How to Choose a Lipstick Color

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Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, Please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. I Only recommend products that I personally use and love so fear Not, you will Love them too!

Finding Your Signature Lip Color

how to choose a lipstick color

I LOVE, I mean LOVE Lipsticks sooo Much!!

I mean this in the most literal way possible, I am a Big Lipstick Whore and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A good shade of lipstick can make you feel Sexy, Bold, Fearless, Impulsive, Happy and Complete.

What’s Not to Love??

Lipsticks are one of my most favorite things to splurge on and they all just make me smile and feel better.

There is something to be said about the power behind a good lipstick color and the confidence it can bring to you.

When you find the perfect lipstick its like a love affair you’ve never experienced before.

Lipstick can transform anyone in a matter of minutes.

When you find that perfect lipstick color and finish it’s like the world comes together and all things make sense. 

It can take you from feeling like shit and just being pissy all around to instantly feeling better about yourself and the things or people around you.

My love affair with Lipsticks began at a very young age and it’s been a part of who I am for a long time.

Think about it, the Mouth-our Lips- is an immediate attention snatcher and the right shade of lipstick or lipgloss can take you from sweet and innocent to dark and erotic in minutes.

Are you in a Hurry??

there is so much good information to share so if you are short on time than, 

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If you’ve never experienced this blissful encounter with a lipstick that was meant for you then this article will help you for sure find your true lipstick soulmate.

There are a few things that go into finding the right lipstick that is perfect for YOU! 

This can be a lot of information to swallow at once so I broke everything down into mini-lessons so feel free to page jump if you are a scanner.

Finding Your Signature Color
What Are Skin Undertones?

Underneath your skin tone, there are mild tints of colors that you will see in your veins and under your skin, those colors are your undertones.

You may see shadows of light browns, greens, yellows, reds, peach, or pinkish colors and these colors help guide us in choosing colors that are best suited for our skin coloring’s.


Why Does Knowing The Undertones Of Skin Important?

This helps us determine which side of the color wheel we should sit on Warm, Cool, or Both.

Your skin’s undertones will tell you if you are better suited for warmer colors, cooler colors, or even both warm and cool.

It gives you the direction on the hues and tones of lip colors you should be looking at for yourself.


How Do You Find Your Skin’s Undertones?

There are a bunch of different ways to find undertones but I tend to stick with the wrist test because to me its the most accurate and it’s the easiest.

Our wrists tell us exactly what the undertones of our skin really is because of the colors of the veins in our wrists that we can see.

It’s really simple, if you look at your wrists in bright lights then you will see 1-2 of these colors: Blue, green, or even purple.

Those colors you see determine if you have Warm, Cool, or Neutral Undertones.

Let’s find your wrists’ colors using the chart below.

skin tone chart

Cool Undertones:

When you look at your wrists and the colors that you see in your veins are mostly blue or a purplish hue than your undertone is Cool.

If you find that you have Cool Undertones than you will want to look for colors that have hues of pink, blue or purple as their undertones.

Warm Undertones:

When you look at your wrists and the colors that you see in your veins are mostly green than your undertone is Warm.

If you have Warm undertones than the colors that are best suited for you are the Warmer colors such as orange and yellows.

Neutral Undertones:

When you look at your wrists and the colors you see are both blue and green than your undertone is Neutral.

If you have Neutral undertones than Congratulations because you can wear both Warm and Cool undertones colors.

Neutrals have an equal amount of yellow and pink undertones which creates the balance for the lucky neutrals to wear just about any color they want and have it look good on them.


Let me clarify that skin tones and undertones are different.

The differences between the two are that skin tones sit on top of the skin and can change colors whereas the undertones sit underneath our skin and do not change color.

My personal and professional opinion is to Always use your skins Undertones 1st as your guide to choosing colors to wear-Not your Skin tone.

What Are Skin Tones?

Skin Tones

Skin tones are the top layers of colors you see on your skin.

Skin tones have nothing to do with the complexion of your skin because our complexion is how our skin appears; acne, freckles, red spots, dry areas, oily areas.

These tones that we see can and will change with the environment, lifestyles, and aging.

Skin tone is the color of your skin and it all derives from how much melanin (dark or brown pigments in our skin) that we are given genetically.

Are you really pale, vanilla toned, chocolate brown, tan, mocha-neutral toned, olive, caramel, medium skin-colored??


Why Does Knowing Your Skin Tone Matter?

The reason is that it helps guide us towards the colors that are best suited for our skins’ undertones and our complexion traits.

When you know your skin tone coloring’s it helps you even more with finding the perfect shades and tones for all your makeup not just your lips.

With so many unique individuals in the world now there are an obscene amount of different tones to choose from so to make this step simple let’s break it down into a few sections of different tones and use that as a base to our lipstick starting point.

I like to use 5 different skin tones for my clients as the base point to help me move towards choosing the best colors of lipstick shades.



I like to think of the porcelain dolls for this skin tone because it truly is very fitting.  Fair-skinned girls have more of a milky coloring to their skin or even a translucent glow and it’s because the undertones to their skin are blue-ish, red.

Fair-skinned girls will usually Always burn first if they are in the sun and may also have freckles and even red shades to their skin.

Not gonna lie, I am truly jealous of these fair-skinned girls because loud lip colors look so amazing when they are up against a whiter canvas.

  • Now if you are a cool-toned fair-skinned beauty then the most suitable colors to look for are a pinkish-beige, light blue pinks, corals, pink-reds, and peach shades.

MAC Russian Red: Probably 1 of the most iconic MAC lipsticks.  MAC Russian Red is a crimson red that has cool undertones and it has a matte finish and was originally created for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour back in 1990.

  • If you are a warm-toned fair-skinned lady then the most suitable colors to look for pale pinks, pale peach, camel-beige, orange-based reds and corals

Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shake Down: A smooth warm chocolaty brown.



Light skinned beauties usually tend to have pinkish or peachy tones to their skin which is still pale like fair-skins but light skins will typically have more yellow or beige colorings to their undertones which gives them a slightly darker skin tone than Fair skins.

Some light skins may have freckles and their skin easily becomes flush too and although they may burn first when out in the sun they can have a beautiful tan afterward.

Lip colors such as pinks, pinky-beige, peaches, toffee nudes, bright pink-reds, coral-reds, and rosy hues are all super flattering shades for light-skinned ladies.

  • If you are cool-toned with light skin and want a bold lip you can look for blue-based reds, bright raspberry lip shades, or a rich mocha color to compliment your skin and tones.

MAC Ruby Woo: Ruby Woo by MAC is a classic Red lipstick that is very Matte in finish and is a Blue-Red, that makes your teeth look sparkly white because of the Blue undertone she has.

  • If you are warm-toned with light skin than opt for colors like pale pinks, peaches, orange-corals, Caramel nudes to compliment your skin and tones.

Milani Bold Color Statement Matte in I am Happy:  A bold warm orange-coral color


Medium or Neutral Skinned

Medium or Neutral skin tones are probably the easiest skin tone to work with for makeup applications.

Neutral skin tones sit in between cool and warm tones so there is an equal amount of pink and yellow undertones which creates a neutral palette look.

Even though medium/neutral skin tones are “neutral” you can still have warm or cool undertones, it all depends on if you have more pink for cool undertones or more yellow for warm undertones.

This skin tone has it a bit easier when it comes to tanning because they typically will carry more melanin in their skin so when they are basking in the sun their skin will 1st tan and if then burn if they stay in the sun too long.

But it will still look good on their skin.

Another asset that the medium-toned birds have is the ability to slay a bright, bold, and loud lip color!!!!

Rose-mauves and rich raspberry colors look exceptional on medium skinned beauties along with deep cranberry, hot fuchsia pink, and bright tangerine orange.

  • If you are cool-toned with medium skin tone then look for colors like soft pinks, purple-burgundy, cranberry, merlot, and brown-mauves.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Backstage Bambi:  A Hot-Bright Pink color in a satin-matte finish, it’s Amazing!

  • If you are warm-toned with medium skin tone then look for colors like coppers, bronze metallics, orange-reds, berry pinks, and deep burgundy.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte Lipcolor in Doesn’t Matte-R:  A deep burgundy wine color.


Olive Skin

Olive tones can be a bit tricky to identify because they are very similar to the Medium/Neutral skin tones.

The biggest difference is that Olive skin tones will have a yellow-greenish undertone to their skin.

Olive tones will take the cake when it comes to tanning because of the neutral qualities their skin has with the yellow and green undertones it carries, so they rarely burn and they tend to maintain a naturally tanned glow year-round.


This skin tone can handle the sun and produce a beautiful bronze finish to their skin but on the flip side this skin tone tends to be oilier than most and the pores of the skin can be on the larger side so a matte, satin, or a powder finish is best for Olive tones to keep the shine at bay.

When it comes to finding the right shades of any makeup for Olive toned birds a good rule to remember is you want to mellow out the green hues of the skin and bring out more of the warmth (yellow) from the skin.

For lipstick choices that are perfect for Olive tones look for a matte or powdery finish and colors like caramel browns, taupe, deep plumbs, berry colors, raspberry, orange or yellow reds, corals, bright warm magenta, and deep rose colors.

  • If you have Olive toned skin with cool undertones than look for shades like berry, wine colors, and cherry reds, deep pinks, and nudes.

MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel:  A deep blackened berry that has buildable coverage for a more subdued berry color or you can add more layers on for a deeper vampy berry lip color.

  • If you have Olive toned skin with warm undertones than look for shades like orange-reds, corals, pinks, taupes, and browns.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Double Espresso:  Rich chocolate brown with yellow undertones.



The dark skins can have a broad spectrum of beautiful tones like deep espressos, dark honey, rich copper browns, chocolate tones, and ebony-colored skin tones.

Let me tell you when a dark-skinned beauty has the right shade of lip color on, it’s beyond striking, it instantly makes me jealous because it’s that demanding and beautiful.

The fall back for some dark-skinned beauties can be the with the lip color not showing up on their lips they way the color should so it’s important that you find lip colors that are rich in pigments and not diluted too much with water and other lip filler ingredients.

There is a huge pot of colors for dark-toned gems to look amazing in like deep plums, dark purples, walnut browns, bright orange-red, bright blue- reds, any red lip color, coppers, dark to bright berry, hot pinks, metallics, and wine colors.

  • If you have cool-undertones with dark skin tones than look for colors like Merlot’s, deep burgundy, metallic bright reeds, blue-reds, ruby reds, bright purples.

MAC Patent Paint Lip Lacquer in Varnished Reputation:  A pale purple lip color.

  • If you have warm undertones with dark skin tones than look for colors like warm caramels, coppers, cherry reds, orange-reds, bronze metallic, gold glitter glosses, and rich berry reds and pinks.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Chilli:  A burnt orange-red lip color, like a red chili powder spice, it’s versatile with skin tones but is best suited for warmer and darker tones because it brings out the orange in the color.



The best way to explain Complexion is that its the overall look of your skin.

Is your skin dry, oily, or normal?  Do you have freckles, scars, or spots?

Do you have under-eye circles, rosacea, rosy cheeks, or acne?

The reason you want to know your complexion for choosing a lipstick is that it helps you when choosing a finish for your lipstick.

If your skin tends to be really oily, shiny, or has some acne I’d veer away from Glosses, High-Shines, and even Satin finishes because these lip finishes will draw more attention and make the unwanted guests on our faces seem even louder.

You would be better off choosing a Creme or even a Matte finish to help soften the excess shine or oil that acne may bring.

On the flip side if your skin or lips tend to be more on the dryer side or is flaky than I’d suggest you not use matte at all and veer towards the Satin, Sheer, or Creme lipstick finishes.

I’d also suggest you do lip treatments with lip scrubs or homemade ones made with sugar and coconut oil to add some moisture to overly dry or flaky lips.

Here are a few lipstick hacks to help you,

SHINE Absorber Sheets: I absolutely love these little things.  They are perfect to quickly grab oil on the face, these little sheets suck up all the shine, oils, and grease that can build up on our faces as the day goes about.

Lip Scrubs

These are a MUST HAVE  and a MUST DO for everyone! (look I capitalized it and made it bold-super important)

Honestly, this is the best and most important professional makeup advice I give not only to my clients but to everyone!

Having good lip health is imperative for smooth, full, and youthful-looking hydrated lips.  Also, it feels really good to get all the dry, flaky, and old skin off the lips.

Always practice good lip health with lip scrubs done 2-3 times a week, possibly more if you like to wear a lot of matte or long-lasting lipsticks.

Lip scrubs are made up of 2 key components, first is the Emollient which provides the hydration and moisture such emollients are jojoba oils, coconut oils, seed butter & vitamin oils.

The 2nd component that lip scrubs contain is Sugar because it is gentle enough on the lips so it doesn’t tear up the thinner skin we have on our lips and it’s effective enough to exfoliate the gross flakes off our lips.


The rule to remember is that you want to match your lipsticks undertones with your skin’s undertones.

If you are warm toned you want to look for colors that will also share the same orange and yellow undertones.

If you are cool-toned you will want to look for colors that share the same blueish and purple undertones.

Cool tones= Blue and Purples

Warm tones= Yellow and Oranges

Neutrals= You can wear them all!

Once you know your skin’s tones and undertones you can move on to looking for lip colors that you are naturally drawn too, make sure to take into account your eye color, hair color, and your personality to find the perfect lip color for you.

Don’t be afraid to venture out with at least 1 daring and bold lip color, every girl needs at least 1 naughty lipstick!

Cool Undertone Lipsticks

A beautiful Merlot (red-berry) color that looks like a dark maroon color in the bullet but this color leans more to the brown-red side of the Merlot color so it looks like a brick red when on the lips.

   It’s an easy darker lip color that can safely be worn during the day and evening and would suit all skin tones.

Dubonnet is from the Amplified creme line of MAC which means that it has a semi-matte finish with a creamy texture that will sit on your lips.

As it fades you will start to see some more of the berry color in its formula so as it continues to fade off it will look like a creamy sheer red-berry lip stain on your lips.

This lipstick will feel magical on your lips because the application of this lipstick glides on easily with no bleeding, no pulling, and no dragging so your left with a smooth high pigmented color lipstick.

This lip color is a great introduction to someone who is starting to draw interest in wearing darker lip colors like I said this is an easy darker lip color to wear because it sits safely in the middle of the darker colors hues- not too dark, not too light, it sits just right.


Romantic from Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink city is a bright but flat blue-based pink.  This particular pink color is striking on lips because it is bright and a high pigmented matte color that stands out in any crowd.

The texture to the Super Stay Matte Ink is very matte and very long-lasting so I would suggest a lip scrub on your lips before you apply this lip color.

Because this lipstick has a tendency to be tacky or sticky, I found it easier to apply this lip color with a lip brush so that you can evenly distribute the color more uniformly than you would with the applicator tip.

Also, you should blot your lips after every application of this lip color or it will leave a clumpy tacky feel to your lips.

This lip product is long-lasting so you shouldn’t have too much or any touch-ups on your lips but you may need to apply a moisturizing clear balm to your lips to keep them from drying out the longer you wear it.

This lipstick can be a pain in the ass to take off, use Vasoline or Baby oil on your lips it wipes off effortlessly and entirely while leaving your lips soft.

A beautiful berry shade that isn’t too purple and isn’t too dark, it’s the perfect rich raspberry color.

Maybelline City Ink in Founder got this one right because it truly is a rich raspberry color, it is the perfect rich blend of purple and pink to make a true raspberry color.  It’s so pretty that I think everyone should have this color because it will complement most if not all skin tones.

This is a lip color that can be worn effortlessly, whether you dress it up or down, it’s not too bold but very Rich with color and not too dark but it’s deep with pigments.

This color is a deep merlot or deep burgundy with cool undertones and is a satin-matte finish.  Kat offers some great pictures on her website to show the colors of the lipstick and I found the colors that I have so far to look exactly like the colors on her website.

Prayer is like a nice bottle of red merlot wine, it’s rich in darkness but not too dark so that you don’t see the beautiful purple-red in the lip color.

It’s lightweight and it goes on so smoothly and I really liked the fact that the color didn’t budge much after wearing it for hours, I didn’t have to re-apply it.

Warm Undertone Lipsticks

Crush is a magenta shade that has warmer undertones in it but I find that it is pretty versatile with most skin tones.  It’s so pretty.

The finish of this lipstick is a satin-matte that sits a bit more on the matte side, it glides on the lips smoothly with no pulling or skipping but I would advise that you apply it with short strokes rather than 1 long pull across your lips because you will get noticeable pulling and tugging if you don’t use small strokes.

The pigmentation of this lip color was really excellent, rich and it applies evenly to lips when using short strokes and it lasted for a good 6-8 hours.

This is a fun color from Loreal that is bright, daring but also sophisticated and it’s beautiful!  It’s another take on the bold Red lip shades being that it is more Orange forward than Red making it appear as a Rich, Bright Pumpkin Red lip shade.

This color has a bunch of versatility being that it compliments fair or pale-skinned beauties and the hotties that have richer or darker skin tones.

This an absolutely fun color that can complement all the seasons with brightness, boldness, and sophistication.

I Am Strong is a warm undertoned lip shade that has a medium-toned burgundy look that is perfect for day or night outings.

This lipstick is a matte finish but I feel that it sits in between a matte and a satin finish, mainly because of how smooth this lipstick glides on the lips.

This lipstick is very much a buildable lipstick, the 1st coat of this lipstick will be a little bit hallow, which can be good for those that want a subtle color but I would suggest that you use 2- 3 swipes of I Am Strong for the color to reach its full potential.

This lipstick is a matte finish so it does have long-lasting capabilities which I found to be true, this color lasted on my lips during a busy Saturday in my shop without any touchups so it’s a keeper for me.

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polishes have a super high glossy or glassy finish and there are 12 beautiful colors to choose from.

The best thing about these lip polishes aside from the beautiful colors, is that it feels so good on the lips, your lips feel hydrated so you don’t mess with your lips and you don’t need to reapply any touchups.

The HD Vinyls are all heavily pigmented so for these lip colors you only need 1 good swipe of the lip product for your lips but I personally always apply 2 coats of any lip product to my lips.

So Shady is a cranberry red color, you can build this color up or down for a softer or more dramatic look and these vinyl lip polishes do last and stick on your lips.

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyls can last up to 6 hours or more and they don’t feel heavy, sticky, or slippery.

Ground Breaker is such a rich Orange-red, a terra cotta tone, kinda rusty toned and it’s so smooth looking when you wear it.

This is a rich color that looks exceptional on, the application is even when you apply it and these Super Stay Matte’s are all long-lasting.


Having a grip on the various lipstick finishes/textures performance on the lips and how heavily pigmented each finish can be is crucial for wearing lipsticks with confidence and security.

If you want to be able to make a statement with your lip colors than you should have a solid understanding as to what is going to work and look the best for you and your lips.

What Are Lipstick Finishes/Textures?

Lipstick finishes and textures are very similar in their definition but there is a small difference in that lipstick finishes are how the lipstick will actually look on your lips (shiny or flat) and the texture is how it will actually feel sitting on your lips.

Make sense, they go hand in hand so keep them together.

Also, when you buy a lipstick the label should address what the finish is of the said product so that you can have an understanding of how that particular lipstick will make your lips look and feel.

What Does “Highly Pigmented” Colors Really Mean?<span?></span?>

You will hear this term All the time in the makeup industry, ‘Highly Pigmented’ and what it exactly means is that the makeup product is loaded with lots of pure and concentrated colors rather than colors that are diluted down with other filler makeup ingredients.

You want highly pigmented colors for your lipsticks and all your makeup. 

Mainly it looks and feels really good having rich colors on your face, you won’t have to use as much of the product, and highly pigmented colors will always last longer than products with low pigment color quality.

Have you ever bought a lip product and in the bullet it looked dark, rich, and matte and you apply it to your lips and its sheer with a hallow color, no depth or richness at all to it, it’s a total let down.

That hallow color with no depth is an example of a “Poorly Pigmented” lipstick.

Ok, so let’s move on to the lipstick finishes now and let’s start with my Favorite girl!

The Different Styles Of Lipstick Finishes


I love a matte lip, love this finish because it looks beautiful on lips and it can make for an intense lip makeup statement.

Matte lips are a bold choice for sure so be cautious, to me Matte’s can be even louder than the shinest of metallic glitter glosses because of the extreme flat texture it gives and I love them.

Matte lipsticks were the first love affairs I ever had with any lipstick and I literally have the very 1st tube of lipstick I ever wore because I loved her so much that I had to keep her for keepsake.

Lame but whatever, I loved her too much to let her go.

Matte finishes have no gloss, no shine, no luster, no-sheen, and no sheer, only a flat matte finish that holds super-rich pigmented colors.

Let me say it again, Super-Rich Pigmented Colors!!

Which literally means that there is more color added into these formulas.

If you have stupid fat lips or love to be the center of any room then go for a matte finish because the color choices that are available make mouths look so intriguing and confusingly beautiful.

My all-time most favorite Matte finish for lipsticks is by MAC, they offer a few different varieties of the Matte form and their colors are heavily pigmented and the texture feels soft and not sticky on your lips.



Satin finishes, alongside cream, are the most used of the lipstick finishes.

The reason is that this girl is an all-around kinda girl meeting the needs of most people with her high pigments of color and her ability to keep lips hydrated, and her satin-like feel she creates on the lips.

So, this girl sits between a creamy and a matte feel and will have a medium level of shine with more hold than the sheer finish.

Satin finishes are great for building up your lips, which just means that you can keep reapplying it to your lips until the color feels right to you and it won’t feel too heavy or sticky.



This girl is a true classic to the lipstick family because she is so versatile, easy to use, and a perfect choice for everyday wear.

Sheer lipsticks hold just a little bit of shine and are mildly pigmented (just a touch of color).

She is a perfect choice for both daytime and evening time outings and because she has a higher oil content than the other finishes, she will keep your lips very hydrated and they won’t dry out but you may have to reapply her more often.

Sheer lipsticks aren’t the finishes you want to be lazy with and not line your lips because Sheer finishes will run, feather, and bleed if you don’t put the barrier up by lining your lips.

Pro Tip:

Most Satin and Sheer finishes will appear darker in the tube than they are on your lips and its because these girls have higher oil ingredients to help keep your lips hydrated and nourished.



The cream finish lipsticks are probably the more common of the finishes and are very hydrating to the lips.

This girl sits between a matte and glossy and because of the glossy in her, she tends to bleed or feather so you Must wear a lip liner with Cream lipsticks or it’s gonna ultimately look bad as your mouth starts moving.

Cream lipsticks are easily used for your everyday looks and because they are higher in wax, they have a greater staying power over sheer finishes.



I mean I don’t think I have to go too far into this one, glosses have come a long way and they are always good to have around for the quick lip fix, lip plumpers and of course some glitter and shine to bling out your lips.

Nowadays glosses are filled with great pigments that can add a whole new level to your lipstick statements.

I especially love using glitters, metallic, and iridescent glosses over matte finishes to create an even bolder color that will make an impact.



High-shine lip products are similar to glosses but the texture or how it feels on the lips and the color pigments are what sets it apart from glosses.

High-shine lip products, aka lip lacquers, are highly pigmented in color, usually not sticky on the lips, and are meant to be long-lasting.

High shines leave a smooth texture on your lips and because of the color pigments in high-shine lip products you can wear High-shines solo or on top of another lipstick like a matte finish for an extra loud lip statement.



Long-wearing lipsticks are all over the place now and come in various strengths as far as hold power goes, they also can come in multiple different finishes such as glossy, ultra matte, and velvet.

They’re also formulated to do a much better job of not drying out your lips.

But even the best long-lasting lipsticks can still be a little drying, so apply a lip balm or primer first and then blot the excess off with a tissue.

This removes some of the moisturizing ingredients that can shorten the wear time of the lipstick but still keeps your lips from looking shriveled. If you want to add some shine to your lips then lightly pat a clear gloss over the long-wear lipstick.



Hmmm, Velvet/Suede is the product that came from a 3-way that Matte, creamy, and glossy all had together.

It feels like velvet or suede and it looks like velvet or suede.

Because of the Matte that is in this finish it does have some long-lasting capabilities about her and because of the Cream finish you can build up with the lipstick color but if you add too much you may find that your lips will start to feel a bit tacky.



Metallic and glitter lipsticks or lip glosses are for sure a necessity in any lipstick enthusiast arsenal.  These styles of lip lacquers add so much impact to any lip whether its applied solo or on top of other lip colors.

These styles of bling look striking over lip colors for extra embellishments and even solo these 2 styles will absolutely draw the attention to the lips.



Similar to frosted eye shadow, frosted lipstick has a sort of pearly luminescent finish that might come off as metallic, but not as strong.

These lipsticks will ideally have shimmer and are perfect for making a statement.  You can wear shimmers solo or on top of your favorite lipsticks or lip stains.



Stains are cousins to the matte girls, they offer no shine, no real texture and are just for colors.

If you want low maintenance for your lips than Stains are a good fit for you because they are minimal work.

These girls are long-lasting on your lips and offer vibrant colors that are build-able to create richer or brighter colors for your lips stain and to really jazz your lips up top them off with some gloss.

Tools You Need & How To Use Them

Lipstick tools are simple and pretty straight forward but knowing how to use them the best ways can be a bit more tricky.

Obviously, the 1st and most important tool for any lipstick is, of course, the Lipstick.

You will also need:

  • Lip Liners
  • Lip Pencil Sharpener
  • Lip Brush
  • Concealer Brush & Concealer

There are other tools that you can use to enhance your overall lip makeup such as lip plumping tools, lip booster serums, and lip vitamins (Biotin) so if you are interested in learning more check out my article about ‘Kissing Lips’ to really perfect that lip pout.

Kissing Lips: How to Make Lips Full & Sultry

Lip Liners

Lip liners are key to creating and keeping sharpen lines, liners also help create bulk on the lips when you use them to fill in and out the lips.

MAC Lip liners:

I Love them all and these are always a favorite of mine. No skipping, no dragging, no pulling, and beautiful colors to choose from.

Lip Pencil Sharpeners

Lip pencil sharpeners create a more precise line for a cleaner and more professional looking lip.

It’s important to find an actual makeup pencil sharpener as opposed to a stationary pencil sharpener.

There are Huge differences between the 2 styles of pencil sharpeners.

makeup pencil sharpeners

Lip Brushes

Yes, I think you need one to apply most lip products.  The reason is that lip brushes give you precision and an even application of the lip product over your lip.

MAC #316 Lip Brush:

This is the lip brush that I use both personally and professionally.  I love that it’s compact and that I can take it with me in my purse or wallet.  The bristles are strong, firm, and a good length which makes lipstick application super easy and graceful.

Sephora Collection, Pro Lip Brush #85: 

This is the lip brush that I have had for a while and I love it, it retails for $16.00 which is a good price.  It’s an easy fit in any purse or wallet and it has a protective cap that acts as an extension to the length of the brush.

I typically use a rounded tip for my lip brush but there are angled lip brushes as well.  It may be a matter of taste but I prefer rounded tips because I have more control.

Make sure you apply lipstick to the entire area of your lips, the corners, the inside, and the underneath of your lips.

A lot of times I see lipstick being applied just on the very surface of the lips so when you flash a smile or begin to talk you can see a distinct line of the natural lip to lipstick.

Concealer and Concealer Brush

The concealer and brush are used to create super sharp lines and edges for the lips and it helps clean up any imperfections of the lipliner or lipstick.

Any concealer or foundation will do so long as it matches your skin and you only need a small amount to clean up lines and or smudges.

The concealer brush is way more important than the actual concealer you use because if your brush is too heavy, too thin, or the bristles are too soft than your lips won’t have the sharp and perfect crisp lines that you want.

You want to look for a brush that has stiffer bristles, an angle to the bristles is easiest, and long enough to hold product but not so long that the bristles bend over when you apply pressure.

Concealer Brush for Lips

Small Angeled Concealer Brush

Professional Tips

1.  If you keep breaking the tip-off of your lip pencil or eyeliner than the solution is to Turn the sharpener to get a sharp point to the pencil, Don’t turn the pencil Only turn the sharpener!

2.  To ease heavy or too dark of lines when you are lining your lips, you should soften or dull down your lip pencil point just a bit to create a more even pull and color deposit from the lip liner.

3.  A quick DIY lip scrub recipe is to mix white sugar and coconut oil in equal parts, rub it on your lips in little circles and rinse off, this is a must-do for good lip health and can easily be added to a weekly beauty regiment.

4.  A quick DIY lip plump recipe is to mix Vasoline and peppermint oil or cayenne pepper ( a little bit at a time) and apply it to your lips.

You will feel a tingle to even a mild burn feeling, leave on for just a bit or until you’ve had enough and rinse off.  Your lips will be agitated for some time afterward so enjoy those Fat Lips!

5.  If you broke a lipstick in half a quick way to repair it is to melt the broken end just a bit with a lighter and press the 2 pieces back together, and then put the tube of lipstick in the fridge for a few minutes just to make sure it’s cooled entirely.

6.  Lip Moons on your drinks, If you want to avoid leaving lipstick marks on your drink glasses than Lick the rim of the glass 1st, it’s weird I know but amazingly this little trick works to keep your lipstick on your lips and not on your cocktail.

7.  If you want to make new lip colors, use up your old ones and mix them together to create your own custom lip color, once mixed put your new color into an old lipgloss container.  You can also take eye shadows and lip balm and mix them together for another option of custom lip colors.

Now if you are ever curious about how to keep all your lipsticks beautifully organized and out on display than check out this article that shows you 11 Super Cute Ways to Keep Your Lipsticks Organized.

There it is, everything I have to give towards making anyone into a Lipstick Master, lol

I genuinely LOVED writing this article and it’s because I adore everything there is about lipsticks from its History to how it personally makes me feel when I wear it.

I have never met anyone whose eyes don’t light up the second they see the perfect shade of lipstick laid out on their lips.

There is a right color for everyone and that Ideal shade of lip color will make you walk, stand, and feel different whether it be for good or bad, Lipsticks have that much ability to change how we feel about ourselves when we wear it.

But the sad truth is that there are a lot of us that don’t really know how to choose that perfect life-changing lip color.

So, that is why I had to put this post out into the world because every person should have their very own Signature Lipstick that they embrace as their personal statement whether it be loud, soft, bold, but always proud.

That’s the trick to finding the right shade you need to feel good, proud of who you are and what you look like in this lipstick color and finish that you choose.

That’s It!  I hope I covered all the different angles to find the best lipstick shades so that you can make a bold entrance into any and every room you enter!

If you liked this article as much as I did writing it and if you would be so Awesome and share it!

Much Love,

p.s.    If you can wear that Signature color of yours without Any makeup on and still feel that you are rocking the Shit out of this color then,

That’s the lipstick you want to hold onto and buy 2 of!

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