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13 KVD Vegan Makeup Products Review


It isn’t very often that I get crazy excited about a new makeup product or a full makeup line but I am really Loving the Kat Von D line.

I am a Newbie to the Kat Von D Makeup and I love it so much that I honestly can say her line is all I want to use.

I first heard of her makeup line awhile back but I hadn’t checked into it until recently.  The main interest that drew me to her line was that she offers a Pro Program and that she’s totally Vegan.

Update 1/2020: Kat Von D Makeup will now be called KVD Vegan Makeup, everything is the same except the name change and owner change.

This Pro Program is available to all working and student makeup artists and licensed cosmetologists.  You have to apply and be accepted in order to reap the benefits, which are 30% off your total order, free shipping (no minimum), early and exclusive products.


Oh! After you are approved for her Pro Program, which is free, you will receive a Welcome Kit in about 10-12 weeks after approval.


Kat Von D beauty is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free which is amazing but her line is Not like any other vegan or cruelty-free makeup.


Because there is NO sacrifice in color pigments, there is a ton of colors and shades to choose from, and the sustainability(long-lasting) is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

In the past natural, vegan, organic makeups have all been subjects to poor quality and effectiveness but a lot of shit has changed over the past recent years and these negative stigmas aren’t as prominent anymore for the “natural makeup” looks.

I will say that usually with the Natural, Vegan, and Organic makeups they can be more on the expensive side and they just won’t last as long as Synthetic Makeup products.

The reason is that Organic makeup products don’t have the chemicals or preservatives in their products like Synthetic makeup products.

When choosing an Organic makeup line you want to make sure that the brand you choose has a quality reputation.

‘To me, the quality of Kat’s products is what makes her makeup line one of the best around right now.’

The colors she puts out for her products whether it be for lipsticks, eyeshadows, liners, blushes, All of it- the colors are all Rich and Deep with pigment.

That one little quality (colors with deep pigments) is what can make or break any makeup line.

It sucks balls when you buy a makeup product and you Love the color, you go home put it on and the color comes out hollow so you either have to apply a shit ton of layers or the colors are so wimpy that no matter how many layers you apply the product will not come out true to the color shown.

Also, those types of products won’t hold up for very long.

Whether you are applying the darkest Red lipstick or a Nude sheer lipstick, you always want the colors to go on with the same color tone you see in the tube, bottle, compact, whatever it is.

You want the color that you are paying for.


‘This review is 100% my opinion and all the products from Kat Von D, I had purchased for my own personal and salon uses.’


For my 1st purchase to Kat Von D Beauty included:


My 2nd purchase to Kat Von D Beauty included: 


I received all my items in 3 days from placing my order, every piece was individually wrapped in a pretty black box and the styling of the products all had Miss Kat’s logo on it and black studded shell that is strong and sturdy.

So, here we go let’s get into this review…

13 Kat Von D Makeup Products (You Need)


Everlasting Glimmer Veil, Dazzle:

If you are a Glitter freak than you need this lip stain.

Glimmer veil is a lightweight lip stain that offers a High amount of glimmer but None of the gritty feels that other glitter products have.

Kat’s innovative liquid lip stain is made up of iridescent micro-pearls and reflective mirror-crystals that creates 3 layers of dimensional crystal-glitter finish.

Glimmer veil is $22.00 but I got mine on sale for $15.00 and comes in 9 different shades ranging from black, bright grape, cobalt blue, and magenta pink.

Glimmer Veil is a lip Stain!! Lip stains are very different from lipsticks, lip tints, and lip glosses.

The biggest difference is that Stains are made to Stick on your lips for a good length of time- Literally a Stain.

Lipsticks, tints, and glosses are mostly made up of waxes, fats, and oils as their ingredients.

Lip stains are made up mostly of water or gels as their main ingredients and a lot of them will contain alcohol.  The alcohol is needed in order to make the lip stain dry fast and stay put but just know that stains can make your lips feel and become dry.

So, be sure to exfoliate your lips after you remove the stain.

Glitter veil is a Long-Lasting lip stain and is set up to deliver 24-hour wear of rich colors.

It really does last a long time, my husband and I went out for dinner and cocktails and it lasted all through the night.

I did do a mild touch upon my lips about halfway through the night but I do that for myself no matter what lipstick I’m wearing.

I really love this Dazzle shade too.  It’s a combination of Crimson (Copper-red) color with pink and gold glimmers.

I wear my Glitter Veil as a Topper to my lipstick which is how I dominantly wear any of my glitter lip products.

I did test the Dazzle color on my lips without any lipstick underneath and I did like the glitter but the Crimson color is too orange for my skin to wear it solo.

Also, I would recommend that you apply 2-3 coats of the stain to get the full effect of the Glimmer Veil.

Most glitter lipsticks and stains you will find will require you to apply more than 1 coat.

The reason is that the underneath color (not the glitter) is usually a bit sheerer so that the glitters and glimmers stand out.

If there is any negative I could say about the Everlasting Glimmer Veil Lip Stain is that it does have a mild aroma.

That smell comes from the alcohol that is being used in the lip stains, it’s not awful and it doesn’t last long but for some, it may be a turn-off.


Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick:


This collection is so exciting and has a broad variety of 41 different full pigmented shades in 3 different finishes (satin, matte, and glimmer/metallic).

The Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick is $19.00 a tube but as I browsed the colors available some of them were on sale.

Both of the lipsticks that I bought went on really smooth so it made the lipstick incredibly easy to manipulate.  It feels very light on which is a big plus for me because I am not a fan of wearing heavy lips or eyelashes.


kat von d prayerPrayer:

This color is a deep merlot or deep burgundy with a satin-matte finish.  Kat offers some great pictures on her website to show the colors of the lipstick and I found the colors that I have so far to look exactly like the colors on her website.

Prayer is like a nice bottle of red merlot wine, it’s rich in darkness but not too dark so that you don’t see the beautiful purple-red in the lip color.

It’s lightweight and it goes on so smoothly and I really liked the fact that the color didn’t budge much after wearing it for hours, I didn’t have to re-apply it.


The color, Motorhead is a deep black cherry and has a satin-matte finish this color can be worn during the day or at night, with casual clothes or dressed up because it is that beautiful on.

This is color is highly pigmented so the color has depth and dimension to it and it is made to be long-lasting, which it is, and it went on smoothly to my lips.

The entire Kat Von D makeup line is vegan and cruelty-free, she offers intense, bold, long-lasting colors for all her lip products and I have yet to find any faults in her lip products.

So, I have worn Motorhead on a Saturday in my shop when I am working and talking for a full day (8 am-4 pm).

Lol, as a hairdresser my mouth is constantly moving all dame day so if it can last on my lips for a full Saturday’s workday than it’s a keeper to me.

Powder Brow Brush #75: 

I wish I could articulate into words how much I fucking love this brow brush.  It’s incredible and it completely changed the whole look of my brows and they are sooo easy now to fill and sculpt.

Let’s see if I can explain.

So, all of Kat’s brushes are of course cruelty and vegan free.

It sells for $18.00 (which I’d pay more for this brush because I Love it!)

The #75 Powder Brow Brush has amazing high-quality synthetic bristles that are cut at an angle.

This brush has cutouts (comb-like design) that make it so that the brush deposits product in a realistic stroke for beautifully filled brows but genuinely gives you a  natural look.

The bristles, how its cut and shape is what makes this brow brush so unique and different from any other I’ve ever used.

This brush makes applying and filling in your brows so simple and so easy- I promise!

This brush is great for both thinner and fuller brows.  No Shit, It gives you the sharpest lines and easily too, you don’t have to work this brush at all for it to do its job.  The bristles grab onto the color so easily that you don’t need to use a lot of products which creates a more natural look for thicker brows.

If I had any negative at all, it’s only that there is no brow brush on the end so you will need another brush or comb to help complete your brow look.

This is a purchase that I am so happy that I invested in.  It truly has made my life easier and my brows have never looked better!!


Brow Struck Dimension Powder:

Honestly, if I could put my hand on a bible right now and swear to you that Kat Von D’s Brow products are amazing and worth every penny- I would!

But that’s not possible so I hope this proves my point.

There are 7 natural shades to choose from and if you need help then there is a brow finder quiz on her site that can help you with choosing the right color.

Each powder is $20.00 and well worth it because a little goes a long way.

All of these powders feature a 2-in-1 Primer and Powder formula to enhance the grip that it has on your brows which extends the wear time.

These dimension powders are all meant to be worn for up to 12 hours, to be smudge-resistant and waterproof.

These eyebrow powders are meant to last and stay put so reapplying or touching up your brows isn’t needed also making this powder more affordable.

The color dark brown is meant for medium to dark brown hair and it was a dead match for my brows.

What makes this powder unique to others is the innovative 3D reflective pigments that amp up the depth and dimension in medium to fuller brows.

There is a semi-metallic finish to these powders which is meant to mimic the sheen that real brow hairs have.

I absolutely Love this Dimension Powder and I have No negatives, really it is that Good!


Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush #40:

This is the perfect size concealer brush for under your eyes, around your nose, and every other spot on your face!

This concealer brush is made up of High-grade synthetic bristles that mimic the same way animal-based bristles disperse products on faces.

The Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush is $24.00 and for this style of brush, the way it feels, and its design- it’s a Great price.

This brush is crazy soft and feels so smooth when you are blending in your concealer on your skin.

So, for me as a professional, I love the handles of Kat’s makeup brushes because they are an easy grip in your hand and the tail of the brush is a great mixing tool.

I have no negatives to say about this brush, it really is thoughtfully designed and well-executed and the fact that it’s cruelty-free and vegan is way cool for everyone to indulge in.



Lock-it Edge Concealer Creme:

Ok, so I was first going to purchase the Lock-it Foundation but I decided to go with the Lock-it Concealer instead because I typically don’t wear a ton of foundation so I figured I’d start small.

This concealer creme goes on smooth, has a silky feel, and a little goes a long way.  I haven’t worn any foundation since I purchased this concealer.

This concealer is $26.00 but if you purchase her Perfect Couple Concealer Set for $31.00 which includes the Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush #40, you will be saving money because the two go hand in hand.

This set is an Exclusive to Kat Von D’s Site.

The creme concealer is meant to last and literally Lock-in.

So, I did find that if I waited too long to work in the concealer then it was harder to spread it out on my face.  When that happened I just hit my face with a makeup mist spray (toner) and began moving the concealer around.

My advice is to apply a few dots and blend in, apply a few more dots and blend in.  Keep applying dots and blending until you get the coverage you want.

You can also spray toner on your face to work the concealer if it gets too heavy in areas on your face.

This concealer will last a long time because a little goes a long way and it Sticks so you won’t need to reapply.



Lock it Brightening Powder:

This Powder For sure is my Favorite!  It has this amazing ability to brighten, soften, and smooth out your skin.

It’s Crazy Good- it makes me feel more awake when I wear it. lol

This powder is Super light and it’s designed to brighten up and smooth out skin without leaving a cakey or crackly finish.  It is formulated with these teenie tiny brightening particles.

These brightening particles are Not Glitter!

This powder gives you a smooth and soft finish with a hint of a highlight (brightening particles).

Original price is $25.00 but I got mine on sale for $15.00, It comes in 3 shades:

  1. Golden (Banana Yellow) which brightens Tan to Deep skin
  2. Peach (Warm Bisque) which brightens Warm skin tones
  3. Petal (Powder Pink) which brightens Light skin tones

I use this as a Setting powder to my face.  After my concealer, blush and highlighter are applied I go over my whole face with this powder using a full powder brush.


Metal Crush Highlighting Palette:

I bought this palette more for my clientele than for me but when I do use this highlighter on myself I use it dominantly for date night makeup.

This palette is $36.00 and well worth the price because of the quality of the product is silky and smooth and you don’t need a lot of product to achieve a superior glow.

What’s great about Metal Crush is that this highlighter has hyper-reflective microcrystals.

These tiny guys are what creates the sparkle and reflective shift with every movement you make.  It goes on smooth-almost feels like silk but it blends into your other makeup easily.

There are 3 shades in Metal Crush Extreme:

“GammaRay,” this color is peachy with pink and gold crystals

“Helix,” an opal color with gold and silver crystals

“Roseshock,” mimics a pearl with lavender and pink crystals

This is a fun highlighter for any makeup enthusiast and I find that although I can’t wear it during the day like out and about doing casual errands, I do like to wear it out for any evening time adventures.


Everlasting Liquid Lipstick:

This a really rich a deep color, which means its dark- It has a blue background.

The Everlasting Lipsticks are $20.00 each and I think this is a great price for this lipstick.

The main reason is that of the longevity and the intense colors that go along with this whole line of lipsticks.

I do think that this liquid lipstick is great for others but for me, it wasn’t my favorite.

For me personally, I’m not a fan of feeling the makeup on my face.

Let me explain, I don’t like it when I can feel the weight or the grasp that makeup can bring to lips, lashes, and foundations.

The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is a lipstick that I felt on my lips- it was heavy/Sticky.

It went on smooth but as soon as you apply it to your lips it Sticks so maneuvering this lipstick is a bit tricky.  I wore a gloss over the lipstick so that my lips wouldn’t stick together and it is absolute- Everlasting.  It stuck on my lips for a while and I had to work it off my lips.

My advice for applying this lipstick is to make sure that your lips are first exfoliated and lined before you apply this lipstick.  Also, using a lip brush to apply the lipstick rather than the applicator may be easier for some to help control how evenly the lipstick goes on.


Everlasting Lip Liner:

There are 30 different colors to choose from with the Everlasting liner and I will say that it goes on effortlessly and it absolutely is Everlasting.

These lip liners are $19.00 each but I have found some of the colors on sale for $11.00 each.

This liner is a matte finish and because of the smooth finishing formula it was developed with the liner goes on without skipping, dragging, bleeding, or overdrying.

It’s a great liner and the thing I like the most about this liner is that you don’t have to work hard with it to achieve beautiful lines.  My next Kat Von D purchase will include more of the Everlasting lip liner colors.


Lash Liner Liquid Inner Eyeliner:

This Eyeliner is a Super Fun and I love the sultriness that it gives my final eye and overall makeup look.

Lash Liquid Inner Eyeliner is $20.00 each and so easy to apply to your waterline.

The Inner Liner is meant to be worn on your Waterline of your eye area, which is a really tricky area to keep color intake.

Usually any kind of liner from gel, pencil, and liquid all wear off within a short period of wearing it on your waterline.

Also, wearing eyeliner on your waterline can cause eyes to water or you can get that gross black goop in your eyes.


Waterline: The rims where your eyelid meets your eyeball.


This liner sticks because of its dual formula of gel and liquid.  The applicator is a soft pad that holds just the right amount of product that you need to create your liner look.

It is meant to dry in 15 seconds or less, be transfer-resistant, and was designed to stand up to watery eyes.

I can say that I was very pleased with this liner and all that Kat states it can do.

When I wore this on my waterline, I never had to apply touch-ups, the color stayed deep, and it stayed for a good 5-6 hours, which was long enough for me to go out with.

My negatives on this product are that it did have a mild sting to my eyes, nothing intense, just enough to make me aware of it.  Also, this product can be difficult to remove because of its longevity formula.


Saint & Sinner Perfume Set:

This is a great perfume set to have.  I received samples of these perfumes with my purchase and I really like them.

“Saint” is the one I like the best.  It is lighter and has a softer Daytime hue to it–I don’t know it just smells airy and bright.

“Sinner” has a darker smell to it, a little musky.  I wore this out for my husband when we went out on our date and he said he really liked it and so did I.


Monogram Makeup Bag:

I received this bag for free as a promo that Kat was having for Halloween.  I love this bag, it’s really pretty, soft, heavy, durable, and it holds quite a bit.

This is a makeup bag that I would purchase on my own.

It’s a black Vegan leather bag with a Kat Von D monogram imprint and a heavy-duty zipper with a hardy Vegan leather tassel.

It’s SOOO Cute!

I was really happy and excited when I got this because so many times Free gifts with orders can be such shit quality or something I have no use for.

I have 100% Loved every product that I have purchased on my own for my own personal use, I have No regrets.

Thank You, Miss Kat Von D, for making beautiful products and giving back to the animals- You are the Shit!!

Like I said before, It’s Not very often that I am blown away by a makeup product let alone an entire makeup line but I genuinely love and appreciate Kat Von D Beauty!

There is an insane amount of different colors to chose from and all of them are saturated with rich pure color tones that all have depth and longevity.  Every product is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free and for Pro Members every order you make Kat donates $5.00 to the animals.

What is Not to Love!

I hope that you enjoyed my review of my own personal experiences using Kat Von D beauty makeup.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what I’m here for is to help you.


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13 Kat Von D Makeup Products that Every Girl Needs!!


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