is a HEAVY makeup and is Not meant to be worn every day as your Go-to makeup look.

Honestly, Baking should really Only be used if you are a performer on stage.

It’s really the only place that makes sense for this much makeup mainly because it holds up to the heat, lights, and sweat.  Also, you won’t be up close to the performer to see all of the makeup that is piled on their faces that is necessary for them to perform.

When I lived in Vegas we would have Drag Queen performers come in the salon for their services and they were always open to their tricks or techniques with their makeup applications.

The main trick that was used was Baking and it was beneficial for them to use all of that powder because of the hot lights they had to perform under.

This Baking technique makes sense for these performers but every day walking around, NO.

Baking will create a cakey look every time, and the reason is that Powders are meant to grab onto textures which means it will show every fine line, dry patches, and any deep or open pores.

It’s so much makeup that is used and plastered all over the face and I honestly can’t think of anything you can do in place of Baking.

I will say that you should use all of that loose powder as a light setting powder for oily skin, setting lipsticks to last longer, and even adding bulk to your eyelashes.

Anything but Baking.

My Favorite Loose Powders:

MAC Blot Powder:  This blotting powder is a must have for everyone.  It gives a smooth finished look too oily skin tones while delivering a sheer overlay to your skin.  It’s easy to use and a little goes a long way.

MAC Iridescent Loose Powder: If you’re looking for a light sheer glow to your skin than this powder is the fix that you will need to achieve that look.  It comes in 2 colors that are evenly compatible with all skin tones.  It glides on smoothly and can be applied to bare skin or onto of foundations.

MAC 135 Large Powder Brush:  This brush is easy to handle and is best used for an all over powder application.  It has an ultra smooth feel to the bristles so it feels soft on your skin.

7. Overlined Lips:

I’m all for a set of juicy and Fat Lips but WTF is with some of these Lip Looks with oldy shaped, over plumped, overlined and obscenely Extra Large lips???

Overlining your lips is a makeup artist trick that is done MINIMALLY to our clients to help puff up our client’s pout but shit now people are walking around with 2  sets of lips on their faces.

I mean I Love fat lips but I don’t condone a double lip.

I even wrote a post on How to Create Stupid Fat Lips,.

I don’t get it and I wouldn’t want to make out with a set of ridiculous double lips.  I feel like it would be really messy with all the lipstick, gloss, and excessive spit because your lips are dumbly huge. lol

Don’t do this.

Plump your lips and line your lips-YES but do it so your lips still resemble your original shape or at least so they look puffy and not like you just got stung with a shit ton of wasps all over your lips.

If you choose to Plump your lips with an actual Lip Plumper apparatus than be careful and really make sure you follow the instructions of that particular device.

When you want to have a fuller lip and you are planning on overlining than make sure your canvas is smooth and clean for an easier application.

You need to have good, strong, and sharp lip pencils for smooth and sharp lines but mainly if you’re going to overline your lips then do it minimally, stay on the top parts of your natural lip line, and Seriously go easy on the Gloss.

I feel bad because I genuinely can’t come up with any more input on the overlined lips aside from Stop Doing It!

It just looks awful and unnatural!

Lips and brows are the 2 most dominant things on our faces and when you choose to make either your lips or brows stand out, it’s like a virgin in a strip club– it makes it hard to take you Serious.


Some of my Favorite Lip Products:

MAC Lip Pencil:  There are 31 different shades that you can choose from with these lip pencils.  They go on smooth, minimal skipping, and the colors are rich with pigments.

MAC Liptensity Lip Pencil:  This lip pencil has a slanted edge for its application point and it comes in 18 long-lasting colors to choose from.  The pencil has a creamy finish which means you may need to apply the pencil 2 times for a strong pigment to show.

MAC Pencil Sharpener:  This sharpener has 2 sizes to sharpen pencils with.  There are lots of different sharpeners on the market at different prices, I’d suggest finding one that has dual sizes for a universal fit to pencils.

MAC 316 Lip Brush: This is the lip brush that I have and use for both personal and business.  It’s a perfect size lip brush, the bristles are firm which makes creating straight and sharp lines super easy.

Here is a Free Download to My Most Favorite Lipsticks EVER, MY Top 10 Lipsticks Enjoy!


My last and final pet peeve,

You wanna know what really makes me want to add my ‘Bitchy fee’ to a clients bill, it’s when I am shown a look from Instagram, Facebook Pinterest, or where ever and my client is demanding to have the exact same look for her makeup.

Here’s my problem,

#1. You’re not gonna look like the person in the picture no matter how much makeup I slap on your face. WHY??

Because that Bird in that picture doesn’t even look like her Real self in the picture from all the heavy makeup, special lightings and absolutely photoshopping.  I have said this repeatedly that special lightings such as ring lights or full-blown photo shoot lights with shade hoods, backdrops, and more shit will all enhance anyone’s face to look smooth and flawless.

#2.  The facial features don’t match up

If you don’t share any similar features to this model than wtf am I supposed to do I don’t have a magic wand but shit if I did I would have so many more shoes.  You can only change someones face so much with makeup, shading, highlighting, contouring, lashes and it is so much makeup on the face.

Even with all that makeup applied on the face, you still won’t look like the model in the picture.

Also, I don’t want to make you look heavy and deflated with your makeup and I don’t have to, beauty is an industry where the client is Not Always Right- the Professional is.

What I want to do and what any professional makeup artist wants to do is find what you like about the photo you are drooling over and see how we can implement your likes and wants into your makeup application.

As working professionals, our first priority is making our clients look beautiful in shades and tones that are most complimentary not only for our client’s faces but also for their event they are attending.

So, we don’t want to make you look foolish it’s our professional names that are displayed on your face.

Truth, Most of us want to enhance ourselves in one way or another but where is the divide in looking like someone else’s face and choosing your own face to be on the forefront.

We pride ourselves in being unique and individuals but have you not noticed that the true qualities of who we really are, is lost in the translation of other people’s looks and viewpoints on what beauty is now.

If you want to learn good makeup techniques that are geared towards your skin and facial features than I encourage you to talk with a professional makeup artist to have them educate you on how to wear makeup that is in the best interest for you and your qualities.

How we wear our makeup on our faces can tell a lot about who we really are.

How we keep ourselves is shown in so many ways to others and makeup is no different.  Think of who you are and what you want to portray to others around you.

What I’m saying is wearing makeup should fit parts of who you are and if you hide under the many piles or layers of shit on your face and you follow the abnormality of what social media can bring to the table of believers than we will never have a chance to see you.

We are all unique creatures in our own right and we all deserve to have the confidence within ourselves to be able to walk this world with a healthy ego for who we are.

Don’t hide behind a shit ton of makeup. 

Enhance yourself, be creative, explore products and techniques but maintain your shape, coloring, and your unique features of your face.

Be Beautiful for you and as you!

Pro Tip:
Tell yourself you are beautiful every day, Literally!  I mean it, take time to look at yourself up close and find all the features that make you unique and beautiful and tell yourself Everyday, multiple times.  Be your own Cheerleader for yourself because how you feel about your true self on the inside, will radiate out to others the pride and security you have for being you.









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