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15 Crazy & Weird Facts You Don’t Know About Your Hair

Intoday’s world, everyone has the facts and their opinions about what is and isn’t true about Hair and how we are supposed to care for our luscious locks. With Headlines that read, “never brush your hair”, “don’t use conditioner if you have an oily scalp”, or “get rid of split ends without cutting your hair”, all of these headlines can be completely misleading and all of these are Wrong statements. With crap like that out there reading as though it is Breaking News it is hard to know what is Fact or Fiction, Science, or Personal Belief. 21 Years in the cosmetology industry I’ve heard all sorts of weird, ridiculous, interesting, shocking, and just stupid theories about hair and what she can and can’t do. Our hair has some weird quirks behind it and I know there are a few on this list that will Surprise you.

For Example:

Did you know that Human hAIR GROWS FASTEr with the mere Anticipation of Sex!

Yup, it’s 100% true.

I guess if you want your hair to grow faster you may want to buy up some slutty gear to entice your man, lol.

This one is my favorite weird fact about hair and I have a lot more interesting things about our hair that you may not have heard of before today.

Let’s get started.


things you dont know about hair

Split ends are a nightmare for anyone’s hair and are for the most part inevitable for pretty much everyone’s hair.

I mean everyone gets split ends to their hair, which is actually a good thing because it shows us that our hair is needing some attention.

Once your ends are split apart though it can’t be undone, repaired, stopped, or fixed in any way aside from trimming those dead ends off.

Seriously, it is literally impossible to fix split ends once it happens to the hair despite what you may read about fixing or repairing split hair ends.

You can, however, hide or camouflage your hair’s split ends so that your ends look more desirable and gives the illusion that your ends appear to be clean and healthy.

Some ways that can help you hide your split ends are:

1. Use the proper products on the hair at the right times of styling so you protect your hair.

2. Applying heat to the hair by blow dryer or hot tools will help in smoothing down the cuticle.

3. When using the hairdryer, you always want to use the “Cool” button to finish your hair.

4. Apply a deep conditioner to your hairs’ ends 1 time a week.


Split ends can happen everywhere on the head which can make hiding them a bit more difficult for some.

If you wear your ponytail in the same place daily or even a few times weekly that can cause breakage in the middle of your hair,

If you are brushing your hair too much then that will cause breakage in the middle and or top of the hair.

If you play with your hair a lot or tend to tuck your hair behind your ears a lot you then that will cause breakage around the hairline and sides of the head.

If your man is a hair puller then you will have breakage all over, lol.

You can see where I’m going here, that’s why you want to always protect your hair.

When you have a product on your hair it protects your hair’s surface area so that you don’t cause so much damage to the hair on a daily basis with everyday occurrences like tucking your hair behind your ears.


Hair Does Not continue to grow after we die!


Crazy right, but it’s true there is a proper way to brush your hair so that it limits any unnecessary wear and tear from brushing.

There are 2 things that are important when it comes to brushing your hair Technique and your Tool.

Make sure you have a good quality brush to use and it’s fitting for your type of hair.

For hair that is straight or wavy use a Boar Bristle Brush, this is the best way to go because it moisturizes the hair strands by distributing our hairs natural oils all throughout our hair.

Depending on the type of hair you have will determine which way you should brush your hair.

If you have medium-thick hair then the right way to brush your hair is to start brushing your ends first and continue to brush your hair while you work your way up to your hair shaft until you get to your scalp.

Once you get to your scalp you will want to make long strokes now from the top of the head down and through the ends of the hair.

You also want to apply some pressure to the brush once you begin brushing your scalp, the reason is that you want to stimulate the blood flow to the top of the head and scalp area which produces shine, hair growth, and all-around plumper hair strands.

For the super thick, heavy, or curly hair, a trick to use is to brush your hair with a wet brush or a large wide-tooth comb in the shower while you have the conditioner on your ends.

This will just make getting through all that hair easier along with cutting down on frizz and tension on the hair.

For those that have fine-thin hair then you will want to start brushing from the top of your head so that you reduce friction on the already weaker ends of finer hair.


How much hair you have on your head depends on the natural color of your hair, Blondes have the Most hair strands whereas redheads have the least amount.

4.  Overwashing your hair makes it brittle

I know some of you are cringing right now and are probably pissed this is on the list but it’s true, overwashing your hair is a contributing factor to why your hair is dry, brittle, and even getting split ends so fast.

Ok, so there is an oil gland that sits right at the top of where the hair follicle breaks out from the scalp.

Now, that Oil gland is very much responsible for contributing to how much moisture and shine you have on your hair strands.

When you allow your hair to rest in between washes then you are allowing your body natural oils to replenish and moisturize your hair strands, creating a shiny and plump piece of hair.

When you wash your hair daily you’re wiping away all of those protecting natural oils making your hair more prone to split ends, brittleness, and breakage.

There is always someone I run into that wholeheartedly believes that they absolutely MUST wash their hair daily but I am telling you that you and your hair are better off if you go at least 1 day in between shampoos.


Hair Balding is Only visible once you have lost over 50% of your hair from your scalp.

5.  There is a right way & a wrong way to wash hair

Not only will washing your hair too much cause your ends to split but not washing your hair properly will cause stress & roughness on your hair strands.

Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to wash your hair.

If I had to choose which was more important the products you use to wash your hair or how you wash your hair for having a clean scalp and healthy hair…

Hands Down, it’s how you wash your hair is more important.

Look products make a big difference with hair but no products are gonna matter much if you keep roughing up and tearing up your hair while washing it.

When hair is wet it is at its weakest form and the ends of the hair are the oldest and by far the frailest so if you are washing your hair wrong then you are most likely tearing up your already weak wet hair.

To wash your hair the right way you first want to add enough shampoo to your hands 1st, rub your hands together to begin the lather, and make sure you feel the shampoo through your fingers.

Next, apply the shampoo to your scalp and begin to scrub only your scalp up and down or back-in-forth like motions.

Let the suds run down the strands of your hair and also let the shampoo sit both on your scalp and your ends for a few minutes to allow the shampoo’s active ingredients to do the job of cleaning and purifying.

Rinse your hair completely and then Only condition the ends of your hair.

Here is an article that will help explain everything you could ever need to know about, How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?


Way back in the day, Ancient Greeks believed that after Redheads died they would turn into vampires.

6.  Protecting your hair is A must, at all times

it's as simple as that

Absolutely, Yes, our hair needs to be protected with thermal heat products, serums, creams, or glosses.

I don’t consider shampoo, conditioners, or leave-in conditioners as hair products, they are hair cleansing products.

Hair can be temperamental and frail so just like our skin, we need to protect our hair every day.

The smallest of things that we do on a daily bases like tucking our hair behind our ears- simple enough but for those people that are serious hair tuckers they can really do some damage to their hair.

Seriously, the smallest of things like wearing a bobby pin in our hair or going to bed with our hair wet will cause hair to split.

Even things that are out of our control- like Mother Nature can tear up our hair-  a windy day outside, rainstorms, smog, Sun, and dust all can affect the condition of our hair and how it looks.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you let your hair air dry, you never color or bleach your hair, you never use heat on your hair, you don’t brush your hair or use hairspray- I don’t care you still have to protect your hair and if you don’t your hair will show the signs of age and mishandling.


Way back in the day, Ancient Greeks believed that after Redheads died they would turn into vampires.

7. Your hair gets shorter if you don’t trim it

it's as simple as that

Yes and No, does that help…lol

Ok, so your hair grows Out from the follicles in our scalp and Down.

As time goes and your hair grows it will continue pushing itself out from the top of your head and down into long and luscious locks.

Now, all that hair that’s hanging on your head will inevitably go through some wear and tear, especially your ends which is the oldest and most aged part of your hair.

If you don’t trim your ends off than any hair that is split at your ends will work itself up the hair strand, fraying as it goes.

This means your hair will look and feel shredded on your ends and up your hair strands until you get it cut off.

You can still maintain your length and get those dead ends trimmed off by seeing your stylist every 6-8 weeks for a dusting trim.

If you have heavier hair or hair that your stylist is quoting as stronger than you can push your trims out to no more than 10-12 weeks.

However, it could be more of a Trim hair appointment as opposed to a Dusting hair appointment if you choose to go longer than 6-8 weeks.

Dusting= 1/8″-1/4″ is cut off the ends

Trim= 1/4″-1/2″ is cut off the ends.


Everyone is born with all of their hair follicles, what you get is what you get because there is no possible way to increase the number of follicles you have on your head.

8. Your hair grows faster with regular trims

it's as simple as that

No, but it’s not for the reason you think.

Your hair really only grows 1/4″ a month that’s it!

Your hair will not necessarily grow faster or fuller with routine hair cuts but it will maintain a better and more healthy state compared to someone who goes a long time in between getting their hair trimmed.

When your hair is trimmed you cutting the ends of the hair of which is the oldest of the hair and will have the most wear and tear.

You are literally cutting off the old shreds, and when you are routine with cuts you are basically only getting rid of the tips whereas someone who goes longer in between cuts will have more visible damage, especially higher up on their hair strands.

So, no your hair won’t grow faster with routine cuts but your hair will be in better shape with getting routine hair cuts making it so you are able to maintain your hairs length more and in a healthy fashion and not have thin and sparse ends to your hair.


Hair will Only grow 1/4″ a month regardless of ethnicity or hair texture.

9. hot water showers will destroy your hair

it's as simple as that

Yup, for all of you that just Love to take super hot scolding showers, I’m here to tell you that you are doing some damage to your hair and skin.

I know it feels so good to take a nice hot shower, especially in the early AM when you’re already cold and tired but honestly, it is really not good for you to take such hot showers.

You should wash your hair in warm to lukewarm water and rinse your hair with cool to cold water to help the cuticle from becoming frizzy.

When you wash your hair in Hot-Hot water you are taking away all the must needed oils from your hair that adds moisture and hydration to our scalp and hairs ends.

Not only can hot water cause dehydration but it can cause a dry and flaky scalp, brittle hair, breakage, pain and redness to the skin, itchiness, and frizz.

So, make sure you wash your hair and body in warm water and rinse your hair with cool to cold water so that you seal the moisture in and keeps your scalp hydrated and flake-free.


1 Piece of hair can support up to 6.5lbs.

10. we destroy our hair when we sleep

it's as simple as that

When we sleep we toss, turn, and flip flop all over the place which can be really rough on the hair and skin so to avoid unwanted damage to the hair and skin you can use a silk or satin pillowcase.

Cotton or other materials aside from silks or satins can cause friction on the hair when we sleep so it’s best to use a material like silk or satin that allows our hair to glide easily and smoothly while we sleep, which just aids in preventing breakage and split ends.

I personally use a satin pillowcase, silk can be expensive so I opted for the satin one and I love it and I did see a change in my skin when I first started to use my satin pillowcase.

It also keeps me cooler at night which I like because I sleep better when I’m cooler so for those that sleep hot these pillowcases will feel good for your skin.


The Origin of the word “Shampoo” was discovered by early colonial traders during a visit to India, they were introduced to a hair and body massage called, “Champo” and when they returned home to Europe they introduced what they had learned about “Champing” to Europe.

11. our hair is falling out

it's as simple as that

Your hair is falling out!

I’m just Kidding…kinda

So, the Average person sheds around 50-200 pieces of hair every day.


Crazy, right but it’s true- this is the average so for those that have a shit ton of hair you will most likely lose a lot more than the average person, maybe 300-400 strands of hair daily.

It’s perfectly normal for you to shed a bit of your hair daily and there is no reason to freak out unless you start to notice severe thinning or balding spots.

If you do have a concern about hair loss then you should speak to your stylist to see what they may recommend to you and your hair.

Your stylist will know your hair and will be able to tell you if your hair is shedding normally, if you need to change a few things up in your hair care routine, or when to go see a doctor.

There are a bunch of contributing factors to how much hair you will be shedding daily such as how often you are washing your hair, how rough you are on your hair, the products you use on your hair, and the amount of stress in your life.

More often than not though it’s just normal daily shedding of your hair that is perfectly natural for everyone to have.


Hair grows faster in summer because we have more circulation flowing at our scalp, while cold weather diverts blood flow to internal organs to maintain body temperature.

12. You can use heat on your hair safely

it's as simple as that

Yes, of course, you can use heat on your hair and you may be surprised to know that Air drying your hair can potentially cause more damage than using a hot hairdryer on your hair!!

Ok, Cosmetology 101:

Heat causes damage to the surface of the hair and if you don’t use thermal protectant products on your hair or limit how often you are using your blow dryer you will fry and tear up your hair.

Air drying your hair causes damage within the hair strand and when hair is exposed to water it is in its weakest state so the longer it stays wet it swells up and puts excessive pressure on the already weakened proteins which cause damage and actually more damage than heat drying.

You must protect your hair 1st before you apply heat to it, any kind of heat, and you will have to apply different products to your hair for different heating tools.

There is nothing wrong with using heat on hair and oftentimes people can take this to the extreme by stating things like ‘Heat will destroy your hair’ or ‘Never use heat on your hair for healthy hair’.

Headlines like these are silly and often misleading to people about what is and aren’t good for hair care.

Heat is just fine to use on your hair as long as you protect your hair.

There are so many different heat protectants, serums, and creams available at all different price points that are perfect to use as a shield from the heat.

If you haven’t been using heat protecting products on your hair, I guarantee you will see a huge difference in how your finished hairstyle will look and feel, and ultimately you will find that your hair is in better condition because you are using these thermal protects on your hair.


At least, 90% of your hair is busy growing while the other 10% is chilling out and relaxing.

13. when your hair is wet, it’s weak, be gentle

it's as simple as that

Yes, very much true.

Back to Cosmetology 101:

Hair is dominantly made up of a bunch of different proteins called Keratins.

These Keratins nestle themselves in the cuticles where they comfortably act as a flexible body armor that protects the hair strands.

Now when hair is wet, the Keratin proteins form into weaker bonds called Hydrogen bonds compared to when the hair is dry in which the Keratin proteins are Protein-Protein bonds.

The bottom line, the Hydrogen-bonds are the weaker of the bonds which is why your hair is more frail and susceptible to more damage when it’s Wet.

So, be cautious with your hair when it’s wet because when wet hair stretches it doesn’t snap back into shape, what happens is the cuticle becomes deformed which causes the edges to lift up and crack-“Split Ends”.

Make sure to brush out your hair before you get into the shower so you aren’t brushing out knots in your hair when it’s wet.

Make sure to towel blot your hair dry and only comb your hair with a wet hairbrush or a wide-tooth comb.

You can also comb your hair in the shower with conditioner on your ends, just make sure you are using the right tool like a wet brush or large tooth comb.


Aside from bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.

14. You need to brush your hair 100 times a day

it's as simple as that

A Hard No!

When you brush your hair you are providing benefits to your scalp and hair strands by stimulating circulation at the scalp and by evenly moving our bodies natural oils from our roots to the tips of our hair.

However, brushing our hair is also a form of friction and stress that we are putting our hair through so because of that reason you really only need to brush your hair until it feels tangle-free.

Make sure you use a good quality brush for this, don’t skimp, and stay away from synthetic or vent bristle brushes.

I always suggest a good boar brush and remember to brush your ends first to get the knots out, then work your way up to your scalp and brush from roots to ends applying a mild amount of pressure to the scalp to get the blood circulating.


1 piece of human hair can tell you a person’s DNA, gender, drug use, vitamins and minerals, what medications they take, basically anything that is in the Bloodstream

15. You can’t color your hair if you are pregnant

it's as simple as that

I’m gonna answer this myth the same way I answer it in my shop:

“It is a Personal Preference to what you feel comfortable with while being pregnant.”

The main concern with coloring your hair while being prego is the risk that is associated with inhaling ammonia, Not at all the risk of it being absorbed into your scalp.

Also, I think it’s the smell of some of the color lines mixed with the ammonia that can trigger some women who are pregnant to want to hurl.

I should point out too that the amount of ammonia exposure is so low that it is deemed as not hazardous, especially if you are in a professional salon setting that has industrial strength ventilation.

But I get it, I’ve been pregnant so for those that aren’t hearing any of this and want a natural route to color your hair then you can opt for an ammonia-free dye such as Henna which is plant-derived and totally safe.

Just keep in mind you won’t have anywhere near the amount of grey coverage with Henna, it won’t be as long-lasting of a color line that uses ammonia, and dominantly the colors will have a heavy gold-orange background which means when your hair fades it will look brassy.


You should wash and condition your hair the night before your color appointment, excluding any and all styling products. The natural oils that our bodies produce will actually form a barrier wall of protection for the hair during your chemical service and will help reduce irritation and tingling for sensitive scalps.

That’s Everything!

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