How to Create Stupid Fat Lips

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How Do You Create Stupid Fat Lips??

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Love, Love, Love me some Lips.

I love full and fat lips, and absolutely consider myself a master at the art of Lips, lol.                                                                                           I’m actually being totally serious.

Who doesn’t want full, plump and luscious lips???

I know I do and most of the women I talk and listen to in my shop all do as well so let’s assume that everyone wants fuller lips.

Over the years of being in the beauty industry, I’ve learned that there are only a few different ways that someone can enhance their lips size cosmetically.

There are several ways that someone can create full and fat lips and with all sorts of different products and procedures out there it’s pretty easy to get lost in the mix.

I’m sure that you have been a victim of purchasing a shit product that swore big results for a fuller lip.

I totally have, I have a whole box of failed lip enhancers that just sit there and mock me.

I’ll be explaining each one of these ways as thoroughly as I possibly can with pictures and videos.


What Are The Ways You Can Create Fuller Lips

Makeup Application & Tricks

Lip Plumping Products

Daily Lip Maintenance

Injectable Lip Fillers-Done by a Dermatologist

Injectable lip fillers are done by a dermatologist and are better explained by one too.  The information that I have towards Injectables is minimal at the moment but I have a genuine interest on the subject so I’ll have to get back to this at a later date.


Makeup Application & Tricks


So, making your lips appear to be fuller is all going to be based on what your natural lips look like and how much room you may have around your lips to extend the lip line out.

Before we begin you first need to know the style of lips you have and the look you are ultimately going for.

For myself personally, I tend to stick with my original lip shape but I have like a shelf line on my lips that allows me to push my lip line out further to make my lips bigger.

For some people, they may not want or like that but still want fuller lips, don’t worry there are ways for you to do that too.

There are ways to overline the lips so it appears natural and not ridiculous.

Tools Needed:

Lipstick: High shine lipsticks and creams work really well, stains and sheers not so much for adding bulk to the lip, I like to use a matte finish for the bold color and long-lasting capabilities.

Lipgloss:  Personal choice if you like to wear lipgloss or not but it will add another layer of bulk to your lips.

Lip Liner: An absolute must-have for any lip application.

Lip Cupping Devise: Not necessary but it absolutely makes a huge difference in the size of your actual lips. ( It doesn’t last a super long time)

Lip Brush:  A great asset for applying liquid lipsticks, glosses and making sharp lines.

Tissues:  Use 1ply for blotting but if you need to separate a piece of toilet paper to create a 1ply tissue.

Translucent Powder:  Not necessary but it will make your lipstick last way longer.

Concealer:  Used to touch up imperfections, crooked lines, and to erase the lips entirely.

Highlighter:  This is optional but it can add a little more puff to your pout.  Shimmer and pearlized powders are great highlighters to work with.


The key to any good lipstick application is the canvas itself-if your lips are smooth and clean than your finished look will compliment that.  If your lips are cracked, dry, and irritated then any lipstick application that you do will just look like shit.

#1: The very first step in creating Fat lips is Exfoliation.


Exfoliation: Daily to every other day of exfoliating your lips will make a huge impact on the condition of your lips, the feel of your lips, and the overall look.  Exfoliating your lips removes any dead or dry skin that’s built up, it helps heal chapped lips, reduces lines on and around the mouth, and mostly it just feels good.

You absolutely should do a lip scrub on your lips before you apply any lipstick that you intend to create a dramatic look with or wear for an extended period of time.

This is what a lip prep step is.

Adding lip maintenance to your skincare routine doesn’t add much more time and effort but the little it does require is worth it, especially as we age.


It’s a simple process of adding a scrub of some sort to your lips, making little circles all around and on your lips and letting the exfoliator sit on your lips for at least 5min but 10min is better. Rinse off and finish with a nighttime lip mask or a hydrating lip balm.


Here are some that I use:

Tarte Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant: This scrub is minty and refreshing, it has a whole bunch of good additives such as Vitamin C & E, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Carnauba wax, and Maracuja.  It’s decently priced at $16.00, a little goes a long way and Tarte is a solid company and I’ve always been happy with their products.

Fresh Sugar Lips Polish Exfoliator: Brown sugar flakes, Jojoba oil, and Shea butter are what fuels this scrub.  It’s a bit pricier at $24.00 but the warm smell and smoother lips you will get from this product are pretty awesome.

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask: This is an overnight hydrating mask that does wonders.  My lips feel so soft in the mornings after I use this. This is a little pricey at $17.50 but lip masks don’t need to be done every night more like 2-3 times a week.  You can also use this as a quick mask to use on our lips before you apply lipstick to help soften and fill in excessive deep lines.


If you are on a budget then grab some white or brown sugar, coconut oil or olive oil, Vitamin E oil if you have it and mix them all together.

That’s it!  You really only need the first 2 ingredients to make a lip exfoliator for prepping your lips or adding it to your lip maintenance.


#2 Lip Plumping:

Now with a dry, clean, and even canvas you can choose to use a lip plumping product or a  lip cupping device for a few minutes just to poof them up a bit.  Neither is a necessary step but they will add a large amount of fullness to your lips, especially the Cupping.


What exactly is a Lip Plumping Product?


Lip plumping products are any and all products that either layer the lips as a coating to create fullness, products that cause irritation to the lips that will make them swell, or devises that forcefully pull blood to your lips to increase their size.

Most lip plumping products have some sort of peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, forms of capsaicin (hot pepper chemical), caffeine, menthols, and even Bee Venom in them.

Sometimes the results of these types of lip plumpers can vary because everyone can have different sensitivities to irritants.

There are also products that you can use to plump your lips in the form of Cupping.

Lip Cupping is a way to forcefully bring blood flow to the surface of your skin which will create a swollen look for your lips, making them instantly and significantly fuller.  Even though “Cupping” has been around forever, Lip cupping is fairly new to the game as far as trends go.


What are the different types of lip enhancing products?


Manual Lip Plumpers:

These guys can come in all shapes and forms but the most common one you will see is in the shape of an Apple.  Manual lip plumping is a great and easy way to get your lips fat, literally.  When you begin manual lip plumping you need to train your lips.

If you don’t then you run the risk of bad bruising, broken capillaries, dis-formed fat lips, and pain.

What I did to start was to use the plumper a few times a day for about 30sec-1 minute.  I just keep working my way up to 2-3minutes at a time, 2 times a day for Max results.

It is Way better to use an actual lip plumper device as opposed to shot glasses, bottle tops, baby jars, lids, etc.  The reason is that they are made to fit your lips and to plump up your lips and Nothing else.

When choosing to use lip cupping as part of your fat lips than just remember to go slow with it.

Don’t overuse it, especially at first, and if it hurts than Stop.

If it’s hurting you than it doesn’t mean that it must be working, it could also mean that it’s too tight for your lips and that you’re doing it too hard.  It should be a mild-medium pull on your lips.

Sexy full Lip Plumper Devise:  This is the one that I have, it is similar to Candy Lipz design but way cheaper and it serves the purpose of making my lips bigger.


Stinging Products/Irritants:

These products are meant to deliver irritation and swelling to our lips.  They work because of the active ingredients that they are made of that cause a Vasodilating Effect.

What this means is that the blood vessels widen up in your lips which increases more blood flow to your lips and that’s what creates fatter lips.

Some of these ingredients that cause the Vasodilating effect are menthols, minty flavors, cinnamon, hot peppers and more can all cause your lips to puff up and become red if you’re really sensitive.

There are products that have actual bee venom added into the formula.

The thought is that the venom applied to the lips fools the lips to think that they have actually been stung by a bee, so your lips swell up.  This is a great concept but be cautious if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to bee stings in any way!


My Top Favorites:

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme:  This gloss can give you the instant results that you want with lip plumper glosses.  You will feel a mild stinging sensation but it’s not bad at all and It has a sweet smell.  This has been the one lip plumping gloss that I tend to go back to because it works really well.

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream:  This lip cream is similar to the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer because it also has the spheres of Hyaluronic acid in it to help hydrate the lips.  It layers onto your lips nicely to enhance the fullness of your lips, it smoothes out lip lines, and it will give a good tingle to your lips to fatten them up too.  It has a cream finish with 19 colors to choose from so there is a shade for every skin tone.  I have Kir Royale, it’s a cranberry color and Pink Champagne.


DIY Lip Plumper:  Melt a Tablespoon of either Coconut oil or raw Cocoa butter with a Teaspoon of Olive oil or Almond oil.  You can then add any kind of spicy additives such as Cinnamon oil or powder, peppermint oil, ginger, clove, and ground cayenne powder.  Once you mix your concoction let it cool and use on clean dry lips.


Hyaluronic Acid Lip Plumpers:

It gives the appearance of fuller and fatter lips by hydrating the surface of your lips and it helps to smooth out lip lines.  For me, I use the Dior Addict in the morning and at night but I also use my little mini Vasoline every day on my lips multiple times a day.

Here are the Top 2 that I use:

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss:  This gloss works a little differently in that you need to use it for a few weeks to even months to really see what it can do.  This gloss won’t cause any irritation to your lips, what it does is it hydrates your lips with spheres of Hyaluronic Acid which gives your lips the appearance of full and plump lips.  What’s great with this product is if you continue to use it daily you will see your lips plump up and also the lines in your lips will start smoothing out.

Makeup Forever-Ultra HD Lip Booster:  I use this lip booster as my lip primer to smooth out and fill in my lip lines.  It doesn’t really give you a tingle as others do to plump lips up but what it does do is it hydrates, fills, and smoothes your lips.  When you continue to use this booster it will drastically improve the overall health of your lips while the fattening them along the way.  This lip booster is a little different than others because it is more like a serum for your lips rather than a gloss and it is long-lasting so you won’t have to keep reapplying.


Ok, now onto the next step of our Stupid Fat Lips venture.


#3 Lip Liner

The next step is to Line your lips, you can choose to follow your natural shape or you can overline your lips.

My Lips that I mildly Over lined

You want to make sure your lip pencil is sharpened and has a bit of a firmer texture so that you can clearly define and draw the small lines around your mouth.  Lining your lips also helps to keep your lipstick or gloss from bleeding.

Make sure your lips are clean, smooth, and dry before you begin lining your lips.

You will want to start to line your lips with lighter short strokes of the pencil.  I tend to bounce around the lip with these short strokes and once the lines come together, I then go back over them to make the lines more defined.

You will want to fill in your lips with the lip pencil, whether it be the entire lip or by adding X’s over your lips.

What this does is it adds depth to your lips, makes the lipstick stick, adds bulks, and can act as an accent for more intricate looking lips.

I tend to line lips with a neutral lip pencil, even if I’m using a Loud color because I find that the finished mouth looks more natural.

Also, if the lip color gets worked off, the outline you are left with is not a bright or loud color that stands out and looks funny.

If you choose to fill in or do the Big X’s to your lips with the pencil then make sure to use a lip pencil in the same or similar shade of lipstick you will be using because a nude or neutral pencil will change the shade of the lipstick.

If you want to reshape your mouth than a little bit of concealer will help cover your natural lip line to create a more believable finished look.

One thing to remember that if you choose to overline your lips that you want to be right on top of your natural lip line.

Just remember a few things when you overline your lips first don’t be dumb about it, lol, I mean this in the nicest way- stay true to your natural lip shape and stay away from the urge to draw on an entire new lip over your natural one.  I hate it.

Second, you don’t need to overline your entire lips you can choose to only overline just the peaks (McDonald’s arches) and the flat part of your bottom lip.

Side Note:

I read an article where a professional makeup artist said it is No longer necessary to wear lip liner anymore because “today’s lipsticks don’t bleed”.

Ok, I hope I can find a middle ground for this because what this artist is saying isn’t all true.  Yes, today’s lipstick ingredients and formulations make it way easier for lipstick colors to stay put.

However, the focus on whether or not you should use lip liner should be based on the reason you are wearing lipstick in the first place.

If you are going out for drinks, dinner, and dancing than wear Lipliner to ensure a long-lasting, sharp-lined lipstick look.  Talking, eating, sweating, laughing can all make your lipstick move throughout the night and a lip liner will keep your lipstick where it belongs, inside the lines.

I don’t know if this is considered a Trick or not but you don’t need a heavy lip pencil line to line out your lips.  If anything I think the lighter the lines the more natural the lips can be.

I finish every one of my lipstick applications with a lip pencil to make the lip complete and the edges sharp.

I like these Lip Pencil Liners:

MAC Lip Pencils:  There are 24 different shades to choose and all of them are rich with color vibrancy and depth in the pigments.  These liners have been the smoothest formula I’ve worked with, I’ve never had any problems with skipping or dragging and they sharpen nicely.  Fairly priced at $18.00 each but a little goes a long way with these guys.

Nars Precision Lip Liner:  This liner has 16 colors to choose from and is a Matte finish.  I particularly like the Nars lip liners because they are pigmented wood pencils and for me, they have always given the sharpest and cleanest lines.  Each pencil is $24.oo but it is so worth it because of how easy it is to use and apply.

Kat Von D Everlasting Lip LinerThis liner comes in 30 different shades and you can choose from a Matte or Satin finish.  These liners are water resistant and Very long lasting, it’s also formulated to not skip or drag across your lips-which is awesome.  All of Kat Von D’s line is Cruelty-free, 100% Vegan, and stacked with beautifully intense colors to choose from.  These liners are $19.00 each but I have seen so many colors that go on sale for $11.00 each.


#4 Apply your Lipstick with a Lip Brush

When you use a lip brush to apply lipstick or lip glosses you have more control over how much product you use, where it goes, and it creates sharper lines for precision.

I will say that most women don’t use a lip brush to apply their lips, it’s because of the extra step it takes to apply your lipstick.

It’s an underutilized tool that every woman should have handy at home and in her purse.  It makes such a difference in how the overall look of your lips can be.

Lip Brushes are best used for liquid lipsticks, cream or frosted finish lipsticks, and glosses.

Another thing that can make a big difference in making your lips Fat is the finish and color choice of your chosen lipstick.


Here is a Free Download to MY Top 10 Favorite Lipsticks

When you begin applying your chosen lipstick to your lips I find it’s easier to start in the middle and work your way out.

Also, I suggest working your lipstick onto your lips with smaller and lighter strokes and bounce around your lips to bring the color and shape together.  If you are applying your lipstick from the tube or with any other lipstick applicator still start in the middle and use lighter strokes.


My Top Lip Brushes:

MAC #316 Lip Brush: This is the lip brush that I use both personally and professionally.  I love that it’s compact and that I can take it with me in my purse or wallet.  The bristles are strong, firm and a good length which makes lipstick application super easy and graceful.

Sephora Collection, Pro Lip Brush #85:  This is the lip brush that I have had for a while and I love it, it retails for $16.00 which is a good price.  It’s an easy fit in any purse or wallet and it has a protective cap that acts as an extension to the length of the brush.

Makeup Forever 304 Lip Brush: This lip brush is a new brush to me and the biggest difference I can see from my Sephora #85 lip brush is that the bristles are longer and feel sturdier.  This brush is $24.00 and I really like it.  I find that because of the bristles being a little longer than my original lip brush it creates longer and sharper lines.

I typically use a rounded tip for my lip brush but there are angled lip brushes as well.  It may be a matter of taste but I prefer rounded tips because I have more control.

Make sure you apply lipstick to the entire area of your lips, the corners, the inside, and the underneath of your lips.

A lot of times I see lipstick being applied just on the very surface of the lips so when you flash a smile or begin to talk you can see a distinct line of the natural lip to lipstick.


#5 Blot and Reapply


Now take a single piece of tissue and blot your lips.

Reapply more lipstick and blot again, I typically do this 2-3 times before I complete any lip.

Doing this absorbs the excess oil, which will give you a longer wear time for your lipstick.  It also grabs onto any excess lipstick that may have been applied unevenly.

Another trick to make your lips last longer is to apply a small dusting of translucent powder or loose shimmer/pearlized powder over your bare lips.

After you apply your first coat of lipstick you will then want to take a piece of 1 ply of tissue (1 single thin piece) and press it onto your lips.

Then take a big loose powder brush and lightly dust your lips with translucent powder through the tissue.

You will then want to reapply your lipstick again, you’re building your lips up and what this does is it creates a deeper pigmented color and can make your overall lipstick look last longer.



Once you are done with this step you can choose to be done or you can continue to add more layers to your lips.


If you choose to stay with a matte lip then I would suggest that you add a dab of lip balm to the very insides of your lips so that they don’t stick together.

Also, if you choose to go with matte finish than add a primer to your lips prior to your lipstick to help fill in any deep lip lines.

MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Loose Powder:  The Best Setting Powder out there!  Honestly, it’s a great powder that is so versatile too so many skin tones and it’s so light on the skin.  It really gives you a smooth and clean finish.

#6 Complete Your Lips With Gloss

If you choose to keep going than adding a gloss would be the next step to up-ing your large lip game.  The more the sparkle on your lips the more your lips will appear to be bigger.

If you want a puffy pout or like a pouty pout than only add your gloss to the center of your bottom lip and at the center of your top lip along down to the corners of your lips.

For myself, I tend to layer my entire lips with gloss to really push my look towards Fat BJ Lips. lol

To finalize your look place your index finger in your mouth and pull it across your lips so that it grabs on any excess lipstick that may end up on your teeth.

Just remember with glosses that they can be heavy and some of the sticky, so go easy on the glosses and always start with a little and add more in the areas you feel necessary.

Finishing Touches are fine-tuning the lines with concealer and adding highlights to the corners of your mouth,  middle of your chin, and bow of your lips lightly.

The highlighting is creating an Illusion to others that your top lip is pursed out more than it really is.  If done properly it can look great but when it’s done poorly the person just looks silly.


Keeping Your Lips Fat


The biggest importance of making Fat lips and retaining them is to have a lip care regiment in place.  Our lips are made up of thin layers of skin and they are exposed to daily harsh ailments and bad habits.

Also, as we age so do our lips so it’s a natural process for our lips to deflate as time goes on.  So, it’s better to take care of them early on so that you can keep them in the best shape and health for the present day and years to come.

Here are a few things you can do to maintaining your Fat Lips


1. Hydration  

Hydrating your lips is so crucial.  You can achieve maximum lip hydration by drinking Water daily and by using Lip Balms daily.

Having a good Lip balm/lip hydration:  Everyone has their own Lip balm/chapstick thing!

A good lip balm is anything that provides moisture/ hydration and protection to your lips.  The ingredients should be minimal, so look for more natural ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin or other natural oils.

If your skin is more prone to being sensitive than you should stay clear of any products that have a menthol, alcohol base, fragrances, artificial colorings, salicylic acid, and even Vitamin E oil is drying to our lips.

To be honest, I advise staying away from any lip hydrating products that have any of the above-listed ingredients because those lip balms/ chapsticks can create a nasty cycle of producing Fake hydrated lips.

Let me explain…

For example, my mother swears by Carmex and refuses to buy anything else.

She only buys it in the original jar form and Not in the tube because she feels the original design is the only one that works.

No sense at all to her logic and I know she knows it.

But because she uses it so much and the ingredients in Carmex are drying she has to reapply and use it more often because her lips are in dire need of Real hydration such as a simple Vaseline.


Yes, you can use good old fashion Vaseline for your lip hydration and you will be perfectly comparable to someone that uses a name brand product.  Promise!

There is an obscene amount of lip hydrating products out there, so as long as you have one that you are a habitual user of then it’s not a big deal of brand selection.  Just be cautious of the ingredients that make up your chosen chapstick.

For me, I love these little Mini Variety Packs of Vaseline I get.  There are 3 flavors, Cocoa Butter, Rosy Lips, and Creme Brulee.  They are small enough to take with me everywhere I go and they all smell really good.

Here is a Free Download on, The 411 on Lip Balm, to make choosing the perfect lip balm for your own lips easier.


2.  Doing Daily Lip Exercises.

Adding in some daily lip exercises will help firm up the muscles around your mouth and it increases the blood flow to your face.

All of this will help stimulate the body’s natural collagen, which is what plumps up your lips and the elastin- the fibers in our skin that help keep the skin flexible and youthful.

There are even salons that offer Lip Yoga services to their clients in order for more women to obtain and keep a healthy and strong lip.

Here are some simple daily exercises that you can do to keep your lips smooth, full, and young.

* Smile More: Seriously just smile more throughout the day and night and you will be increasing your collagen in no time.

Smile widely with your teeth showing first and hold for about 30 seconds then smile widely without your teeth showing and hold for 30 seconds.  Doing this regularly will help tighten up and shape lips.

*Have a Makeout Session:  I swear, I’m not making this up.  When you use the muscles in your lips over and over like in a make-out session, you are essentially working out your lips.

*Pucker Up & Smile:  Purse your lips together like a pucker and then smile, do these moves together a bunch of times a day and you will have stronger and fatter lips in no time.

That’s it, all the goods for fuller and fatter lips.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and that you were able to gain some more knowledge or insights into having Full, Fat, and Beautiful Lips of your own as much as you want!


P.S. If you enjoy spending time here at Lipstick on the Mirror, it would mean so much to me if you bought me a cup of coffee in support of my blog!

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