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Spring & Summer Purple Lip Colors

Spring & Summer are the perfect times to explore and flaunt some Beautiful and Bright colored Purple lips.

Purple lipsticks are the unsung heroes of lipsticks because of the immense selection of colors, hues, and shades that is derived from the lovely purple color.

The Color Purple has both of the best worlds when it comes to lipstick shades because of the equal balance she has with Red and Blue creating a calm but fierce color all wrapped up in 1 dynamic lip color.

It’s BEAUTIFUL and I love it!

Purples are a feminine color that can represent luxury and nostalgia while still being daring and flirty and depending on how much blue or red is added will determine the hues, depths, shade, and really the whole mood of the purple lip color.

Like I said both of the best lip worlds all wrapped up in 1 little lipstick tube.

Here is a round-up list of some Beautiful Purple Lip colors that are perfect for both the Spring & Summer.

Purple Lipsticks for Spring and Summer!

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink City in Creator

Maybelline Super Stay in Creator is a super bright Violet lip color.

Creator can have a magenta tone to it depending on the skin tone but first and foremost this color is a bright medium toned Violet Purple lip color.

This lip color is a bold and fierce Purple that can be worn with or without additional makeup.

The color Violet combines really well with so many colors so you can easily play up or down any outfit with this lip color and it suits most if not all skin tones.


Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink City in Philosopher

Maybelline Matte in Philosopher is so pretty that I think everyone should have this color and it will complement most if not all skin tones.

Philosopher is a really vibrant Lavender-Nude lip color that can have iridescent hues, this color is just gorgeous and for sure a must-have lip color.

Philosopher plays with the balance of natural and colorful because of the subtle nude qualities this lip color has.


Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Sangria Milani-Sangria

The name Sangria is fitting for this lipstick color because it very much mimics the color left on your lips after having a few glasses of red Sangria.

This lipstick color is a wicked deep berry color that is heavily packed with purple undertones and will compliment many skin tones. 

Sangria is bright enough for the Spring & Summer but can still be worn during the colder months too, so it’s a keeper for all seasons.

Whether you wear this lipstick with 1 coat or 3 coats your lips will look incredible and the faded color will leave your lips with a berry-stained finish.


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MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroin

Heroin is such a great color and it’s been around now for a while with Mac.

This color is a bright purple with a bright pink background and you absolutely will get compliments every time you wear this lip shade.

It’s a daring purple color that will for sure turn heads, it’s kind of a weird purple because of how the pink shines through but I assure you this color is beautiful and looks amazing on so many different skin colorings.

Don’t be intimidated by Heroin she has been around for some time now and the reason is that everyone loves this lip color.


MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in P for Potent

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in P for Potenet is a flat Medium toned Purple lip color.

This purple lip color is striking on most skin tones and is easily dressed up or down so it’s a color that is very much universal in all regards.

This is the best example of a medium toned purple that has no shine or shimmer but is lighter than your average Matte style lipstick.


MAC Matte Lipstick in Punk Couture

mac punk couture

MAC Matte lipstick in Punk Couture is a deep and rich blackened Grape lip color that probably isn’t for the newbie lipstick consumer.

This lip color can look really intimidating in the bullet but be assured that when you apply it to your lips you will be pleasantly surprised as to how beautiful and classy this purple lip color is.

Although this color is a Deep color, it still remains really purple and doesn’t get muted down from it’s darker tone.


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L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in Matte-Jestic

Honestly, every one of these lip shades is a beautiful color and for sure there is a statement lip shade for everyone in this matte batch and Matte-Jestic is mine!

I can’t live without this color and I will go out of my way with my clothes and makeup just to wear it for wherever and whatever I’m doing.

Matte-Jestic is the perfect rich plum-purple lip color, it’s bright but has so much rich depth to it so it’s beautifully confusing to the eyes and it’s nearly impossible not to draw attention and compliments from this lip shade.

This color is like a hot purple and it’s so Pretty!


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in At the Drop of A Matte

L’Oreal Paris Matte Lipstick in At The Drop of A Matte is such a bright and happy color to wear.

At the Drop of a Matte, is a vibrant purple lip color that has pink magenta undertones making this lip color a bit of a chameleon.

In some lights and certain skin tones, this lip color will look like a bright Magenta-purple whereas others will look more like an electric Purple-pink color.

This lip color can look different from one skin tone to the next, which can be true for a lot of lip colors but this particular color will lean more towards a tone that is best suited for your natural skin.


L’Oreal Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Lip Stain in I Rebel

L’Oreal Lightweight matte lip stains are a great product for those that don’t want a heavy-looking matte lip look.

I Rebel is a bright grape purple with pink undertones.

This lip product is a Stain first which means it doesn’t have as much pigment as other types of lip products, the color won’t be as heavy (the consistency will be thinner) but it also has a matte finish so it will have more staying power than your typical lip stain.

These lip stains absolutely have color to them and are bright, intense, and are addicting.

A rule of thumb for any stains or long-lasting lip products makes sure to let them dry entirely, 10min or so before you apply another coat.


Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Kiss & Tell

Revlon Matte in Kiss & Tell is a true Purple lip color.

Out of all the purple lip colors listed, Kiss & Tell is a Purple lip color that stays purple not matter the skin tone.

Depending on how dominant the undertones are in a purple lipstick it can sway how purple the lip color will look on different skin tones.

Revlon’s, Kiss & Tell Lipstick has a beautifully perfect blend of red and blue undertones as opposed to pink or magenta undertones.

This is another color that can be worn in all seasons by so many different skin tones.


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I hope you had fun here and I encourage you to go out and explore some of these beautiful purple lip colors.

I had a ton of fun making this list, I Love the color Purple and everything that the color represents.

Which Purple Lip color was your favorite, let me know!

Leave a comment for me below if you have any questions or any post ideas you want me to explore for you.

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