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How To Get Creative With Intimacy

Do you want to excite, tease, torture, and drive your man crazy with desire for You?

Do you want your man drooling at the sight of you and craving your every little touch?


Do you just want him to learn how to put his own clothes away?

And possibly learn that the garbage can is Under the sink and Not in it?

ME TOO!  All of the above really.

Having a Lipstick that is solely for your man could get you All of the above too, or at least some of the times for the garbage.

A Lipstick for your man is a great start to making your man rush home from work every night to You, with a hope that you will be wearing that new Slutty shade of lip gloss that he has a newfound Love and Willingness for.

Lol, it’s always the simple and small things Ladies that pack the most Punch!!

This whole little game came about by chance with my husband and I and we have been having a blast with it ever since.

Let me explain everything.

What Is This Game About?

This is a game that had come about by chance one night with my husband and me years ago when we were going out for a date.

It had been such a long time since we had been out last and I was in the mood for some kind of excitement.  Anything to take me away from our “every day”, I wanted that tingle of a first date, first kiss, Anything different!

At first, it was a joke but it had quickly taken on a whole new meaning to us both shortly into the evening.

So, let me explain; this game is Dominantly about slutting it up for your man, having fun with intimacy, and rekindling the spark that you both share together BUT…

It is also about communicating with your partner, dropping guards, and connecting with each other!

Shit gets hard, life gets real busy with stupid shit that has to be done, and all of a sudden our lives don’t feel entirely like ours own anymore.

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday lives with grown-up responsibilities and all the noise around but making time to be with your lover is crucial for any marriages.

Why Is This Game Important?

Because fu**ing marriage and relationships can be difficult!

Whether you are super happy or totally miserable relationships take work, they take forgiveness, acceptance, they take time to form understandings of one another, etc….

It’s a long list but you get where I’m going here.

I’ve heard so many women and men openly discuss how they feel disconnected from their partners and their communication together was scarce, in my shop.

What’s crazy was when I would hear both sides of the “problem” from both players, tricky, tricky because it can be hard to give advice to 2 people that are together in a relationship with completely different viewpoints about their “relationship”.

One thing for sure was that their intimacy and sex lives were uncomfortable, forced, and a lot were non-existent.

They were all sad about it!

It’s just bad, all around for both people in the relationship when either 1 person is unhappy or neither party is happy.

Then on the flip side, I would also listen to clients who love to belittle, degrade, and totally knock down their partner because it made them feel power and control over their own personal insecurities.

Marriage can be difficult and life can be even more difficult so it can be a very natural experience for 2 people in a relationship to disconnect from one another but when 2 people are distant from one another they build resentment, hostility, and self-despair.

It’s more common to hear from people than not that they don’t ever have sex with their partners.

Like months or years without sex.

That’s a long fucking time to go without being touched or appreciated and honestly it’s just unhealthy for your body, skin, and hair.

I know Sex may not be as important or needed by some people but what if your partner doesn’t share your same opinion on that.

Also, it’s the 1 thing that you and your partner have together by yourselves to literally connect with one another.

When 1 person is missing intimacy in a relationship than the other person feels left out.

Left out of what they want in the marriage, left out of decisions and choices, left out with their feelings, left out of their own desires and needs.

When you feel left out it’s hard to hold your head up and feel good about you and your partner.  You feel like you are Un-Wanted.


“He just doesn’t care, he isn’t interested in me at all, he doesn’t find me attractive anymore, he doesn’t do anything for me anymore, he only cares about himself, he never plans anything for me or worse yet we don’t have anything in common anymore.”


“She’s always busy doing stuff for our kids, She never touches me, Yeah, it is just whatever, I can’t make her happy, she doesn’t like me to touch her now, I don’t know what she wants from me because I’m always wrong, we don’t like to do the same stuff, I don’t do enough for her so she’s always mad.”

Both sides are saying the same thing–Neither has a clue about what the other person wants, feels, thinks, likes, or needs, so they pull away from one another.

The only common denominator here is that both people have expectations of one another that aren’t being met and they have no clue how to communicate with their partner about what they actually want or need in a healthy way.

Money, judgments, kids, boredom, expectations, and just Life can all be major hurdles for some and its easier to build huge walls up around us to protect ourselves.  Rightfully so but these walls that we build up as a defense is what divides couples.

The Money and Expectations of one another are the 2 major culprits that seemed to stand out to me over the years.

This is probably the reason that this dirty game was created because I think my sub-conscience was doing me a favor and reminding me how important it is to not only have Fun in my marriage but to always continue to make an effort for myself, my husband and our marriage.

How The Game Began?

The 1st time I showed my new Special lipstick to my husband was years ago while we were getting ready to go out on a date.

Our son, Riddock, was just about 5 months old and we hadn’t gone out in so long so I was in a feisty mood that night.

I was craving excitement, there I said it.

Every new Mama knows that feeling of just wanting to feel like a woman again, it’s that feeling when you’re first being checked out by someone you think is hot, it’s the tingles that radiate through the body and the butterflies in the belly.

Sometimes you just want the world to stop so that you can have a hot second to remember who you are, to just breathe in the moment, and to remember that you are a Value.

Anyways, I was in a mood!

So, on top of already feeling like I needed a break, I also was wanting to feel a rush of excitement, something New, anything to just spike up my adrenaline or mojo.

That’s what I was wanting and I wanted to step it up a notch for my husband and I’s a simple night out and that’s exactly what I did and I started with ME.

I knew if I wanted to really go out and be kinda crazy and to get my husband just as excited as I was that I was going to have to be the part and look the part for our evening out.

So, I went straight to getting my self ready-I was shooting for a sultry kinda vibe.

My makeup I wanted simple but BOLD–I wanted to stand out and because I am a lipstick whore I knew my bold statement would be with my LIPS.

I knew exactly what I was gonna do to my makeup for our night and I knew that it all had to revolve around my new Bold Lips!

I had just gotten:

MAC Russian Red,   MAC Ruby Woo Lipliner, MAC Retro Matte-Dangerous, and MAC Russian Red Lipglass 

It was a no brainer for me that I would be wearing a Loud Slutty Red lip for the evening.

I paired my new red lip color with a simple neutral eye with a black liquid liner, nude-toned blush, a mild amount of an iridescent highlighter I used at my cheekbones, and a strong brow.

My makeup was very simple except for my new Red “Blow-Job” Ready Lips! Ha.

It’s just what came into my head when I was done with my makeup, IDK, my lips were just so full and puffy.  They just looked really, really good.

These particular lipsticks from MAC both have a matte finish which has a longer-lasting capability over other lipstick finishes and because of that paired with a great liner, proper application of my lipstick, Lipglass, and a little bit of highlighting, my lips looked Stupid Fat and ready for action.

These 2 reds are some of my favorite colors and every time I wear them, my lips are so full and plump like I had just taken a baseball to the mouth, lol, but for our night out I choose MAC Dangerous because it’s a bit brighter than MAC Russian Red.

I Just Went With It!

Ok, so when I revealed my date night look to my husband the first thing he told me was that he liked the new red lip color.  I jokingly told him at first that my new Lipstick shade was for blow-jobs only.

My husbands’ eyes lit up and his sole reply was, “Really?”

To say he was excited is an understatement because I swear I saw his eyes Sparkle, lol also, his next comment was “I’ve got a Chub”.

So, I just went with it!!

I guess I was the one that may have started this little Game but my husband was the one who really turned it into the Game.

It was hilarious watching this grown man fall all over himself just to show me that he was really into this new game that we were making up as the night went on.  He was more than attentive to me while we were out on our date, he kept touching and kissing me and saying things that I didn’t know he had in him.

I hadn’t even done anything yet to my husband besides wearing my new lipstick I dedicated to him, which just proves again that it’s the little things that will make the biggest impact.

He even ordered my food for me at dinner, which I kinda liked.

It was exciting to see my husband so into ME!!

“ME Damnit, Only ME and not only that but I felt Amazing it was like I was the only one he saw that night and fuck that feels good to be wanted unconditionally.

I f**king loved all the attention I was getting and I had butterflies and goosebumps the whole night.

We felt like horny teenagers that just snuck out together and are overcome with adrenaline and a need to mess around!

We had an amazing night it was Real Hot for both of us.

I mean REALLY hot!

It’s like he stepped up his Game to 2000% for me.  He was excited and I was too because I knew I was the one that was exciting him.

All because I had a special BJ lipstick that he now knew was ONLY for him.

WARNING- Ladies, In order for this dirty little game to work, you must be willing to put yourself out there to your man by making the 1st move!!

Very important- it’s your game, you take the lead.

Oh, and you Don’t have to give a blowjob for this to work. Ha. You just have to get a bit more creative on how you can work your own comfort level into this game for your own version of it.

(Click here to read, How to Master the Art of the Perfect Blowjob. Great Post and Fun.)

How Does 1 Lipstick Change A Relationship??

Well, the Lipstick itself is a simple vessel that can easily be used to draw both of you out of the everyday norm and into a moment where both of you are the main characters of a 50 Shades of Grey book. 

Oh my god, I love these books seriously I didn’t talk to my husband for an entire 2 nights just so I could finish the 1st book, lol.

A loud and bold lip color is the quickest way and to me, the simplest way to draw some attention from your man to look at you and notice you.

So I say, lay your hussied up lips on his lips and start your own game of lipstick naughtiness. lol

Here are 3 Important & Simple Reasons why 1 Lipstick can bring more intimacy for both players and better communication from both sides which will absolutely improve/save a relationship.

  1. He Feels Pride and Like A Man
  2. It Builds Crazy Sexual Tensions
  3. It Opens Up Lines For You to Communicate Together
1. He Feels Special & Proud

He knows that lipstick color is Solely for him now-how could he Not feel special.

Listen up Ladies, men have feelings too and they, just like us, want to feel special and needed.


I swear- It’s true that All men want to feel just as special as we do and want those creative nights just like us.

Maybe not to the magnitude of a Lifetime movie like us but more like a Cinemax or Pornhub style. HA!

Lol, all men want sex and most men want dirty slutty sex.  So, I say slut it up for him and give him some fun Lovin that he can brag to his friends about!

Men are just as turned on and grateful for the “little things”, just like us so remember to pay mind to his feelings and wants too.

Sometimes we have to give to get and you never know he may be more willing to get creative for you.

2. It Builds Sexual Tensions

It creates sexual tensions between you and your man and gives you a sense of naughty excitement that you both can look forward to for the next time.  It’s a game that you can play anytime and all the time and it can not only increase but also intensify your intimacy with your partner, like a whole new level.

What is Sexual Tension and how do I build it?

Sexual tension is when you create a desire for another person and postpone that desire until it is unbearable. It is amazing as to how intense and utterly mind-blowing intimacy can be when you create a Build-Up.  Both parties need to be equally active in this little game in order for it to reach its full magnitude but when you both get there you will find a whole new level of intimacy.

Here are some suggestions on how you can build up the sexual tension while wearing your new lipstick dedicated to your man. 

* Lick your lips or bite your lower lips while you are out just to keep his eyes on the prize.
* Ask him dirty questions at dinner:  what’s his blowjob fantasy or where does he want you to put your hands when you’re doing the deed.
* Re-apply your new lipstick in front of him.  Add the trick of sucking on your index finger to remove any lipstick from the inside of your lips so you don’t get any on your teeth. 
BUT- do it Slutty, man.

There are a ton of things that you can do to get your man excited and craving you.  You just have to think about what gets him turned on from what you know.

Did you get that last part, there is shit that gets your man hot that you don’t know about so right there is a huge opportunity for you both to talk about and you can tell him what you like and want too and I swear it will be the biggest turn on for him, just talking about intimacy and sex can be super hot.

Play the f**king game with Conviction!

You don’t have to give a BJ for this game to work, have your special lipstick used Only for his Neck or Only for Kissing if you’re not comfortable with playing this blowjob game.

You can even use it as a road map on you for where you want him to go and kiss you or use it on him like a road map for naughtiness.

Get creative with the things that you and your partner like and make it to your own levels of fun and sluttiness.

LOL, honestly be inventive this Game can be as raunchy as you want-skies the limit! I mean it, if you pull out all the stops so will he.

Learn How to Get Full & Plump Lips Worth Kissing.

3. It Creates A Line Of Communication

When the evening is coming to an end both of you will be way relaxed and open to one another meaning no walls are up. It makes it easier to talk and listen to someone when you’re relaxed and unguarded.

This a great time while both of you are in the moment to share with him what made you excited and how you felt.

Tell him what you liked the most and ask him about what he liked.

This opens so many avenues of conversations that both of you can laugh about and share together unless he passes out afterward.

If that’s the case, let your man sleep off his cum coma and you both can share the excitement in the morning over some coffee or dirty texts.

I wouldn’t suggest you bring up any negative or argumentative topics right now.

After giving head to your man isn’t a good time to explain that the garbage can is under the sink and not in it. JUSTIN!! lol

Save it for a better time and savor this blissful moment with your man.

Open communication takes time and practice!

A lot of practice!

The beauty of this naughty game is that you can create your own rules for the game and take it as far as your kinky little heart desires.

It’s meant to be fun and exciting, an introduction to a new avenue of communication and intimacy with your man.

Have fun and even if you feel silly- who cares- just go for it. You have nothing to lose and a fun time to gain.

Our partners are the ones that we can disappear from everyone else and everything else in this world.

So, disappear together and have fun, laugh, talk, tease, and love one another.

Happy Kissing Lips!

I loved writing this article and I hope you enjoyed yourself here and if you would be so Awesome and Share this article with all of your friends, I’d be so grateful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Much Love,

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