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All The Different Styles Of Brushes & Bristles
For Our Hair

Not all hair brushes are a like, far from it and not all hair brushes work with all hair types and that’s why there is a shit ton of different styles of hairbrushes and bristles for our hair to choose from.

Hair brushes are made to have unique characteristics in that they are meant to achieve specific results for our hairs styling and are a vital tool in taking care of our hairs health by our specific hair types.

It’s wonderful because it gives us so many options and choices to what we want our hair to look like, it gives varieties to different styles we can wear daily, and gives us the ability to care for our hairs ever changing needs.

There are some many different hair types that need and want different qualities from a brush so it makes sense that there are the different styles of brushes and bristles for our hair to fit all the many forms our hair can come in.

Hair brushes used to be more simple, there wasn’t much in variety for bristles so they were often made of soft silken bristles or soft boars hair.

The role for hair brushes have also come along way too, from a very early time women would wear their hair very long and would roll up their hair in some way like a Chignon, bun, braids, or french twists and wear it for a week to several weeks at a time without washing.

Because women used to wash their hair on such a limited basis the brushes were used to move dirt and oil around on the hair to make it look soft and shiny but the bristles were not meant to touch or penetrate down to one’s scalp.

It was believed that if the bristles of the brush touched your scalp that you would not only destroy your hair but would make the head bald.

It’s true, weird but it’s how it was.

If you want to know more weird but true facts about your hair than check out this article.

15 Things You May Not Know About Your Hair.

This is a long post so I broke it down for those that want to jump ahead but I encourage you to read it thru from start to end.

Table Of Content

Why Does Which Hair Brush I Use Matter?

Tips For Finding A Hair Brush

The Most Common Hair Brush Bristles

Digging Deeper Into the Most Common Bristles

The Different Styles Of Hairbrushes



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Hair brushes have unique characteristics to them that are meant to give specific results to our hair. Learn all the different styles of brushes and bristles for our hair, that is specific to your hairs type.

Why Does Which Hair Brush I Use Matter?

a girl with dark hair saying I dont know

Good question and I’m glad you asked.

Hair brushes are absolutely everything when it comes to styling and caring for our hair.

Literally Everything!

Hair brushes are important and necessary tools that we all need in order to keep our hair healthy and also it’s what we use to create the best styles for our hair.

You can’t straighten your hair out to its most beautiful glossed out, silky, volumes, Victoria’s Secret state unless you are using the correct hair brush.

Knowing what type of hair brush to use on your particular hair is imperative for getting the best results for the best styling of your hair and its overall appearance.

When you have the right brush for your hair, your hair shows you its gratitude by modeling off her healthy glow and bouncy locks to make all your friends jealous of your always fabulous looking hair.

Whether or not if you want options for your hair as far as styling it goes you will need and want to have more than just 1 brush for your hair.

Now, you also don’t need to have a shit ton of different brushes for your hair either but you should have the one’s that your hair needs to keep it in its best heath, others for styling purposes, and even brushes that help give our hair the extra help it needs to create certain shapes and forms.

You should have a brush that brushes your hair completely out (curly hair too), you want a brush to blow dry with, a brush for wet hair, and styling brushes for your hair type.

There can be a lot that goes into finding your perfect set of brushes that work for all of your hairs needs so start by keeping things simple by knowing a few key components of your hair.

Let’s move onto to some of those key elements and some tips on how to find the right hairbrush for you.

Tips For Finding A Hairbrush

To find the perfect brush you need to keep things simple by asking yourself easy questions about your hair and what you want from it.

What’s your hairs texture, how long is your hair, what style do you want for your hair, is your hair heavy or thin, do you have a lot of layers in your hair, these are all good questions to ask yourself when shopping for a hairbrush.

Once you know that, it makes its way easier to choose a brush for your hair amidst the monstrosity of available hair brushes on the market today.

When you choose your hair brush know that the bristles of a hairbrush are by far the most important feature when determining what is right for your hair.

Some basics to hair brush bristles is that they need to be firm enough to be able to de-tangle our hair and move oils around but it can’t be so hard of bristles that it damages the hair and scratches the shit out of the scalp.

A general rule is that thinner hair with little to no texture can get by with a softer and more natural bristles for their hair because they will be easier and softer on the scalp.

If you have thicker hair with lots of texture than you will need the bristles of the brush to be more durable than soft bristles so that it can move threw the hair.

There is an easy trick you can do to find out if a brush you are interested in is good or not.

A good brush is any brush that can pass the “Pull Test” (that’s what I call it) if the brushes bristles can grab onto the hair with a firm grip but also allow you to easily pass the brush through the ends of the hair, than it passed the Pull Test, and it’s a good brush.

All hair is different–finding the right combination for you will help your hair be shiny, bouncy, and healthy.

Here are the most common hair brush bristles you will see available.

The Most Common Hair Brush Bristles

The different styles of hair brush bristles come in 3 forms: Natural materials, Synthetic materials, and the combination of the two.

Natural and Synthetic hair brush bristles both have their specific traits and benefits that it gives to our hair which is shown by their very different textures of bristles.

Hair brushes that have Natural Bristles will have softer tips, flexibility of the bristles, and be finer in texture which makes these brushes good nurtures for our hairs health.

Some of the natural materials that are used for hair bristles can be horse hair, goat hair, different woods, and hardened silks but dominantly Boars hair is what’s used the most for hair brushes with natural bristles.

The texture and the flexibility that some of these natural bristles have, especially Boars hair, make these by far the easiest brushes to break in, the bristles will quickly mold to fit our heads, which makes them more personal.

These natural bristles are what help keeps the hair clean, moisturized, smooth, and shiny all while not pulling or tugging on the hair.

Hair brushes that have Synthetic Bristles or man-made bristles can be made from nylon, plastic, or metal materials and all of these are very commonly used for hairbrushes because of their durability and strengths.

Man-made bristles won’t be as flexible and won’t break in as easily as natural bristles but it’s because its purpose for the hair is different compared to brushes with natural bristles.

Synthetic bristles are stronger and made to be more durable so that they can effectively and easily go through the hair to either detangle and or style the hair effortlessly.

Hair brushes that have a Combination of both Natural and Synthetic bristles are used together to condition, detangle, and style the hair.

These brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and when it comes to styling the hair these bristles deliver smooth and sleek results with lots of volume.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the more specific materials used for the natural and synthetic bristles.

Digging A Little Deeper

1. Boar Bristle Brushes: Are literally made from different types of Wild Boars, kinda gross but these are the best bristles around because their structure is similar to our own hairs structure, being both are made up of Keratin.

Boar bristle brushes are used as your all around hair care brush, these brushes are so great for the health of our hair because the bristles move our scalp’s natural oils all around our hair which helps condition our older hair (mid-shafts and ends) which reduces frizz and static in our hair.

Boar bristle brushes also help with preventing oil and product build-up on our scalps, which reduces the hairs need for

shampoo’s, damage to our hair, and improves our hairs texture.

Boar bristles are for our hair’s health care, this is not the brush you want to use on your hair when it’s wet- it will break your hair.

Boar bristles will always bring out our hairs natural textures so attempting to straighten curly hair with this brush will only leave you with a big puffy and frizzy mess.

Boar bristles are the perfect brush to use on our hair everyday to get rid of tangles, keep it shiny, create body to hair, and keeps our scalp clean for new strong hair to grow.

For thick hair, choose a brush that has both bristles types, the sturdier bristles of nylon will make it easy to get through heavier hair while still providing the cleaning that the boars bristles can bring.

If you want to know more about caring for your hair than check out this article below.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

nylon hair brushes

2. Nylon Bristle Brushes: Nylon is a tough and durable type of synthetic material that doesn’t shed and can get thru some thick and heavy hair easily.

Seriously, the best option for those that have some thicker hair are Nylon brushes because they are best at keeping static down on hair, it easily detangles heavy hair, and the options for styling our hair with Nylon brushes is just about limitless.

Nylon bristles are simply the best option that can effectively work on thicker hair.

They function similarly to the all-natural boar bristles but are stiffer and capable of penetrating truly thick hair, making it a better choice for hair that gets seriously tangled.

It can also be a good option if you suffer from dry frizzy hair because Nylon works to smooth out fly-away’s and works to reduce frizz in hair.

For those that have thinner hair with little to no texture, Nylon bristles may not be a great option for you because of their hardened structure these brushes can be too rough for some to use on their hair type.

If you have thinner hair and want the benefits of the Nylon bristles than look for bristles that are shorter in length, have softer bristle pins, and soft padded bases to help cushion the pulling and dragging that can come from brushing our hair.

Nylon and boars hair brush bristles

3. Combination Brushes:  Are pretty much a beautiful marriage of natural and synthetic bristles making these styles of hair brushes extremely popular with styling the hair.

These brushes are dominantly made from Boars hair and Nylon bristles and they work beautifully together.

Combo brushes gives you all the health benefits and smoothing abilities that you get from Boars hair but also gives you tons of volume and the ability to get through some tough heavy hair that you get from firm Nylon bristles.

Combination brushes come in a variety of different styles for hair brushes and are easy enough for anyone to use because they are a universal bristle style that suits pretty much all hair textures.

Some tips for choosing a combo bristle brush it that if you have finer hair, look for a combo brush whose Nylon bristles have ball covered tips and has more Boars hair than Nylon bristles.

The Different Styles of Hair Brushes

There are lots of different style variations and versions of hairbrushes to choose from on the market today.

With all the different styles of brushes and bristles for our hair, it can be more than intimidating for some to go out and know exactly what brush is going to make their hair look so amazing that their BFF now hates them. lol

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a new hair brush…

The size of the hair brush is referring to the circumference of round brushes, so basically how wide the circle is on the barrel of the round brush.

That it takes time for the hair brushes to be broken in; the more you use the brush the bristles will soften up and conform to your head and the handles grip will mold to your hand.

It becomes easier the more you use it, so give your new brush some time to get to know its new home.

Another thing to keep in mind is that often times hair brushes and their terms can be given new names to spark our interests but just know that there are only a few different styles of brushes and bristles available but marketing and creativity makes it seem like there are millions upon millions of different types of hairbrushes that we all need.

Let’s get into some of the different styles of hair brushes that you will come across, I also have some brush suggestions to go along with each brush style.

The brand of brushes that I am recommending are the exact Brands and brush styles that I have been professionally using in my salon for over 21 years.


These brushes offer so much for our hair in that they are used to polish, smooth, create flips, twists, waves, volume, and bends in our hair.

Round brushes are the all-around, multi-functional, and easy to use styling brush choice that can help replicate how your hair looks after a professional blow out.

These brushes can be found in various forms such as metal cores, ionic plates, boar bristle, tourmaline, plastic, nylon, vented, synthetic, ceramic, and combination of boar and nylon bristles.

When choosing which form of round brush you need for your hair you will want to know the texture and the length of your hair to determine the right bristle style and size of a round brush to use.

The size of the round brush that you use matters for 2 reasons, the 1st is that the right-sized round brush will you get the most volume for your hair and 2nd so that you don’t get the round brush wrapped up or tangled in your hair because it was too small.

Some people that have lots of layers to their hair may find that they need more than 1 or even 2 sized round brushes to effectively blow out their hair.

The sizes of round brushes can range from as small as 1/3″ up to 5″ barrel size, which those are huge and can be difficult to maneuver.

Smaller round brushes will give you more of a tighter barrel curl and a crazy amount of volume for layered looks, whereas larger size round brushes will give the hair more of a relaxed wave that is full of bounce.

Think of round brushes like curling irons, the smaller irons will give a tighter curl on the hair and the larger irons will give larger curls or waves to the hair.

Here is a round brush size chart that can help you with finding the best size round brush for your hair.


guide for size of round hair brushes


CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Boar Brush
Spornette DeVille Round Boar Brush
CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush
Spornette Porcupine Nylon & Boar Hair Round Brush

CHI Turbo Boar Round Brush creates an amazing amount of shine.  The brush is easy to use, has a good handle grip, and helps dry the hair 50% faster.

This brush delivers a huge amount of volume, & creates the perfect amount of tension needed on the hair to make smooth, full, and bouncy locks.  Available in a variety of sizes.

CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush, an easy to use brush to create smooth hair with lots of volume.  This brush has a non-slip grip handle and is offered in a variety of sizes.

Spornette Porcupine 3″ Nylon and Boars bristle round brush with a wooden handle creates smooth, sleek hair that is full of volume. Available in a variety of sizes.

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The paddle brush is what I call, “The All- Around Brush Out Brush” because it’s the most universal brush to use on a variety of different hair textures, it’s the best for detangling hair easily without breaking the hairs natural wavy or curly patterns all while leaving the hair smooth and silky.

Paddle brushes are usually in the shape of a large oval, square, or rectangle and are made from a variety of bristles like boars hair, woods, nylon, plastics, and synthetic materials.

A unique feature about paddle brushes is the cushioned padding that is the base of the brush and the support of the bristles.

That cushion is important because it’s meant to bend and conform to the scalp reducing the damage of pulling that can come from when we brush out our hair.

That’s why paddle brushes are the best all-around “Brush Out” brush for pretty much everyone’s hair type.


Mason Pearson Classic Boar Bristle
DeVille Boar Bristle
Spornette Cushion Boar & Nylon Bristle
Spornette DeVille Cushion Boar Paddle

Classic boar bristle brush

The DeVille Boar Bristle

The Mason Pearson Classic Boar Bristle brush, it’s pricey but worth every penny!  Seriously, it’s made of premium grade, long boars bristles and it’s the best!

This DeVille Boar Bristle brush is made of 100% Boar bristles and delivers a beautiful shine and with its long bristles it won’t tear or tug on the hair.

Spornette Classic Boar & Nylon Bristle brush is an amazing brush to de-tangle thick and heavy hair.  While still keeping hair healthy, silky, and smooth.

Spornette DeVille Paddle Boar Bristle brush is best for thinner to medium weight hair because of the shorter bristles.

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the vent brush


Vented brushes are brushes that have openings on the barrel part of the brush or open spaces in between the bristles.

The openings/spaces on this brush allow a direct airflow from the hairdryer to the hair, these vents which distribute the heat evenly throughout the hair making a faster dry time.

The bristles to vent brushes are usually thick nylon or stiff plastic but they aren’t limited to other bristles like boars hair, ceramic, or a mixed bristle.

Vent style brushes are really great to use for quick styling with the blow dryer and adding some lift at the roots of the hair, but this brush isn’t the best for smoothing or polishing the hair.


CHI Turbo Vent Brush
Olivia Garden Ceramic & Ion Turbo Vent Round Brush
Olivia Garden Ceramic & Ion Turbo Vent Brush
Natural Boar Bristle & Nylon Curved Vent Brush

CHI Turbo Vent brush provides huge lift at the roots of hair and has ceramic nylon tip bristles for comfort on the scalp.

Ceramic & Ion coated barrel with boar bristles to smooth the hair & large vents for airflow to create voluminous styles.

A large vent brush that has anti-static ceramic & Ion bristles that are topped with ball points to ease any discomfort on the scalp.  These large vents allow the hair to dry incredibly fast and even.

A Curved vented brush with a combination of Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins.  This brush is ultra-light with a non-slip grip for a handle.  Ideal for blow drying and creating sleek, smooth, and shiny results.

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Metal/ Ceramic core brushes act like hot rollers with the metal barrel heating up the hair to produce a voluminous loose curl and bouncy smooth hair.

These brushes speed up drying time on the hair because of the metal barrel, they are often a bit vented at the bristles which allows more heat and air to pass thru the hair.

Metal core brushes are a great tool for smoothing out heavy curls, coarse textures, and kinky waves.

These brushes come in a variety of bristles and sizes so it’s suitable for most hair types.

Metal core brushes can get Hot so be careful, it’s important to watch how long you are holding the heat on the barrel so you don’t burn your scalp or hair.

Keep moving or turning the brush through the hair at all times it keeps the heat moving along the entire section of hair and helps prevent burns on the scalp or hair itself.

Some tricks with these brushes to use them effectively on the hair is to:

1. While you are turning the brush through your hair (Keep moving the brush at all times in the hair) make sure to hit the “Cool” button at times to help close down the cuticle and creates shine on the hair.

2. Don’t hold the dryer on the hairbrush, keep the hair dryer about an inch away from the brush itself and keep moving the hair dryer back and forth so you don’t burn the hair or overheat the brush.

3. Allow the hair to cool down on the brush before you release the hair, metal core brushes retain heat longer than any other brush so this is an important step to get that bouncy curl to set.

Any hot tool or hair dryer you ALWAYS want the hair to cool down before you pull any curls out, hair has to cool down so it can set and keep the new shape you just put it in.


CHI Tourmaline Metal Core Brush
Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic & Ion Metal Core Brush
Spornette Prego 4″ Metal Core Round Brush
Fixbody Boar & Nylon Nano Thermal Ceramic Metal Core Brush

CHI tourmaline metal cores have ion infused Nylon bristles that are protected with ball tips so hair doesn’t snag. This brush delivers a huge amount of sleek shine and greatly reduces static in hair.

This Metal core round brush has an easy handle to grip and turn so it’s good for beginners. Made with Ceramic & Ion coated bristles and has a snag-free ring so your hair doesn’t get caught.

Prego vented round brush has bristles that are infused with nano silver & Ion to reduce static and promote shiny hair.  This barrel heats up evenly from the inside out and dramatically cuts down drying time.

This ceramic vented round brush has both Nylon and fine Boars hair that will smooth coarse, curly, or frizzy hair easily. This metal core brush creates loads of volume for hair.

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Thermal hair brushes are combinations of a metal core brush, vented brush, curling iron, and a round brush all rolled into a wonderful heated styling brush.

These brushes can come in a round brush and paddle hairbrush styles with harder and more rigid like bristles that make it easier to get thru hair.

The base or barrel of these brushes is what heats up and then extends the heat out through the brush bristles, those bristles can be made of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline which are all good heat conductors.

Thermal brushes will heat up the hair rather than blowing the hair out like a blow drier so you use these brushes on dry hair.

Thermal brushes can be faster than a flat iron because it covers more hair with each pass, unlike flat irons where you have to make sections to your hair to smooth it out.


CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Paddle Brush
CHI Amplitude Ceramic Round Brush
CHI Ellipse Titanium Barrel Hot Styling Brush
BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Brush

The CHI Heated Paddle brush has Tourmaline Ceramic bristles, LED digital temperature control, and a larger base to cover more grounds and style the hair faster.

CHI Amplitude is a 1 1/4″ tourmaline ceramic heated round brush that smooths and adds volume to hair. The heated barrel evenly distributes heat through the bristles to create a flawless look.

CHI Ellipse hot styling brush has ceramic heater that creates a consistent temperature. This brush is effortless and helps smooth, create curls, and volume to hair with each pass.

BaByliss Pro Nano is a rotating hot air brush with anti-static bristles to create major shine. The rotating barrel moves forward & backwards for easy styling.

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Blow Drying Brushes:

Blow drying brushes or styling brushes are typically the very first brush used in a blow dry for a smooth style.

Blow dry brushes are great for creating lift all around the hair and even the tough areas on the head.

The half moon base of these brushes is what creates lift and volume by adding tension on the roots of the hair while drying.

Blowdry brushes are also an asset for anyone that has curly hair because the brushes make it easier to get thru heavy curly hair and it helps improve the curls form by making those ringlets more defined.

Blow dry/ styling brushes are great for 4 things:

  1. Keeping the hair in control for overall drying.
  2. Creating lift and support at the roots of hair.
  3. Redirecting hair away from it’s normal growth patterns, like re-working a Cowlick.
  4. Combing through curly wet hair easily and improves curl definitions.

CHI Turbo Styling Brush
Denman Classic Styling Brush
Denman Heavy Weight 9 Row Styling Brush
Balon 9 Row Nylon Styling Brush

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CHI Turbo Styling brush has 9 rows of Ceramic Nylon tip bristles to direct and lift the hair with an easy to use non slip grip handle. This brush is good for blowing the hair out straight and smooth.

Denman Classic styling brush has 7 rows of sculpted nylon pins which helps to easily detangle wet hair. The curved edges to the cushioned pad is what creates the tension on the hair to add lift and volume.

Denman Heavy Weight styling brush has 9 rows of sculpted nylon pins that improve curl definition.  This brush has a unique pin pattern provides an extra grip to detangle hair and make curls look amazing.

Balon 9 row styling brush has Nylon bristle with an anti-static soft cushion base.  This brush has long bristles that makes detangling curly hair effortless.

detangling hair brushes

Detangling Brush:

Detangling brushes or Wet brush are used solely to brush out the hair when it’s wet and is a great alternative for those that don’t like to use a large comb on their wet hair.

Because our hair is weakened when it’s wet having a brush that is designed to easily work itself through hair that is snarled or knotted up without excessive damage is so important.

Detangling brushes are typically made from firm plastic or Nylon bristles that are further spread out compared to other brushes and are best used for getting thru wet snarled hair but not for styling the hair.

Having the right detangling brush for your hair is so important for those that have curly hair or very long, straight, and silky hair that easily gets tangled.

If you are looking to find more information on hair washing schedules, how to wash hair, and product recommendations than check out this in depth article below.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?


Wet Brush Original Detangling Brush
CHI Turbo Detangling Brush
Wet Brush Shower Flex Hair Brush
Wet Brush Flex Paddle Brush

The Original Wet brush has patent Intelliflex soft bristles that glide through the hair easily all while massaging the scalp and working through tough tangles.

CHI detangling brush has 13 rows of bristles that have a staggering brick like pattern to grip the hair as it detangles.  This brush is ideal for detangling long straight hair and has ceramic Nylon tips on all the bristles.

This Wet brush is perfect to use and store in the shower. It offers all the same great qualities as other Wet brush styles but this is perfect for girls with curly hair so you can brush through your hair with conditioner.

The Wet Paddle brush can be used for both detangling the hair and blowdrying the hair because it has heat resistant bristles. The large open vent design speeds up drying time for hair by 50%, especially long straight hair.

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back combing brushes

Back Combing Brushes:

These brushes are not an essential tool but for any person that loves to have the extra volume and that large, high puff that sits on top of the head than you need this style of brush.

Back combing brushes are an extra tool for our hair that can be used to create height, volume, structure for up-do’s and texture for the hair.

What makes back combing brushes so much better than most teasing combs are the bristles of this style brush are able to grab more hair to grip and press down to stack on top of one another to create the build up of volume and more hair.

These brushes are so universal in that so many hair weights and textures can use this brush and they are especially perfect for those that have finer to thinner hair types because it can create all this volume and bulk but still hide all the stacked up and back combed hair.

The trick to these back combing brushes to get a strong base is to grab about a 1/2″ to 1″ section depending on how thick the hair is and place the brush about 1″ above the root of the hair.

Now place the brush into the hair and firmly push the brush down onto the scalp in 1 push, while holding the hair straight up.

If you are finding your hair isn’t stacking or firm than you can make your section thinner and you can also rock the hair that you are holding straight up back and forth so that you can work the brush as far down as you can so that the base is tight.

When you want to smooth over the hair to finish the backcombed section, you want to use the side of the brush so that you don’t pull out what you just stacked up tightly on your head for volume.


CHI Turbo Back Comb Brush
Spornette Boar & Tourmaline Back Comb Brush
Denman Back Comb Brush
Spornette Back Comb Brush & Comb Set

CHI Turbo Back comb brush has a non slip handle with Ceramic Nylon tips on all the bristles. This brush has a long tail for lifting and longer pins for easier stacking of the hair.

Spornette Boar & Tourmaline is a combo brush with Boars hair & Nylon bristles. The Boars bristles are shorter to give the hair shine when smoothing the top over and the Nylon bristles are longer making them sturdy to create bulk.

Denman Back Comb brush has 3 rows of stiff bristles and a long pintail handle to help with making sections.  The bristles are long and makes stacking the hair easier and effortless.

Spornette Back Comb Set includes a Boar & Nylon bristle backcombing brush and a triple bristle teasing comb.  Both have long pintails for easy sectioning of the hair.





wood bristle brushes

Wood Bristle Brushes:

Another natural bristle is the Wood Bristle Brushes, these brushes are very unique and are the main tool used for many naturally curly haired people.

Curls can be very tricky to keep the coils in tact and not fuzzy and challenged with tight tangled knots.

People with curly hair are often told not to brush your hair or it will become a huge static mess, which is normally true but Wood bristle brushes are the exception.

If you have naturally curly hair than the wooden bristle brush is best used for your hair, the reason is that the wooden bristles are strong enough to get through tough curly knots, the bristles are spread out enough so they don’t pull out the curls, and are gentle on both wet and dry hair.


BF Wood Bamboo Bristle Paddle Brush
BF Wood Bristle Paddle Hair Brush
Sharca Bamboo Wood Ball Tipped Bristle Brush
Natural Wood Bristle Hair Brush

BF Wood Bristle Paddle brush is perfect for thicker hair and curly hair. Made with a Bamboo handle and bristles that are effective for gently detangling heavy and curly hair.

BF Wood Bristle brush is made of natural Beech wood with soft tips and wide gaps. There is a cushioned base with an air hole to release which allows the hair to bounce and form to the head.

Sharca Bamboo Hairbrush has Bamboo bristles that minimizes damage to the hair, breakage, static, and frizz.

Natural Wood Bristle Brush is a full size brush that is made from solid Ironwood. The pins of this brush are set into a cushioned pad for comfort on the scalp.

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loop hair brushes

Loop Brush:

The Loop brush is for anyone that wears any form of hair extensions, wefts, wigs, weaves, or hair pieces because it prolongs the life of the hair by minimizing damage on both real and replacement hair.

The Loop brush is designed specifically to glide through hair and remove any tangles without snagging the replacement hair at the roots.

The hair literally goes through the open loops so you can get a good brushing on both real and replacement hair.

This style of brush gives more longevity to the hair being used cutting down costs on having to purchase new hair.


Remy Soft 123 Loop Brush
Wet Brush Loop Brush
Scalp Master Loop Brush
The Hair Shop Loop Brush

Remy Soft Loop Brush has 123 Nylon loops to ensure the brush easily glides through hair removing tangles without interrupting the added hairs integrity.

Wet Brush Loop Brush has unique Intelliflex bristles that easily get through any hair. This brush has a cushioned pad for extra comfort and makes getting thru tough extensions or wigs easy.

Scalp Master Loop Brush is a large paddle brush that glides through hair extensions and long wigs easily. Ideal for all hair types Synthetic & Human hair wigs.

Hair Shop Loop brush has Nylon Bristles that detangle the root of the hair without snagging on an extension bond or weave. This brush is good for all hair types and has a non-slip grip and a round paddle for comfort.

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the ultimate hair brush guide

hair brush guide

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