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Is it ok to cancel plans or call into work if you are having a Bad Hair Day??


Having an argument with your hair sucks and it sucks, even more, when your hair wins the argument.

There are ways to fight and win those battles with your hair especially when your hair is having an attitude problem.

Bad hair days happen to all of us and knowing how to fix the “battles our hair throws at us is beneficial so that it cuts down on those 

Here are the Top 17 Easy Hair Hacks to Avoid a Bad Hair Day and win every battle your hair throws at you.

17 easy bad hair day hacks

1. use hot rollers

I honestly don’t know why hot rollers aren’t used more often, I love them and they are quick and simple to use.

Heat up some hot rollers and depending on how curly or bouncy you want your hair will determine how many sections you should make and how big those sections should be.

The size of the hair sections for the hot rollers does matter so be mindful, especially if you have a lot of thick hair you will need to have smaller sections to ensure all of your hair gets heated up with the rollers. 

Hot rollers tend to come in a variety pack of different size rollers making it easy for most hair lengths to use but you can find sets that offer only 1 size roller.

When you use hot rollers you will want to leave them on until they cool down completely on the hair, the longer you allow the rollers to cool down the more bouncy curls or deep waves your hair will have to your hair and for a longer time.

If your hair tends to fall or not hold onto to curls that longer then you may be missing the cool-down step, it’s a big factor in how long your hair will hold the curl.

Allowing your hair to cool down completely just ensures that your hair has set, so whether you have curly or poker-straight hair give your hair time to cool down so that your style can last and last longer.

It’s a Must- let your hair totally cool down.

A good rule of thumb is a good 15-20 min for total cool downtime for most hair if you are short on time let it sit for as long as you can and even hit the cool shot on your blow dryer to speed up the process.

When your hair is all cooled down then you will want to add some glossing serum drops to your hands and rub them on your hands like lotion (very important so your product gets an even distribution all over your hair) you then want to pull the curls out of their ringlets and style how you like it.

Conair Express Waves Jumbo Hot Rollers
Conair blue hot roller set

2. set your hair with ballet buns or braids before bed

I literally do this to my own hair at least 2 times a week. 

This is my favorite way to set my hair because it requires very little work and delivers huge results and a quick style to get ready with.

There are a lot of different ways you can set your hair the night before with buns and braids you can use:  1 braid, 2 braids, 2 buns, 1 big bun, multiple buns, it all depends on how much curl you want to have in your hair.

There are also a shit ton of clever ways that people use on their hair to set it, like with scarves, sock rolls, T-shirts, … all can be effective but more work.

I keep things simple for my hair and I use braids or buns to set my hair or my daughters hair.


quick how-to:

Make sure your hair is 98% dry and that you protect your hair with gloss drops before you wrap it in a bun or braid, the product protects the hair from excessive damage that tossing and turning when we sleep can bring. 

When you are ready to style your hair pull out all bands and add a few more gloss drops to your hands to again shine and a little separation to your curls.

Braids will give your hair more of an S pattern to it like someone has drawn squiggled lines from the top of your head going down.

Buns will give your hair more of a ringlet effect, which gives more volume and bigger curls or deep waves.

You can also find a lot of creative and interesting products on line to make setting your hair fun and exciting, like these Magic Hair Curlers.

Magic Rollers

These curlers are really easy to use and they really do produce a beautiful curl.

I got these for my daughter and her girlfriends for a sleepover and they all loved putting them in their own hair and each others.

3. scarves, headbands, & bandanas

Scarves and headbands are a must-have for everyone because you just never know what kind of attitude your hair may have with you on any particular day.

Always have at least 2 different hair bands to use as a just in case of emergency for your hair.

You can use any of these hair wraps by leaving your hair down or even styling them with a ponytail or bun. 

The whole point of these hair wraps or covers is to hide the fact that the hair is unruly by using a pretty design or color to camouflage the deranged hair.

They also help in keeping the crazy hair in place and out of the way so you aren’t fusing with your temperamental hair and making things worse.

There are endless amounts of prints and colors to choose from with scarves, bandanas, and headbands making it fun and easy to find styles that can go with specific outfits or with every outfit in your closet. 

Have fun with and go bold with a few colors or prints and have some basic shades of black, white, and grey so that you are always prepared for your hair.

4. bobbypins & hairpins

Bobby pins and hairpins are an absolute must for your hair styling.

These girls will come in handy in so many hair emergencies and I encourage my clients to carry them everywhere they go for quick style changes or simple hair fixes, I like to use little coin purses to keep mine in.

If your hair is driving you nuts halfway thru your day then chances are you are going to throw it up in a bun or ponytail. 

Bobby pins and hairpins help with completing the style that we want our hair to sit in by keeping the hair secure and tight and where we want it. 

There are differences between Bobby pins and Hairpins and what they are used for but both pins can come in sizes of 1 3/4″ being the most common to 3″ Jumbo size.

Bobby pins are used for gripping and holding the hair, they are bumpy on 1 side of the pin with a closed tip.

Hairpins are used for setting, placing, and holding the hair, they are an elongated big “V” or “U” shaped with a wide opening at the tip.

You can use bobby pins to pin back 1 side of your hair, use then to pin scarves or headbands in place, secure any buns or french twists with bobby pins and you can use hairpins to hide out of place pieces of hair, placing the hair, and to give your hair more strength in its hold.

When it comes to Bobby pins and Hairpins, the product type or the brand’s name is more important than how you are putting the bobby pins in the hair.


It sucks but it’s true, Most bobby pins from a grocery store, Walgreens, or CVS store that you purchase will not have the grip or tightness you will want to have from these pins.

Your best bet is to find more of the professional brand names like Diane or Salon Care, that always do way better than any Goody’s you’ll find at your local store.

If you do have to use pins that don’t have as tight of a grip to it then you can spray them with a little hairspray to make them a bit tackier so it grips the hair and has a tighter hold.

5. buns

A brunette girl showing the back of a messy hair bun with a leopard print bow tie

There are a lot of different ways to style your hair into a bun.

I mean A LOT- LOT!

lol, Here is a really easy one that you can do for your hair.

All you need is a hair tie and some bobby pins, that’s it!

Grab all of your hair and bring it to the top of your head, wrap your hair tie around your hair like you would a ponytail but don’t pull your hair all the way through the hair tie.

Leave a tail.

Next, wrap the hair tie again around your hair but drop it down in the middle of the ‘Loop” you just made.

That’s the most technical part, once your hair is secured with the hair tie you want to pull on your hair and start to pin it in places that feel right to you.

Continue to pull and place hair where you want it and leave some random pieces hanging out here and there, and that’s it finish with hairspray and shine spray, and your good to go.

Tip: The more you pull on the loops the bigger the hair can become so you want to pull the loops in opposite directions and pin, pull a different loop section and pin.

1. Grab all your hair into a ponytail.

2. Wrap the band around the hair Don’t pull all the hair through the band.

3. Leave some hair sticking out of the back.

4. Wrap the band 2 times around the hair but leave the band to sit slightly on top of the loop.

5. Pull on the loops to create more fullness and a bigger bun.

6. Add bobby pins and hair pins to secure the bun.

7. Keep pulling the loops to make the bun bigger & secure with pins until you get the look you want.

8. Final look!

6.  Sea salts & texture sprays

Do you need volume, fullness, and grip to your hair?

Then you need to look into texture powders and texture sprays, I’m a big fan of these 2 types of products and I typically tend to promote texture sprays and powders over dry shampoos.

Mainly because I like that texturizing sprays or powders actually do 2 things for your hair

  • Rough up your hair to give it grit and fullness so it can make styling the hair easier.


  • They work in the same way as dry shampoos do in that they absorb excess oils on the scalp which again makes the hair easier to style and work with.

My hair is naturally really straight and silky so texturizing products do wonders for my hair because they allow my styles to last longer and it gives me the fullness that I want for my hair because of the grit it adds to the hair strands.

If your hair is unruly that go with it and add some texture powder to your scalp to increase the volume and disheveled parts of your hair.

Texture sprays are great for adding bulk and a grip to thin, silky, and finer hair because it gives hair a gritty feel that allows curls to hold and last longer and it makes it easier to shape the hair into a specific style.

7. Learn to backcomb your hair properly

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to backcombing your hair aka teasing.

Backcombing means a way to comb the hair to create a lift and or volume to someone’s hair, and when done poorly it can look really bad and can rough up your hair a shit ton.

With the proper technique and tools to use on the hair, backcombing can be a total game-changer for anyone that loves huge volume filled hair.

The best tools to use to backcomb hair are a Teasing Comb or a Backcomb Brush, what makes these tools so unique is that they were crafted to solely lift and add volume to the hair by way of their bristles.

So, how do you backcomb?

The correct way to backcomb is to first use a texture spray at the roots of the hair, this will provide the maximum amount of volume for the hair by providing grit and grip to the hair.

The amount of hair on your head will guide you on how big of sections you should use when backcombing, the thicker the hair the thinner the section, and vice versa the thinner the hair the bigger the section.

Once you have your section you want to now place the backcomb brush into the hair about 1/2″ to 1″ away from the scalp and you want to push the hair down to the scalp with a smooth and even stroke.

That entire move of pushing the hair down to the scalp is all controlled and not done with overly aggressive up and down pulls on the hair.

Repeat 2-3 times for each section, spray with a little hair spray and move onto the next section.

When you are done backcombing your sections then you want to spread out what you just backcombed by grabbing the sides of a backcombed section and gently pulling so it lays down rather than sticking up and out.

Now the best way to create a smooth sleek surface of any backcombed area is to use the side and tip of the backcomb brush or teasing comb to softly smooth over the top outer layer of the hair.

8. master your ponytail

No, literally you want to be able to master your ponytail whether there is a mirror or not in front of you.

It’s not easy, it’s like applying your lipstick to your lips with no mirror, it can be tricky but it’s something to work on because if you are ever in the situation where your hair looks shitty and you need a cute and quick style, use your ponytail.

Yes, there absolutely are situations that call for a quick hair change and you know what happens more than you think.

Having a good “Go-To” hairstyle for yourself that you can pull off quickly and effortlessly is a big advantage to have for yourself.

This may be lame but the reason for mastering your Ponytail is purely for Hair Confidence.

Knowing that you can master and manipulate your hair into a beautiful ponytail anywhere, anytime is a Huge confidence builder that you will have forever and that’s Hair Confidence.

Any kind of confidence is good to have for anyone and having hair confidence is no different as it deems you are always prepared for any hair situation thrown your way.

A Tip for Ponytails:

Lightly backcomb your hair at the roots to create a firm base for your ponytail, when you wrap the hair tie around the hair you will find that your ponytail is way tighter and has way more volume.

When you backcomb the base for your ponytail you are ensuring that your pony won’t droop down and look limp, your ponytail has loads of volume, and you will be able to hold your ponytail in this style for way longer.

9. If your curls are out of control

Ok, so you wake up and your curls are fluffy, poufy, and huge.

Now what??

You call in sick from work, watch sappy girly movies all day, and allow yourself to inhale everything that’s in your fridge. (True Story Here)

I’m being DEAD SERIOUS, lol, I love my clients because they tell me funny shit like this.

My client that has supernaturally curly hair that is very long woke up with her hair a hot mess with matted sections and tight tiny tangles at the ends of her hair and she was already running late she said so she did what any girl would do in a hair crisis situation.

She called in sick to work she told her job she was taking a personal day for herself and her hair.

Hilarious, and I love her for it but there is a way around curly hair that is looking like a hot mess so that you don’t have to use up any personal days at work.

To put your curls back in their place you need to wet your hair with some water, then apply some curl cream or glossing serum to your hairs mid-shafts and ends.

After you apply your product you will now move on to put braids in your hair, 1 on each side of the head is enough but you can do more if you want, just make sure the braids are tight.

Let your hair sit in the braids for at least 10 minutes and then after you can begin to unwind your hair from the braids be sure to add a gloss serum to your hands 1st and slowly start to separate the braids and display your new beautiful curls.

10. hats!

red lipsticks

Again another favorite of mine because I love Hats and Hats love me.

I’m adding this one in here because Hats are one of my go-to for bad hair days or just not in the mood hair days.

So, If you are one of those people that have been blessed with the ability to gracefully pull off wearing hats then Congratulations and Welcome to the group!

I have hats for all seasons so if you are someone that can pull them off then find the style of hats that work the best for you and stock up!

One thing to remember about hats though is that be wary of taking them on and off a lot especially if your hair is really dirty.

Hats will trap the heat from our heads and make your scalp sweat some which if you have a lot of hair or if your hair is really dirty it can smell.

A quick tip is to use a little bit of dry shampoo for dirty scalps before you put your hat on so it can absorb some of the excess oils and take any stink away.

I find hats everywhere I shop but my favorite places to find my hats are at older Men’s clothing stores, they have the best selections and quality of hats!

11. styling combs

These little combs are lifesavers for me and so many of my clients because they are so easy to use,.

They hold the hair securely in place and there are so many beautiful designs of these combs which make it easy to dress up your hair.

There are a couple of tricks with these styling combs,

1. When you want to tighten the hair that the comb is holding, you will want to with 1 handhold the comb in place and with the other hand grab the hair that the comb is holding and gently pull on the hair while holding the comb down in place.

2.  If you have a lot of hair then pull a top section of your hair that you want the comb to hold.  Lay the section over the hair that’s hanging and place the comb into the hair where you want it to sit and push the comb down while pulling the section of hair that is holding the comb.

3.  If you have thinner hair then you will want to backcomb your hair first before you go to place the combs, it will give you a structured and secure base for the comb to sit.

12. learn to braid your hair

Learn to braid your hair, Yes, I know way easier said than done. 

I know it can be tricky to style your hair behind your head especially if your hair is long and heavy, it makes your arms hurt.

But braids are so beautiful and can turn any simple style into an elaborate work of art.

Learning to braid your own hair can take time to have smooth seamless results but with practice, you will begin to easily work with the sections of hair that are needed to pull off the braid you are wanting to wear.

If your hands are not cooperating with working with 3 sections of hair in your hands then switch to a Fishtail braid which only uses 2 sections of the hair.

The Fishtail braid is my go-to braid for myself and my daughter it’s easy and looks really pretty on long hair which we both have but shit this style of braid can be a long process when working with long hair.

It’s worth it, it lasts longer because it’s a tighter braid that is so pretty and looks harder to do than it really is which makes this braid look even better to those that see you with it.

The Fishtail braid is done with 2 equal sections of the hair, then take a small section (1/2″) from the outside of 1 of the sections and pull it over and across bringing it together with the inside of the opposite section. Repeat all the way down and for more fullness and added flair pull on the tiny sections of the braid for some beautiful and dramatic results.

You can also do a mock braid with 2 sections or more which is done by placing a bunch of ponytail sections in a row on top of one another.  Starting with the top ponytail section split it into 2 equal pieces and then take the ponytail that’s directly underneath and put it in the middle of the 2 new sections.

Now tie a small ponytail holder around the top ponytail you split into 2 sections making sure the other ponytail is still sitting in the middle.

Move onto the next sections by separating the ponytail that is now sitting in the middle of a loop or circle, bring up the next ponytail and place it in the middle of the 2 sections, tie off and repeat the process to the end.

For more fullness and volume to this braid pull on the loops as big as they can go to create a very large braid that has height.

13. go messy

If your hair is already out of control and you are pressed for time then you may as well just go with it.

Whether your hair is short, long, straight, or curly you can embrace the chaos of a bad hair day by simply going messy.

Start by taming down your hair as best you can, if you have a lot of frizz you may need to add some gloss drops to put some moisture into those dried up locks.

Next put your part in your hair, super important, work around your hair part so you aren’t having to push your hair into a direction that is foreign to it.

Grab your curling iron or flat iron and take small sections of your hair, starting at the top of the head and begin making different curls all around but you still want to leave some of your hair as is.

The ideas are to combine a polished look with a messy and disheveled look to create a style that looks effortless.

14. embrace big hair

A little frizz can be a great thing!

Here me out some frizz or curls that are pulled out can be a great base to create a style for your hair since it creates a bigger and fuller shape.

I Love Big hair and I am jealous of those that are naturally blessed with large amounts of hair.

As beautiful as it is it can be a lot of work for those that have heavy and fuller hair.

The best way to take advantage of ahead of full fuzziness is to 1st flip your head upside down and begin to lightly backcomb the nape of your hair.

The idea is to create the fullness underneath your hair so that you can keep most of the unruly body of your hair hidden.

Once you add the structure at the nape of your head, you want to now define your curls on the top of your head.

You can do this by either spraying some water on the curls, curling the hair with a curling iron or using some anti-frizz serum to re-define the curls.

15. wash your hair

No, seriously wash your hair.

If your hair is too dirty, then you won’t be able to get much from it no-matter the products or cover-ups you use.

Here’s why, when your hair is crazy dirty, it holds onto products, sweat, and oils that all weight the hair down which leads to dull and limp looking hair.  

It’s important to recognize the signs that our hair shows us when its time to be washed signs like being limp, lifeless, and dull are big signs.

If you choose to ignore your hair signs that it needs to be washed look at it this way.

It’s like constantly going to bed with makeup on, waking up the next morning to reapply more makeup, and then later again go to bed with even more makeup on your face.  Rinse and repeat this cycle until it’s time for your scheduled washing.

Unless you know you are going to wear a hat for the entire day without taking it off then fine, don’t wash your hair, but anything else you have to suck it up and clean your scalp.

If you need some direction for your own hair washing schedules and what’s best for your hair then check out this article below.

How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair

16. have a back-up plan

When all else has failed then it’s time for the Back-up Plan!

Every girl needs a go-to look for back up, it’s the look that you go to when you’re running out the door or when everything else just isn’t working.

Having a back-up plan ensures that you are casually late to the parties and not so late that everyone is leaving the party.

What I love most about having a solid back-up plan for my hair is that it gives me confidence that I always know my hair will look good no matter what the circumstances or pressures of time are.

For me, my back-up is a messy bun or one of my hats.

If I’m having an argument with my hair and it is pissing me off than I put it up in a high messy bun so it’s out of my way and my face.

If the bun isn’t working than I go to my hats.

It doesn’t really matter what the style is so long as it is a style that you can always fall back to that makes you feel good and look good.

17. Don’t take things so literal & expect perfection

We live in a Social Media world where Photoshop dominates the platforms.

Don’t believe everything that you see as a true reality because 9 out of 10 times it’s not.

Seeking Perfection and what others seem to have is a tiresome and pointless journey.

Beauty can be ugly, unconventional, quirky, weird, and messy.

Our beauty and our style come from trials and errors so explore those options that are best suited for you, your style, your hair, and your own beauty.

Taking something from someone else’s style, totally ok, but make sure you put your own spin on it and make it your style and not something you borrowed or directly ripped off of someone else.

The disheveled/kinda messy styles are Super cute and are always in style, so fear not to be brave and see what does and doesn’t work for you and your hair.

To me, this is where I think hair and makeup allow some allowance in regards to being ‘Messy” because it shows that beauty is messy, disheveled, and out of place and that’s what brings uniqueness to a finished look.

That’s Everything!

This was a fun article to work on, I really enjoyed writing it.

I hope this article helps you out of some potential Bad Hair days and if you have any questions or other styling requests let me know in the comments below.

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