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There is so much to be said about the Infamous Red Lipstick and all that she stands for, this iconic lipstick shade is one of those colors that can have deep meanings and represent so much of who we are and what we stand for.

The Red lip color is the color that represents our inner strengths and we wear it on our lips as a flag of our power and conviction.

When you wear the color Red it’s like you are wearing a cloak of invincibility, a shield to the Bullshit that’s around you, it’s the dynamic force of the Red lipstick that makes a person feel put together-Unbreakable.

Red is Everything and Anything We Want Her to Be.

Red is Power, Red is Sex, Red is Confidence, Red is Classic.

Red is Daring, Red is Love, Red is Courage, Red is Conviction, Red is Dominance.

There is a color Red lipstick for everyone, absolutely everyone!

Let’s get into this post and discover All the Amazing reasons why you should wear a Red Lip color.

Red lipstick shades are Iconic and have stood the test of time despite her troubled and rocky past.

The Red color herself has had her character and motives repetitively questioned, she was labeled as immoral, satanic, low-class, and was condemned on multiple occasions because of the assumptions by the church that it was the color of witchcraft.

Despite all of the accusations made against her and the risks that women would take just to have the infamous Red pout- the red lip shade never gave up and triumphed over the harshest critics and has made her seal and stamp on this world as…

RED is THE Color of Real Feminine Power and Confidence!

Red Lipstick is intoxicating.

She delivers a rush of adrenaline every time you wear the amazing Red lip color and it feels so good that it becomes addicting.

That perfect shade of red lipstick can make anyone who is daring enough to be the “Exception” from everyone else.

No, shit Red lipstick gives you Super Powers.

The Red lip shade will erase years of self-doubt after time spent with her.

The Red lip shade will make you feel so good and beautiful about being you.

The Red lip shade will give you control over others’ judgments.

The very best thing about a Red lip shade is her ability to create Illusions.

What I mean by her ability to create illusions is that when you apply the color Red to your lips she projects to others whatever you want!

RED Demands Attention!

Red diminishes uncertainty and insecurities and allows us to be daring, sexy, slutty, intense, soft, and always bold.

She’s Incredible!

With time, practice, and simply embracing the color Red on your lips you will find that you really do feel different.

Red can help you along with finding yourself, she helps settle down the constant chatter in our heads and will give you the security to know that when you talk people will listen to you.

Her reputation through the years has made her into the most classic & the most dominant lip color ever, no matter the shade or depth of the color Red, she remains the Queen of all lip colors.

Even Queen Elizabeth II is an admirer of the fierce color Red.

For her 1952 Coronation ceremony, she had her own lipstick created to match her coronation robes, it was “The Balmoral Lipstick” named after her home town, it was a soft red-blue color that let everyone know she was The Queen.

The Scandalis History of The Red Lip Color

Did you know that the color Red was the Very 1st color for lip shades?

Oh yeah, Red is an old gal and that’s what makes this color so rich, bold and a classic-it’s all her history.

It’s because she has been around the block and back with her shady but incredibly powerful reputation.

She first came about 5000 or more years ago by Sumerians, they would crush up red rocks and gemstones into powders and would tint their lips with these powders.

Cleopatra would crush up gross bugs and use their grossness to make the color Red for her lips.


Over the years the color Red was mixed up, smashed up, and stirred up with crazy concoctions that at times were super poisonous for the people that would wear this intense color.

The Red lipstick has a powerful stance as representing tough and sexual femininity but because of that she was condemned and categorized by the social classes.

She was oftentimes found to be scarlet and worn only by prostitutes.

She was considered the devil’s work during the Renaissance and was used as a social classification that would easily identify your wealth by the different shades of Red that both men and women wore.

Over the years Red has been through an obscene amount of confusing associations & has had several weird, sexist, and totally ridiculous laws passed against her.

One such law that was obnoxious back in the day was that a marriage could be annulled if the wife had worn lipstick during their courtship.

For real, it was a law.

Eventually, the color Red had made a come back as a powerhouse to the Lipstick and Beauty industry along with making her mark as the symbol representing a strong & fierce Femininity and has stood that way for a loooong fu**ing time now.

Everyone should have at least 1 Red lipstick that they claim as their signature lip color, don’t be afraid of her, embrace her because I promise you she will bring new insights to how you feel about yourself.


 A big reason why wearing Red lipstick can be scary for some is whether or not they are even comfortable wearing lipstick at all so attempting a Red Lip can be really intimidating and scary.

There are lots of different reasons that can make this list but what I think dominantly holds people back from embracing the glamorous Red lipstick is self-doubt and the misunderstandings of what the color Red symbolizes.

The color Red itself is a Classic color that exerts power and potent confidence, she gives us the will to stand up for ourselves and the freedom to explore whatever we want just by applying Red lipstick to our lips.

First of all, when you dress up your lips with any lip color you are wanting to draw attention to them but with Red lip colors, the attention and even the words that come out of your Red lips are even more dominant and makes the statements to not only yourself but to others of your Ladylike beauty, confidence, self-assurance, and conviction.

Honestly, a good Red lipstick can make you feel so good, so beautiful, and just fearless.

Your Red lipstick soul mate can transform you into a powerful version of who you are and even who you want to be so long as you let her.

Did you get that last part???

If you embrace your Red lipstick color then she will hold you up and will keep you up on a pedestal for others to wish they were you, wish they could pull that off that electric Red shade, and possibly even go out and find their own Red lip color.

BUT if you doubt her or your relationship with her she will embarrass you and make you feel silly, doubtful, and out of place.

RED can and will Intimidate you so stay on her good side, believe in her and yourself, that’s the trick to conquering the Infamous red lip color.

Never doubt the Red on your lips.

You may feel weird, silly, or insecure the 1st time you dare to wear Red lip color but let her work for you, give her a chance.


 There are 2 Super Important Steps to wearing Red lip colors.

Step 1: Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are going to wear the Shit out of this Red lipstick because you CAN!!

Simple enough.

Now Step 2: Figure out what you want your Red lip color to mean to you.

I find that when I wear my Red lip colors I always go with shades that are reflective of either the event I’m going to or how I’m feeling at that particular moment.

Like if I’m going out with my husband and I feel like slutting it up for him I’m most likely going to go for brighter blue Red with deep rich pigments or a bright neon orange Red usually in a matte or velvet finish for its durability.

If I’m going to work or I just feel like standing out from the crowds then I may swing towards a deep Cranberry Red or a rich Blood Red, there are so many different shades of Red’s to choose from so you have to go with what feels good to you and looks good too.

The color Red has to feel right, it has to come together naturally, don’t force the color to work for you.

Make sense??

Don’t work For your Red lip color, Make your Red lip color work For you.

I wear Red all the time, so I personally feel that you can wear beautiful, bright, and bold colors anywhere and anytime.

Makeup is about balance and the colors used are meant to brighten or camouflage our face.

Lipsticks are meant to be worn to brighten our face so I say wear the colors that make you feel good and look good on you.

Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowds with a bright neon Red-orange lip color!

 That being said, let’s move on to the things you need to know and things to do to dominate and find your Red Lip color Soulmate.



Skin tones:

Are the top layers of colors you see on your skin, (not your complexion) these colors/tones that we see on top of the skin can and will change with the environment, lifestyles, and aging.

So, basically, your skin tone is the color of your skin and it all derives from how much melanin (dark or brown pigments in our skin) that we are given genetically.

Are you really pale, ebony, mocha, tan, olive, medium skin-colored, etc…


Now underneath your skin tone, there are mild tints of colors that you will see in your veins and under your skin, those colors are your undertones.

You may see shadows of light browns, greens, yellows, reds, peach, or pinkish colors and these colors help guide us in choosing colors that are best suited for our skin colorings.

Essentially you need to know what side of the color wheel you should be sitting on based on your undertones Warm, Cool, or Neutral.

Your skin’s undertones and skin tones work together to help you find the best-suited shades for All your makeup needs.

Your skin tone and undertones can make or break any makeup look if you get them wrong so check out this article I wrote that explains in-depth the whole skin tones & undertones thing so that you always find the perfect shades for all your makeup needs.

Read my article on: How to Choose a Lipstick Color


This Is A Must!

Honestly, having clean and smooth lips is the best thing you can do for your lips normally whether you are wearing lipstick or not, it’s just good for our lips to pay them some attention.

If your lips are dry, flaky, chapped, or cracked your lips are gonna look like shit no matter what, so exfoliation is a must and is good for your lips anyway.

If there is 1 thing that I always tell my clients and anyone I talk with about lipsticks that you need to include weekly lip scrubs as part of your beauty maintenance so that you can have good lip health and ensure beautiful lip makeup every time.

Why is it so important to exfoliate for Red lipsticks?

It’s because it’s a Loud color, whether it’s a soft light red or a dark flat red– Red stands out so you want your lips to be in their best shape possible so you stand out in a good way.

Exfoliating your lips literally takes but a minute or 2 and you can make your own scrub at home to exfoliate your lips.

Mix white or brown sugar with some coconut oil (mildly heat up the coconut oil enough to mix it into the sugar) apply the scrub to your lips in little circle motions for a bit, rinse off and you are all set with smooth lips ready for that Red Lip color.

To have good lip health, include weekly lip exfoliation in your beauty regimen.


This is an overnight hydrating mask that does wonders.

My lips feel so soft in the mornings after I use this, it may be a little pricey at $22.00 but lip masks don’t need to be done every night more like 2-3 times a week.

You can also use this as a quick mask to use on our lips before you apply lipstick to help soften and fill in excessive deep lines


Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub Exfoliator: Dry Lip Care Made with Hawaiian Raw Cane Sugar, Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, and Shea Butter for Dry Lips(Cruelty-free, Paraben-free)

This scrub is sweet and refreshing, the sugar cane is used in Hanalei’s products for its exfoliating, smoothing, and brightening benefits.

It’s decently priced at $15.00, and a little goes a long way.


Lip Pencils:

Another Must Do!

Lining your lips is a must-do for any lipstick color to ensure that feathering and bleeding don’t happen.

Lining your lips before your lipstick will create the illusion of a fuller pout, the liner adds shadows and dimensions to the shape of your lips when done properly.  (yes, there is a right and wrong way to apply lip liner)

After you apply the lipstick over the liner, you should then go back and reline your lips to make the lines and edges sharp, crisp, and clean.

If you do mess up on your lines, don’t freak out!

Simply wipe what you can with a tissue or I use my finger and clean it up with some concealer and a flat angled makeup brush. 

Lip Brushes:

Using a lip brush is the best way to apply any lipstick because it is the most efficient way to get absolute precision with your lines, it controls the amount of product you are applying and it ensures a smoother way to color in the lines.

I typically use a rounded tip for my lip brush but there are angled lip brushes as well.  It may be a matter of taste but I prefer rounded tips because I have more control.

Make sure you apply lipstick to the entire area of your lips, the corners, the inside, and the underneath of your lips.

A lot of times I see lipstick being applied just on the very surface of the lips so when you flash a smile or begin to talk you can see a distinct line of the natural lip to lipstick.

MAC Lip Pencils

There are 22 colors to choose from and these pencils sharpen easily and smoothly.

It’s a great liner and the thing I like the most about these liners is that you don’t have to work hard with it to achieve beautiful lines.

They don’t skip or pull on your lip when you are lining so they give nice clean and sharpen lines easily.

KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Lip Liner

There are 30 different colors to choose from with the Everlasting liner and I will say that it goes on effortlessly and it absolutely is Everlasting.

These lip liners are $19.00 each but I have found some of the colors on sale for $11.00 each.

This liner is a matte finish and because of the smooth finishing formula it was developed with the liner goes on without skipping, dragging, bleeding, or over drying.


This is the lip brush that I have had for a while and I love it, it retails for $22.00 which is a good price.

It’s an easy fit in any purse or wallet as a compact retractable lip brush.

Ultra-firm with a tapered tip that defines the contours of the lip, applies to fill quickly and easily.


This is the lip brush that I use both personally and professionally.  I love that it’s compact and that I can take it with me in my purse or wallet.

The bristles are strong, firm, and a good length which makes lipstick application super easy and graceful.


What I mean is that, think about where you are going, what you are wearing, what do you want to project to the world today- consider these things when you are starting your new Red lip color ventures.

You can wear a red lip color with soft neutral-toned makeup all the way up to dark shadows with a heavy cat-eyed liner.

ALL Makeup is about Balance!

For example:

If you choose a dark shadow with a heavy cat-eyed liner and a bright red lipstick than I’d suggest you go mild on the blush and other highlights for the face OR if you want to do a soft neutral eye with a deep red lip then you may want to add a few brow and cheek highlights to your look to make your Red lip color really stand out.

If you really want to step up your lip game then check out this article I wrote about enhancing your lip size.

 How to Create Full & Sinful Kissing Lips


You know what skin tone you have and what undertones you have you should have a pretty good idea as far as what color tones you should be looking at for your dynamic Red lip color.

There are a whole bunch of different colors of Red lipsticks to choose from (a Shit ton is an understatement) which is fun but it can also be really daunting when you are looking for the best match for you.

To keep things simple, look for Warm or Cool hues with the lipsticks, which for some you may be able to see these hues quickly whereas others may need some practice at finding the lipstick undertones.

Look at the Red colors that you are drawn to instinctively, next do a skin patch test (swipe a lipstick color on your forearm) of the shade and see if there is a yellow or orange shade to it or does it have a more purplish-blue hue to it??

Also, you may find that with some lipsticks no matter what their background tone is (cool or warm) that they work on most skin and undertones.

Weird, yes but it’s important to know so that you don’t limit yourself with colors.

If you see yourself looking amazing in a warmer lipstick shade but you have strong cool undertones, just wear it, if it looks good and you feel great it doesn’t matter.

 Opposites can absolutely attract!


Color Wheel 101 and a General Rule for Lipsticks

  Warm Shades will have Oranges and or Yellows.

  Cool Shades will have Blues and or Purples.


Quick Tip:

Blue based Red Lipsticks will make your teeth look Crazy white compared to orange-based Red Lip colors.


MAC Lip color in Dangerous
MAC Lasting Passion lipstick


Ruby Woo by MAC is a classic Red lipstick that is very Matte in finish and is a Blue-Red.

This color looks amazing on Cool and Neutral skin tones because of the blue background it has.

It feels very smooth on but because it is a very matte finish I suggest you exfoliate your lips first and apply a light moisturizing lip balm before you apply this lipstick.

You can dress this color up or wear it casual and it instantly brightens your whole face up.

 MAC Ruby Woo Lip Pencil

MAC Lip color in Dangerous
MAC Lasting Passion lipstick


MAC Lasting Passion is a bright and intense orange Red lipstick and the finish is Powder Kiss which is like a velvet feel, it’s not as flat as a Matte finish and not as drying so it feels a bit lighter on your lips.

The soft powder finish is what makes this red lip color so unique, the finish makes the color bright and intense but it also creates a soft glow to the red lip color.

This Red is is an attention-getter for sure and is best suited for Warm and Neutral skin tones because of the Orange it has as a background color.

MAC Lip color in Dangerous
loreal liquid lipstick red matador


MAC Dangerous is an Orangey- Red color, this Retro lipstick is long-lasting and the finish is matte but it’s a soft matte, meaning it feels very light and smooth on the lips.

Dangerous is a mild warm-toned color that can be worn by lots of skin tones but really looks striking on darker-toned skin.

This Red lip color delivers a big punch of brightness from the Orange pigments but has a smooth finished look of a crisp-brilliant red lip.

Matador red
loreal liquid lipstick red matador


L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Matador is an intense red and looks really, really good in photos because it gives almost a neon glow to it and it is so beautiful.

This Red is a mimic of an old Hollywood red, it’s bright, bold, smooth, and classic-like a Crayola Red crayon is classic.

This is a liquid lipstick with a matte finish but it wears very light on your lips, it is long lasting-16 hours-but for me it started to wear about 6 hours after lots of talking, drinking, and eating.

So, this color I feel can be worn by both warm and cool skin tones, I think that the variable will be the skin’s complexion.

You can do a skin patch test first to make sure Matador is a good fit but I promise you that if she is a good fit you will love her.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte Lip Liner Matte in Manhattan

red hot


Red Hot is the Shit!  Honestly, this color is intense as a deep raspberry red with deep and bright tones all wrapped up in one beautiful lip color!

This particular finish is like a whipped mousse and is very light on your lips, it’s moisturizing which is needed because it is a long-lasting lip formula but this particular lip mouse doesn’t feel drying and it didn’t settle in the lines of my lips, it sat on top.

Red Hot is better suited for cool skin tones because of the purple background that this raspberry red color has.

The applicator to the Revlon Ultra HD is good but it can leave more color on your lips in some places so make sure you blot your lips after the first application of the lip color.

With any lip color, you really should always apply 2 coats of the lip color to ensure the shade is at its fullest and richest potential but make sure the 1st coat has dried.

MAC Dangerous


Love is a fun and bright Cherry Red lip color that sits right in the middle of the color spectrum so it can be worn by literally every skin tone.

You can wear this lipstick with 1 coat or 2 and either will look vibrant on the lips, make sure you let your lips dry completely in between coats.

Revlon Love is so pretty on and it’s hard not to smile and feel radiant wearing this color Red, it’s a flashy Red so it’s perfect for a night out or if you are like me a trip to the grocery store.

milani confident


Milani Matte Confident is a milder Red lip color in that it’s not as bright or as bold as a lot of Red lip colors can be, so it’s a good start for anyone that is just starting to test the waters of wearing Red lipsticks.

Matte Confident, is a deep and rich Red lipstick that is neither too warm nor cool, there are some mild blue undertones but it is a mild middle ground Red lip color that is an easy fit for anyone to wear.



Maybelline Superstay in Pioneer, it’s an Intense and bright fire truck red lip color and I Love it!

I don’t say this very often but you really only need 1 good swipe of this lip color on your lips to get full coverage but you can build this lip color up with 2 coats.

Just make sure you wait a solid 5-10 min before you apply another coat, you will find the texture of this liquid lip color is tacky or sticky until it dries completely.

Once this lip color dries you can either leave it as is or I like to add a little bit of Chapstick or lip balm on my lips, it keeps my lips feeling smooth and light, just in case my lips feel a little sticky.



MAC Russian Red is a classic medium-dark red lip color with cooler undertones to make it appear as a bright red lip color, with a matte finish that lasts for hours.

This formula is not drying to the lips and it wore comfortably, with the application this lip color slides on gracefully with no dragging or pulling and it has good pigment in the color so it’s not opaque.

You can get away with 1 coat but I would still suggest that you always do 2 coats of any lipstick to ensure the full color is seen.

Your Pride

Wear your RED with Pride and Prestige and top it off with an,

“I don’t give a shit attitude”

and you are all set to make your RED Lip Statement!


Yes, you can wear RED!!

Tell yourself over and over again and take the dive into the intoxicating world of Red lip colors and when someone asks you about your Red lip color (because someone will ask you) ask them what they think.

If they say anything aside from a compliment whether it’s genuine or not- don’t react.

Let them know that you Love your color and the fact that they took the time to notice you were compliment enough and move on–Seriously don’t give a shit if someone has something stupid to say to you or maybe they give you a compliment but it’s a backhanded compliment.

I know it’s easier said than done at times to not care about what others think but I promise you it isn’t worth it- the only person’s thoughts worth caring about are your own.

It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is how you feel about your Red color, and the fact that someone is paying any attention to you and your new Red lip color is a compliment in its self.

Always take people’s lack of manners or ignorance as a compliment because it shows a weak person how strong you really are to not be affected by their poor behaviors.

That’s it, don’t question yourself, commit to the Red lip color you choose, know you look good in your chosen Red color, accept All compliments, and act as if you have been wearing Red lip colors for years.

Complicated-NO, Intimidating-Only if you let her be!

I Believe in You!!❤

I hope you liked this article and if you would be so Awesome and share it with your friends, I absolutely appreciate it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Much Love,

How to wear red lip colors

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how to wear red lip colors
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