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My name is Jaime Payne and Welcome to my snarky beauty and lifestyle site,  “Lipstick on the Mirror”.  This blog is a place that you can go to reap the benefits of my 20+ years of experience as a licensed professional in the cosmetology industry. I’m forking over all the Good stuff on topics that covers hair, skin, and makeup, product/styling information, self-love, and my own personal styles and experiences of my life.

My vision is to offer an invisible salon experience with juicy stories, hair & makeup advise, styling tips, sex talk, life experiences, beauty tips, body love and really whatever else my little heart feels like posting. lol

Ok, so let me introduce myself a bit more. First, I am very proud that I am a legacy of the Cosmetology industry!  My Grandmother, “Muma” owned and operated her own beauty salon and I literally spent a good portion of my youth working at her shop.  I loved it and as soon as I could reach the shampoo bowls I was washing hair.  The energy that buzzed around in the salon from all the women talking and laughing was so exciting and entertaining to me as a kid and it still is.

It’s Home to me and a constant connection to my Muma.

Here is a picture of my Grandmother, Kathryn Carbullido-Hollems, aka “Muma”.  She was born in Agat, Guam which is where my mother was born and lived during her childhood.  She was 18 in this photo and flawlessly beautiful. 


I have been a working professional hair and makeup artist for 20+ years now.  I’ve worked All over!  I started my career in Illinois and navigated to Las Vegas Nevada for some time and now I am currently back home in Illinois.  For the past 11 years, I have successfully operated my own business, The Chopping Block Salon.  I love what I do because it allows me to set my own hours and make my own money. It’s the best of both worlds for me- time with my family and time away to make money and keep my sanity.


How I got to Las Vegas!

I fell in love at 1st sight!

Honestly, I swear!!  Back in 2003, I was attending Rapport Leadership International in Las Vegas, Nevada for my 1st level of leadership training.

Oh man, I was so young- 24 years old.

Anyways, while at Rapport, waiting for the chaos of check-in to pass; a very tall and handsome man walks in the room.  My whole body was instantly filled with butterflies- I called my BFF and told her I just saw the man I’m going to marry and to pick me up a day later from Vegas.

I hadn’t’ even known my husbands’ name yet when I called her but it was Love at 1st sight and we’ve been together now for over 15years.



My husband-Justin was living in Las Vegas at the time so 5 weeks after we met I packed up a Uhaul and moved across the states to be with him.  Crazy, right??

But I was Mad in Love with my guy and I still am, so much. It was the BEST leap I ever made!

Ok, so it was in Las Vegas working at the William Whatley Salon where my beauty credentials took a new life.

Because of William (Thank You), I was able to Host and Co-host Transformation Tuesdays on Fox 5 News Nevada Live, I was also a regular hair and makeup artist on the WB’s Ambush Makeover Show. I personally have had my work featured in Modern Bride and appeared on the View to do celebrity look-alike makeovers- Super fun.

I was one of the lead artists for the premier makeover show at the Aladdin Casino, Main Hair & Makeup artist for a Kylie Minogue music video, Makeup artist at 2005 Billboard Music Awards, along with being one of the stylists for the handsome gentlemen of The Thunder from Down Under and the Chip-N-Dales.  Yeah, I was real busy!

I had a Blast in Vegas!

Since Vegas, my husband and I have returned back to my home in Illinois to settle down.  We now have 2 children together- Kanani Malia our daughter who is 8 years old and our son Riddock Joaquin who is 5 years old and of course our American Bulldog named Mo-Mo.

These guys are my most favorite people to be with!


Who Am I…

I’m a wife first, a mother, and an artist at heart.  I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and Jake Ryan was my first real love. lol, I also had a huge heart for River Phoenix- not gonna lie.

(Please, tell me you know who Jake Ryan is???)

I’m a proud Chamorro girl, that craves the simple days from my youth or an island lifestyle.  

My personal style is loose and free despite my mother always insisting I wear tighter shit. I’m by no means bashful or shy and I think I’m hilarious. lol (seriously I am)

I’m Honest, a Great Listener, and I know a shit ton about all things related to beauty and the industry.

I literally want to make you feel good about being you and I want to provide you with any and all the necessary information for you to have a smile on your face as much as you possibly can.

When we feel pretty- We feel strong, motivated, confident, inspired, and vibrant!

I want to make you feel pretty from the inside out- with simplicity, understanding, and humor.

I want my site to be a place that you can go to learn, laugh, and relate to the stories and posts that I share.

I am not going to give you false hopes, unrealistic expectations, or just bullshit to sell or promote anything.  Don’t get me wrong, I will Absolutely be having affiliate links on my site but everything I have on my site will provide value to you.

The way I see it is that I’ve been behind a chair listening and communicating to all sorts of wonderful people and their lives for 20+ years.

I have a lot of beauty knowledge that I want to share and stories for others to relate with about life, love, and happiness.

If you ever have questions, Please just ask me!

Oh, 1 more thing.  I have a Filthy mouth! I grew up with 3 brothers and in a salon.  I mean there was too much exposure for me not to gravitate towards a life of swearing.

It just feels right-ya know.

I will do my best at watching my potty mouth, I swear.  Its crazy though because apparently, I write just as filthy as I speak.  Fingers crossed, LOL

Much Love,



P.P.S. I am a professionally licensed cosmetologist which means that- I will Not post any “How to Color or Cut your own Hair” articles but Everything else!!