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11 Cute Ways to Keep Lipsticks Organized

If you are anything like me and have an excessive love affair with lipsticks than you may find yourself overwhelmed with the clutter that this healthy obsession can bring.

I mean, YES, I do need 17 different purple lipsticks and 23 different red lipsticks!

Lipstick bullets, lipstick crayons, lip glosses, lip pencils, lip sharpeners, lip scrubs, lip brushes– all of these items come in different shapes and sizes so how does someone go about keeping them all together, neatly?

Well, here are 11 fun and creative ways that you can organize all of your lipsticks so that you can continue with your own lipstick love affairs but 1st…

Why is it important to keep your lipsticks organized?

Well, to be honest, I think it’s important to keep most of everything I own organized, for my own sanity sake, but for lipsticks and makeup, it’s important for a few different reasons.

The most important of them all is that you can see the colors or names of the lipsticks that you actually have which obviously makes it way easy to find what you’re looking for and it makes it easy not to lose that new lip color that just landed you a new man!

The 2nd reason is that its good hygiene, ALL makeup has an expiration date so having your lip products neatly together makes it easier to know how long you have had that lipstick you love so much.

Lip products will generally last for about 2 years but if you use that lipstick a lot than it may start to deteriorate before the 2 years.

3rd and final reason is that you can keep track of what colors and textures you actually own so that you don’t buy duplicates (unless the color blows your mind-get 2) and you can easily build a “New Lipstick List” by simply looking at your neatly organized lip products.

A lot of how you should organize your lipsticks depends on how many you actually have.  If you have a smaller amount like less than 20 or 15 than I’d suggest that a small basket or even a lipstick stand would be a good option but for those of you that have more than 50 you need to be a bit more creative when it comes to storing your lipsticks.

Ok, so let’s get into some fun ways to keep your lipsticks organized and out on display.

11 Ways to Keep Your Lipsticks Organized

1. Lipstick Carousels/ Rotating Lipstick Organizer

I put this one first because this is what I use for my own personal lipstick storage and I really do love it.

What makes these lipstick carousels so great is that you can easily rotate it so you can quickly get to the color you are looking for.

You can easily see the names on the labels with this organizer which for me I like because I need the names on the lipsticks to know what the color is.

lipstick caddie

This particular one that I use holds up to 64 lipsticks, which is a lot and is perfect because it saves so much counter space, so far for my personal lipsticks I have 2 of these carousels but I am in need of a 3rd one.

I got these from Wayfair but you can find them all over the place.

lipstick organizer


2.  DIY Drawer Storage

A whole drawer for lipsticks, Yes I am Serious and if I had an empty drawer available I would also dedicate the space for my lipsticks.  I love my man but sharing a bathroom sucks, I want another drawer so I can do this, lol. Anyways…

I’m sure there are lots of ways that someone can set up a lipstick drawer, I think it all depends on how much money and effort that person is willing to spend.  All you really need is dividers of some kind and a box of some sorts to begin your project.

A free drawer’s divider option is to cut down a shoebox and place toilet paper rolls (cut in half) in the shoebox, add all your lipsticks to the holders and that’s it, simple enough!

You could even skip the shoe box entirely and just fill the drawer with the paper rolls so they are all snuggly fitted together and fill the rolls of all your lipsticks.

Here is an amazing and very in-depth article on how you can make your very own custom drawer dividers.  This DIY project is a fairly simple construction but it may be a bit time consuming to get it just right to fit all of your lipsticks and arranging them in your drawer so that all your lipsticks are color organized.

lipstick drawer

The Source is from Cute Dumpling

Ok, so I want these dividers for my bathroom drawers, they are easily adjusted to make the sizes of the compartments how you want them and they can easily hold up to 150 lipstick tubes of lipsticks.  I need to clean out my husbands’ drawers so I can have one for more lipstick storage.

lipstick drawer dividers


3. Lipstick Holder Display

I think this is such a cute way for your lipsticks to be stored and there are so many creative ways that anyone can make this their own.

diy lipstick display

The Source is from Lisa Pullano

I loved this video, she has some wonderful ideas on what you can make from a simple plain canvas board and a frame holder, the lipstick display is one of them. The supplies for this project are minimal and you can pretty much get everything from your local craft store.

I think this craft project would be a fun time to do with a bunch of girlfriends.

4. Lipstick Floral Foam Box

I loved this article I read about makeup storage ideas and this is where I found this really fun and creative way to display your lipsticks with a few simple buys.

If you enjoy fun craft projects that you can put your own personal spin on than you will love this simple lipstick display box made from floral foam.  Floral foam is the stuff that is used to create displays from fake flowers, it’s not expensive, you can pick it up at your local Walmart or craft store, and it’s easy to work with.

lipstick floral box

The Source from Hative.com

Honestly, until I saw this picture I had thought that floral foam was only available in the color green so I looked around for different colors in floral foam and found white, black, and mostly green.  If you run into that problem of only finding the green color than I would cover the foam block in some decorative duct tape to make it pretty and suitable to your personality.

What a fun party to have with your girlfriends, making these lipsticks boxes an awesome gift to take home or make them as gifts for bridesmaids, teachers, sisters, or whoever.

duct tapes duct tape packs      floral foam

 Leopard Duct Tape

Variety Pack Duct Tape

Floral Foam 

5. Hair Curlers

Yes, plastic hair curlers are perfect to use to hold your lipstick tubes!

Ok, I may be biased to this idea because I am a hairdresser and I have a shit ton of these curlers but I Love this and have to admit that of all the ideas I found for lipstick storage- this by far is my favorite.

hair curlers lipstick box

The Source from Coupontoprovide

I saw this picture on Pinterest and it sent me to a YouTube channel, Coupontoprovide, which showed me a very in-depth video on how to put this very cute lipstick storage box together.

This project can be down with a simple shoebox or any kind of box you have, hair curlers, and hot glue.  Get as many hair curlers as you need to fill the storage box and make sure you glue them in as you go and that’s it, add your lipsticks.

6. Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls

I’m sure that there are a few rolls of something laying around that are just waiting for a makeover and a new purpose, and holding your lipsticks out on display in a cute way is the perfect purpose for old paper rolls.

lipstick organizer

The Source is from Cathiefilian.com 

You can make your display in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures with fabric material, decorative tapes, jeweled stickers, wrapping paper, glitter, really anything you can glue.

7. Lipstick Trays

These trays are fun and really simple to use, they come in multiple shapes and sizes so these holders are perfect for both minimal lipstick habits and the obsessive lipstick hoarders.

You can keep these trays simple and clear or you can jazz them up with some jeweled stickers, puffy paints, duct tapes, paint, glitter, etc, etc.

DIY lipstic

The Source is from T Sparkles Brite

You can buy them or even make them yourself, I found this great DIY video from T Sparkles Brite, creating a lipstick tray from a few items you can get from any Dollar Tree for super cheap.  This is such a creative idea and a great video to watch to get inspired for your own lipstick trays.

My 9-year-old daughter, Kanani loves this idea so much that she has her supplies list together and is saving her money so she can make a cute Lip Smacker Holder.

lipstick Holder


8. Hanging Jewelry Organizers or Shoe Hangers

This is an easy idea for anyone whose bathroom space is limited, it’s a simple solution to adding more space to your shelves and cabinets, it’s cost-effective and it’s for the aggressive lipstick and lipgloss user, lol.  All in all, it’s a win-win!

This storage idea can house an insane amount of lipsticks and lip glosses, I’d suggest you color coordinate your lip products so that it makes it easier to find your desired lip shade.

lipstick door hanger

The Source is from Bustle.com

There are lots of different varieties of jewelry and shoe organizers out there so look for one that best suits your door and lipsticks needs.

This particular organizer has 74 compartments (37 on each side) to hold an obscene amount of lipsticks, pencils, and lipglosses.

lipstick hanger


9.  Lipstick Boxes Reused

This DIY lipstick box could not be easier than this tutorial here at instructables.com, all you need are lipstick boxes, scissors, and double-sided tape.

So, next time you are splurging on some new lipsticks than make sure you save the boxes so you can make cute and simple storage boxes for your lipsticks.

lipstick boxes reused

The Source is from instructables.com

10. Small Baskets

I came across this article in homedit.com about makeup storage solutions for small spaces and there are so many inventive ideas in this post but this particular one about small baskets I really liked because I have a pretty basket already I could use for more lipsticks.

Who doesn’t love a cute basket??? You can find baskets pretty much everywhere and at all price points, this lipstick storage idea can be used for someone that has little or a ton of lipsticks.

I like baskets idea so much because you can add your own personality to the styling of your baskets whether it be by material choice or colors

small baskets for lipsticks

The Source is from homedit.com

These small baskets do work but I found that if you don’t have enough tubes to fill the basket then the lipsticks tend to fall all over the place, which just gives you a good reason to go out and splurge on some more lipsticks so you can fill a basket up.

lipstick baskets


11. Candle Jars

This is a good ‘reuse and repurposes’ craft project that can be done with a lot of different varieties of holders for lipsticks.

If you really want to jazz those jars up then you can spray paint them in a pretty rose gold metallic spray or whatever color or even wrap them in a pretty piece of ribbon or lace trim by spraying the jars with a little bit of glue spray.

The Source is from donpedrobrooklyn.com

For my Lipstick Pencils,

I use an old candle holder that I had from an old Christmas candle, I like it because it’s sparkly.

lip pencils

If you have a whole bunch of pencils than you probably won’t need anything at the bottom of your mason jars but if you have only a few lip pencils than you can fill the bottom of the jars with coffee beans, beads, or little rocks.

Well, that’s it for my creative list of how anyone can keep those beautiful bullets of lipsticks and glistening tubes of lipglosses all stored glamorously and out on display for you and everyone to admire.

There are so many different ways to organize your lipstick products and so many different ways for anyone to be creative with keeping their lipsticks together and looking pretty.

I found a whole bunch of great ideas out there and I hope this article motivates you to organize your own lipstick collection and to continue to explore all the varieties that lipsticks and lip glosses have.

lipstick on the mirror

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